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The Clarion
Volume 21 Issue 5
May 28, 2015
From the Pastor
On Sunday May 17th we confirmed three of our young people. Delaney
Edwards, Jaelin Gates and Sophia Hulet declared their commitment to the
way of Christ and were welcomed into membership in FUMC Bellevue.
Those of you who were present will remember the statements of faith that
they made. Many of you were so impressed with what they said that you
asked for copies. We are glad to oblige; on page 8 in this newsletter you
will find a copy of what they said.
In preparing her statement of faith, each confirmand had to come to terms
with what she believed. Naturally enough, when you are dealing with concepts like God, the Church and discipleship, there is a lot to be worked
through. Where each of them had the most trouble, though, was with our
denomination’s stance on homosexuality. Even though our local church is
inclusive, none of them was sure that they wanted to be part of an overall
organization that discriminated.
Since they all joined, you will recognize that they came to terms with their
hesitation. They were each persuaded that they could be better voices for
justice on the inside than outside. For that I am grateful. We need such
passionate advocates for justice within our church.
Our confirmation class was organized and led by Laurie Edwards. It
included the three who were confirmed in our congregation and also
Grace Park who is part of the Korean congregation. Mentors were Alice
Morris, Cindy Bendixen and Phyllis Borland. My thanks to Laurie for doing
the heavy lifting; and to Alice, Cindy and Phyllis for being the non-parental
adult supporters and guides. Above all, on behalf of all of us, congratulations to each of our confirmands. We are proud of all of you!
Grace and Peace,
Volume 21 Issue 5
Page 2
Adult Christian Formation
Thursday Night Women’s Bible Study
Monday Night Group
Jesus is the Question
Fitness, Faith and
by Martin B. Copenhaver
Friends begins their
Thursday 5:30 — 7 pm at
summer series of
Cocina Oaxaca
evening walks on
437 108th Ave NE
Monday June 8 at 6 pm
Facilitated by Alice Morris
at Marymoor Park. We
and ALL participants
will walk the Bird Loop
to observe the nesting
Join the group for dinner
herons, so bring your
and discussion. The restau-
binoculars. This will be a leisurely, family-friendly
rant is near the Bellevue
walk. From the main entrance to the park, use the
transit center. Books are $15 payable to Laurie
first parking lot on the right (near the Clise
Edwards. All are invited.
Mansion). We’ll meet in this lot; parking costs $1.
To carpool, meet at the church by 5:30 pm.
Book Discussion Group
The Endowment Committee treated the
The group is on summer
congregation to strawberry
cheesecake following worship
on May 24th. It is an annual tradition that should not be missed!
Check with the office for more
information about how you can
make a gift to the church.
break. Join them next fall on
the third Monday of most
months at 7:15 pm in the
Library for lively literary
Everyone is welcome!
Special Music Service!
On June 7, we will have
Feel the Spirit
a special worship service that features The
Celebration Singers, The
Chancel Choir, and the
choir from Lake Washington UMC. Together, we will sing a piece by
the most popular British choral composer
today, John Rutter. The piece is “Feel the
Spirit,” and is seven arrangements of traditional
spirituals. While the tunes will be mostly familiar,
Rutter’s arrangements are stunning and sumptuous in their harmonies. I know you will enjoy
this special music service!
First Sunday Potluck
June 7th is our next monthly
potluck! There are many celebrations and events happening around this time so the
potluck theme will be simple:
"Coffee Hour and High Tea!"
It will be a chance to mingle
with the choir that will have just performed. Food
can be bright and colorful, too, in honor of Seattle
Pride! Think cookies, cucumber sandwiches,
scones, mini quiches, etc. As usual, coffee and
tea will be provided. Note: There will be no extra
tables put up as we want people to be free to
move around and mingle. Can't wait to see you
on June 7th!
