Racing Season 2015 Dear Madcap Fast 16 or Purifoy Quick 16 Racer

Racing Season 2015
Dear Madcap Fast 16 or Purifoy Quick 16 Racer:
We are excited for a great 2015 racing season and are honored you have decided to be
a part of this premiere program. Don’t forget all racers in these classes must be a
Bandimere registered racer. If you haven’t done that yet you can do so at the Tech
When you are issued a run card for the race it will be marked left/right run lane and
first pair out for both qualifying sessions. Quickest 16 qualifiers in the Fast 16 & Quick
16 will be laddered first round, tower will be notifying Tech of the first pair. Ladders
format will alternate by event; Sportsman, then Pro. Fastest car gets lane choice each
round. All Fast 16 and Quick 16 rules can be found in the Bandimere Handbook under
Racing Series & Classes.
Those racers who do not qualify for the Fast 16 or Quick 16 will be placed on the
Fineline ladder up to 32 cars. Dragsters need to run 7.99 or quicker, door cars need to
run 8.75 or quicker.
Qualifiers from the previous Fast 16 & Quick 16 race please call Francine at the track
office by 12:00pm the Thursday before the next race to reserve a pit spot for the next
race; beginning with May 16, 2015.
We wish each and every one of you a fun and safe season!
The Bandimere Speedway Staff