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“Building A Fair Future”
Our Manifesto
Futures Housing Group
Manifesto: “Building
A Fair Future”
Britain is being strangled by a
housing crisis which threatens
to suffocate the growth
and prosperity of families,
communities and the country.
At Futures Housing Group, we are
calling for all political parties to
commit to end the housing crisis
within a generation.
For decades Britain has failed to
build enough new homes. We are
currently only building half the
number we need every year.
This means that:
Many of us struggle to afford
to keep a roof over our heads,
or become homeless;
The housing crisis is affecting
people from all walks of life
and all parts of the country;
Many adults still live with
parents in overcrowded
Many of us can’t start a family
because we can’t afford to
The Housing Crisis
on our patch:
More than a fifth of
employed people in
Northamptonshire are
claiming housing benefit,
placing a massive strain
on the availability of
affordable housing as
many households remain
unable to buy their own
It’s estimated that an
annual income of around
£37,000 is needed to get
an 80 per cent mortgage
on a home in Derbyshire,
currently the average
annual earnings are below
£25,000 per year.
The time has come to end the
housing crisis. For the sake of the
next generation we must act now.
The General Election 2015 offers
that opportunity for you to show
the public that you recognise this
critical need to build more homes
so that everyone has a chance at
a decent affordable home.
Specifically, our manifesto challenges you to consider:
Abolishing the right to buy to
protect our highly demanded
social rent homes.
Providing funding for
regeneration and to tackle
empty homes, not just to build
new homes.
Increasing the amount of
grant funding available for
social housing both in total
and per property.
Changing the stock valuation
method to give housing
associations more freedom to
value their stock.
Giving the sector more
freedom by removing the
requirement to ask the
regulator for permission to
dispose of assets and to
choose who we let our homes
The end of a Private Rented
Sector tenancy is one of
the biggest reasons for
homelessness in the East
Midlands and England reduce this by improving
property standards, tenure
security and abolishing fees in
the Private Rented Sector.
Limiting the requirement for
Sustainable Homes to Level
Three and applying it to all
Encouraging innovation in
house building such as off-site
Stopping the tsunami of
issues society suffers from;
an ageing population needs a
solution, stopping cuts is not
enough. The country needs a
Encouraging and enabling
communities to support new
development, we need to
tackle the NIMBYs head on.
Working with housing
associations to make a
difference to those seeking
Campaigning and education
to break the stigma attached
to social housing tenants, to
counter the destructive impact
of Channel 4’s ‘Benefits
About us:
Futures Housing Group is a registered social landlord, providing
more than 9,000 affordable homes throughout the East Midlands.
We provide homes in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and
Northamptonshire. Our ambitious business plan includes
development of homes for rent, homes for sale, shared ownership
and private-market rent.
Our operating companies, Futures Homescape and Daventry
& District Housing, both provide excellent housing and support
services for our tenants and throughout the local community.
Futures Greenscape, our grounds maintenance business, is
a social enterprise that provides high quality services and is
committed to getting people back to work.
Visit our website, call on 0845 094 8300
or follow us:
Futures Housing Group