Volume 21 Issue 5
Page 3
Notes from Nancy
The first time I preached here was during the Advent season when pastor Beryl
Ingram was incapacitated with a broken leg. I stepped into the pulpit, and the
first words I uttered as I looked out at the congregation were “My goodness!
You’re all so far away!”
I’m pleased that we have grown closer in these past nine years. You have taught
me about pancake races, building scarecrows on the lawn, and locking up the
alleluias until Easter. We have laughed together, sung together, eaten together,
and walked together. We have also grieved together at memorial services for
many beloved members.
I have been honored to share the journey with all of you. I will continue to have
some connection with this faith community—but it will be a different relationship than we have now.
Please pray for me and also for the Skyway UMC congregation as we seek to discern where God is
leading us next.
My prayer for you is from Ephesians 1: 16-18:
“I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers. I pray that the God of our
Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory may give you a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come
to know him, so that, with the eyes of your heart enlightened, you may know what is the hope to
which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance among the saints.”
Peace and blessings,
Nancy B.
Retirement Party for Nancy Berry
On June 21 we will
celebrate Nancy’s
retirement after nine
years of service. As
Director of Congregation Care she has
provided personal support to our members by
visiting homebound, hospitalized and grieving
people. She coordinates the Congregational
Care Team events such as decorating for
Celebrate Summer with the
Easter Brunch, the Earth-Friendly Gardening
events and Advent grief support group. She
also helps with planning summer Taize services,
Friday, June 19th, 10 am – 12 noon at Bovee Park
teaches the Monday night classes and coordi-
(soon to be renamed Zumdieck Park, south of
nates walking groups.
the church on 108th Ave). Bubbles and hula
Show your appreciation and send her off to
hoops for the kids, coffee for the adults, and a
retirement on Sunday, June 21. Join us in the
chance to get to know our neighbors for every-
parlor after the service for a light luncheon.
Please RSVP by June 15th.
Volume 21 Issue 5
Page 4
Children and Youth
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful Sunday School teachers who have given
so much to our children this year. Thanks to:
 Alice Morris, Kathy Kugler, Becky Reese, Betty
and Wayne Bruning, John McGuire, and
Steve Pollard for leading our youth sermon
discussion group each Sunday, giving our
youth an opportunity to stay in worship with us
and to learn how to apply the sermon to their
daily lives.
 Brieanne Allen for her work with the older
elementary children, well crafted lessons and
a deep foundation of knowledge!
 Susan Ramsey, Lise Richardson, Anika Dubois
and Darlene Pollard for their work with the
younger children, their incredible patience
and kindness, and their engaging lesson plans
and crafts!
What’s new with VBA this year?
This year’s G-Force Vacation Bible Adventure
promises to be as exciting as always, with plenty
of twists and turns thrown in as we learn to live,
move and act in God.
Children from Mary’s Place (a homeless day
shelter for women and children in Seattle) will be
joining us as always, but this year they are
supplying a bus driver (phew!). Also, in addition
to providing lunch for them each day, we’ll be
making sure that none of them start the morning
hungry. Lastly, we’re hoping to give them all a
chance to scooter, bike and pogo stick, adventures which tie in with this year’s theme!
Another change will be that we are not doing
crafts for ourselves, but rather for others. We’ll
focus our attention on elderly people and what
their experience of the world is like and our crafts
will focus on their needs. For instance, we’ll be
using sewing machines (yes, really!) to make
walker/wheelchair bags to give away.
Gretchen Frey for her work in the nursery, and
her energy and enthusiasm for our youngest
Susan Ramsey, Pam Dean, Lillian Eaton,
Shirley Hirsch, Janna Miller, Cindy Bendixen,
Trina McCarrell, Darlene Hamilton, Betty
Bruning, Clara Poole and Hilary Simard for
lending a hand in the nursery, cuddling
babies and entertaining toddlers!
Phyllis Borland and her band of tireless
Roamers, keeping our hallways safe and
lending a hand wherever needed!
