CradlePoint Sprint LTE Product FAQs Overview/Products

CradlePoint Sprint LTE Product FAQs
CradlePoint has introduced several new ARC and COR products that provide dual-mode
modem support for Sprint 4G LTE / 3G EVDO (eHRPD).
Part Number
MBR1400 with Sprint LTE/EVDO integrated modem
CBA750B with Sprint LTE/EVDO integrated modem
LTE/EVDO modem for Sprint (for MBR1400, CBA750B)
M2M Integrated Broadband router with Sprint dualmode 4G LTE / 3G EVDO embedded modem and WiFi
M2M Integrated Broadband router with Sprint dualmode 4G LTE / 3G EVDO embedded modem (no WiFi)
ARC Modem Cap
The devices support LTE Band 25 (1900MHz). They do not support LTE bands 41
(2.5GHz) or 26 (800MHz).
There is not an IBR600LE2-SP-PWD because the module hardware does not
support active GPS.
Activation and Provisioning
Follow the standard processes for ordering a CradlePoint device.
Do these products require a SIM card?
Yes, they all require a properly provisioned Sprint LTE SIM cards. Sprint is referring to
SIMs as the UICC. Sprint SKU for the SIM (UICC) is SKU SIMGLW106R.
805 West Franklin Street | Boise, Idaho 83702
Do they come with a SIM card?
Devices are not shipped with a kitted UICC (SIM card). A UICC needs to be ordered
separately. The UICC should be ordered at the same time as the modem since it is
required to complete the activation process.
Where do I get a SIM card?
Sprint authorized MSPs should have access to order SIMs through the Sprint ordering
tool. If not, follow one of the existing guidelines below to order SIM Card:
1. Use Sprint Order Support for Direct Customer orders – 1-888-226-7212
Person who calls Sprint Order Support must be authorized to place an order on the
account and have a BAN in place to charge to. Enter the BAN# and press “0” in
order to speak with a representative to place the SIM card order.
2. Work with Support teams to order via FDT or other front-end ordering system
3. Use 3rd Party Suppliers:
• WSA Distributing
• Aerovoice
This 3rd option will be used primarily by non on-boarded MSPs
What size is the SIM card?
The SIM cards for all the devices are 2FF SIMs
How do I activate the customer’s line of service?
Follow your existing processes to activate a line of service with Sprint. You will need both
the SIM ICC ID as well as the MEID of the device. The ICC ID is a unique identifier of the
SIM; it is 20 digits long and is printed on the SIM Card. See the example below:
The MEID is a mobile equipment unique identifier. The MEID is printed on the integrated
modem’s product label and is 14 digits long. See the example below:
805 West Franklin Street | Boise, Idaho 83702
How do I insert a SIM into the router?
The SIM card should be inserted – notch-end first with the gold contacts down – into the
SIM slot of the LTE modem (it will click into place).
Will the device work even if Sprint doesn’t have LTE in the customer’s
area yet?
Yes. So long as there is Sprint 3G service available. It is recommended you set the modem
to connect to 3G service only so it doesn’t spend time looking for LTE service. If you do
this, make sure the customer understands they need to set the router back to LTE when
Sprint LTE service is turned on in his/her area.
Does the device fail back to 3G?
Yes, if the device doesn’t see an LTE signal it will automatically fail back to 3G EVDO
(eHRPD), even during an active session. When the session becomes idle (no data passing
for roughly 10 seconds), the modem will transition back to LTE.
For further information on CradlePoint products for Sprint, please go to
805 West Franklin Street | Boise, Idaho 83702