Living Abroad: Dan`s Story

English Class – Finance, International Business and Administration
Living Abroad: Dan’s Story
Dan Anderson was born in the U.S. He is now living in South
Korea. We asked him, “How did you end up Living in Seoul”?
Dan: Well, it’s a long story! Before I came here, I spent three
years working for a small company in Tokyo while I finished
doing my master’s in business. To be honest, I wasn’t planning
on leaving. But one day, I happened to be in the office, and
one of the salesmen was reading the newspaper.
He knew I was considering going to South Korea someday. My
mother is Korean, and I’ve always been interested in the
culture and everything, and anyway my colleague said to me
“Dan, this seems to be the perfect job for you. Check this out!”.
I looked at the advertisement, and I remember thinking, “Should I bother to apply?”. But
I decided to go for it even though I didn’t expect to get it, and to make a long story short,
I got the job!
The company offered to transfer me to Seoul, and they agreed to pay for my Korean
Lessons. I started working there two months later.
My position is “Assistant to Business Development Manager” and I am in charge of
implementing new sales strategies for the market in the company, gathering information
of competitors and their activities and organizing and participating in national and
international trade presentations, exhibitions and events.
I have learned a lot in my new job because I acquired new skills in technology and I also
learned Korean. Learning a new language and keeping up to date on technology will
give you a competitive edge and get a better job easier.
I mean, I miss leaving in Japan but I also can’t imagine living anywhere else now!
Living in Korea is an amazing experience.