Sunday School and the nursery are where it all
starts, where faith, the decision to follow Jesus,
and the knowledge that God is with you always,
takes hold. Please join me in saying thanks to
these tireless role models and faithful servants!
Vacation Bible Adventure Wish List:
There are many ways you can help:
 Pray for the leaders and the children!
 Provide a lunch one day for about 30
people, including the kids from Mary’s Place.
 Provide some breakfast cereal, fruit, milk and
juice for those who come hungry.
 Lend us your children’s bikes, scooters, roller
skates, skateboards, roller blades and other
wheeled toys! We’re going to set up an area
in the back of the parking lot where the
Mary’s Place kids can learn some new skills!
 Provide some new bike helmets!
 Volunteer! We still need plenty of help with
science experiments, daily snacks, Bible story
dramas, supervising lunchtime and much
THANKS! See Laurie to help in whatever ways
you can!
Volume 21 Issue 5
Page 5
The Work Bench, an Update from the Trustees
WWW Whistle, Church Hums
What image comes to mind when you think of the Wednesday
Wonder Workers? For me, that band of industrious church servants
congers up an image of the Seven Dwarfs. It’s not a perfect image,
but seven diverse personalities enjoying the company of each other
while in service for the common good seems to capture the essence
of this group. Our version of the Seven Dwarfs isn’t all male, single or
even dwarves, but they are a likeable group of happy, bashful,
Doc-like and, yes, even grumpy folks that come
together on Wednesday mornings to meld their
individual gifts into a work party that serves God.
We, the church users, are the benefactors of
their service; their efforts keep our facility humming along. I don’t know that they actually
whistle while they work, but in my mind’s ear,
Wednesday mornings at our church is a time for
whistling. Please join me in thanking the WWW
for their tireless service to our institution.
A few months ago, I went hiking with an old high school buddy and we got to talking about our
impending retirements. Still off a few years, it’s close enough that we’re both starting to envision
life after the 40-hour work week. My friend is struggling to find a clear vision of a useful and
productive retirement. Not me; I want to be a WWW and I can’t wait. I hope they need a
Grumpy, but if not I can be a Sleepy or a Dopey!
Here are just a few of the many projects the WWWs have accomplished over the past few
Oversight of birch tree removal
Sidewalk repair
Oversight of door repair
Installation of hand sanitizer stations
Construction of gravel walk
Construction of faucet drain
Replacement of meter cover
Repaired leaking steam pipe
Spot cleaning carpets
General maintenance
Volume 21 Issue 5
Page 6
Mission & Outreach
Your Chance to Help Others
May Mission of the Month
Crossroads Feeding Program
Our Mission of the Month for May was hosting and
The fourth Monday
participating in the Church World Service Crop
Walk event held on the 17th. This is the only interfaith Crop Walk in the country with participation
by the Muslim and Jewish communities as well as
a number of Christian churches. There were about
150 walkers and we raised more than $7000.
Between our special offering and funds from the
Mission and Outreach budget our church contributed over $1,600 to the cause of helping battle
hunger around the world. Thanks to Laurie for her
leadership and all the volunteers who helped
of every month,
Jerry Crowson prepares a chili,
cornbread, salad
and dessert dinner
for 40 to 75 people
at the Salvation
Army facility near
Crossroads in Bellevue. You can help by prepping the meal with Jerry, serving, or making a
dessert. Your are invited to join Jerry and crew
make this a success. In particular, thanks to both
to have fun while helping others June 22nd.
Porter and Reid Neuman who served as outside
Contact Lael O’Neal or the church office if you
greeters and walked the three mile route.
would like to help. Please remember the Crossroads feeding program in your prayers.
Feeling the Need to Get Involved? The Mission
and Outreach Team is in need of some new
recruits. Participation involves one meeting a
month plus work either assisting or leading on
one of our Mission of the Month projects or
other initiatives. If you think you might be interested and want to know more please contact
Gary O’Neal.
Rummage Sale a Success!
Our rummage sale held on May 1-2 was big success. Despite
collecting items for a shorter period of time and using less space, we
raised over $8,000 which will be used for our Mission and Outreach
work. Lael O’Neal and her trusty crew of volunteers once again put
on the best organized sale on the Eastside per the testimonials of
our customers. Thanks to all helped by donating items and spending
time working the sale to make it a success. This project not only
helps Bellevue First with our mission programs but provides support to many other organizations. See,
for example the note on page 7 regarding our contributions to the Sophia Way program. Unsold
items also went the Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store, the Jubilee Reach Thrift Store, the Bread of Life
Mission, American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, and the Northwest Center for the Developmentally Disabled.
Volume 21 Issue 5
Page 7
This year’s Seattle Pride Parade is Sunday June 28. Last year we had five
members from our congregation march and we had a great time. Would you
like to participate? The parade route is approximately 1.5 miles. We carpool
from Bellevue and park at First Church in Seattle. If you don’t want to march in
the parade there are other ways to participate.
Attend a cookie baking party at Seattle First Sunday June 14 at 1pm. It’s a
great way to network with members of other congregations.
You can bake cookies at home and have them available on Sunday June 28. The parade route
ends at First Church and last year they handed out over 10,000 cookies!
You can hand out cookies and kool-aid at First Church at the end of the
parade route.
You can person the booth at Pride Fest in the Seattle Center. (Walking
distance of First Church)
Questions? Alice Morris and Cindy Bendixen who marched last year
can help. Sign ups are in the church office.
Thank you, Lael, rummage sale
volunteers, pastor & congregation:
I want to thank all of you more than I can say for
your extreme generosity of donations from your
sale to the Sophia Way housing program. I volunteer in furnishing apartments for the clients
who are able to live
independently. Having
nice, nearly new items
to place in these
apartments provides
overwhelming joy to
these women. I always wish that everyone who
has donated even one small item could see the
tears of joy the day a woman gets her own
place with beautiful donations.
Your donations will help (already have) change
the life for a woman who is no longer homeless.
With deep gratitude,
Kay Hollingsworth,
Sophia Way volunteer
Weeding Help Needed
There are approximately ten small beautification
plots scattered around the church grounds that
require periodic weeding. They are quite small
and one or two hours of work per week would
easily control the weeds.
If several church
members could fit this
into their schedule,
we could easily
conquer our weed
enemy. If we don’t
get the volunteers we
need, we’ll have to
contract for services
and that, of course,
would require funds that could better be spent
on missions, etc.
Maybe you could join the Wednesday Wonder
Workers and enjoy coffee & donuts with those
handsome fellows & gals at 10:30 am. Please
call Gay in the office and tell her of your interest.
Volume 21 Issue 5
Page 8
Statement of Faith
Confirmands, 2015
I believe that God is always there to watch over us and
guide us. He does not give up on us, listening to us and
loving us no matter what. I believe that God loves everyone, but that it's our choice whether to accept His grace or
not. I believe that God forgives our mistakes. He created us
with the ability to make our own decisions which sometimes
leads to wrong, even evil, acts. But God does not give up
on us and forgives.
I believe that God wants us to live a life of works and faith,
faith and works.
I believe that Jesus was a teacher and leader who came to
Earth to show us the right things to do: being kind and helping others. I believe that Jesus inspires us to ask questions
that make us think about how to lead our lives.
I believe that Jesus wanted us to love everyone, just like he
did. I believe Jesus came to teach us valuable lifelong lessons and that he died to show us how to
truly follow God and bring His kingdom to Earth. I believe in following the example of Jesus, by taking action when I see a problem that needs to be solved, and spreading kindness, and joy all
I believe that the Holy Spirit is the part of God that is all around us on earth, everywhere, and in everything. I believe we all have a part of the Holy Spirit within us, helping us, and encouraging us when
we need it, reminding us to make right choices, and to do good in the world. I believe that you can
see and feel the Holy Spirit in the joy and the miracles of each day.
I believe that the Bible is a book filled with metaphorical stories that teach us how to lead a life full of
I believe that the church is a place full of love, where anyone can come and connect with God. I
believe that we go to church for support and guidance and to connect with God and Jesus and to
consider their teachings for us. I believe that as Christians, we connect with each other, God, and
our community through church, which helps to strengthen our relationship with God. I believe that
church, and God’s love, are for everyone, no matter what.
I believe that we still have a lot to learn, and God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit will be with us, every
step of the way.
Written by Delaney Edwards, Jaelin Gates and Sophie Hulet
Volume 21 Issue 5
Page 9
Worship Themes
Through June 28, 2015
That’s the Spirit!
To have spirit is to have energy. That’s true of team spirit; it’s even truer of God’s Spirit. During these
weeks we will take a look at some of the ways God’s Spirit energizes us.
May 31st: Blowin’ in the Wind. John 3:1-17 (The unpredictability of God’s Spirit). God’s action is like
the wind: powerful but hard to control.
June 7th: Feel the Spirit. Colossians 3: 12-17 (How Christ’s followers should live). The combined FUMC
and Lake Washington UMC choirs present a program of African American spirituals in arrangements
by John Rutter.
June 14th: Speechless. Romans 8:26-39 (When we have trouble praying). Although we can worry
about the poverty of our prayers we don’t have to; prayer can be about more than words.
June 21st (Fathers’ Day): Spiritual Redwoods. Jeremiah 17: 5-10 (We can learn from a flourishing
tree). Spiritual strength is not just for a select few; it is something that can be developed in all of us.
June 28th: Pastor Steve at annual conference.
The Wrestler
Episodes in the life of Jacob
Worship Themes for July 2015
Life can be difficult. It doesn’t matter what we are called to do, we can find it hard to get there.
So, how do we manage? What resources does our faith give us so that we are able not only to survive but even to flourish? Few Biblical characters provide a better example for us than Jacob. Eventually celebrated as one of the founders of ancient Israel, he struggled throughout his life to live up
to his potential.
Note: the series continues into August.
July 5th: The Struggle Begins. Genesis 25:19-34 (Jacob and Esau are born fighting).
Jacob is a flawed character but he’s also God’s chosen person. How do we reconcile who we are
with God’s promises for us?
July 12th: The Struggle for a Future. Genesis 27:1-29 (Jacob steals Esau’s blessing).
As Jacob’s duplicity deepens, so do our questions. How do we best harmonize ends and means?
July 19th: The Struggle for Awareness. Genesis 28: 10-19a (Jacob dreams about a ladder). In a material world it can be hard to develop our spirituality; but it is possible.
July 26th: The Struggle for Love. Genesis 29:15-28 (Jacob loves Rachel but marries Leah first). In a
role reversal, Jacob is now the one who is cheated. How he responds reveals a lot about the power
of love.
Volume 21 Issue 5
Page 10
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Bellevue, WA 98004-2828
Phone: 425-454-2059
[email protected]
We’re on the Web!
United Methodist Women
UMW Circle’s special summer meeting is Wednesday, June
10th at Timber Ridge. We will carpool from the church at
10 am due to limited parking. The meeting will start at
10:30. Lunch is approximately $10. The program will be
book reviews of books from the UMW reading list. Please
call Mitzi Karg 425-883-8146 if you want to present a book
review or have questions.
At the May 13th UMW meeting, Jean Harris, Seattle District Social Concerns
Coordinator for United Methodist Women, spoke about undocumented
immigrants who are arrested, sometimes without probable cause, and
sent to Tacoma Detention Center to await hearings. Deportation usually
follows. For more information, check these organizations online: Washington Immigration Reform Coalition; We Are One America; and Northwest
Immigrant Rights Project. Write your representatives in support of immigration reform and specifically the Dream Act, which allows those who have
served in the military a fast track to citizenship and those who have been
raised in this country the right to a higher education.