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The Fayetteville Press
Aug/Sept 2014 Edition
Automotive News
Protecting Your High-Mileage Vehicle
(NAPSI)—These days, many drivers are finding ways to keep their vehicles on
the road longer. Having an odometer that reads 100,000 miles or more need not
mean the vehicle is on its last legs. It may just mean you should stick to a regular
maintenance schedule and take advantage of automotive products that help extend
the life of the vehicle.
These tips can help:
• Use the right gas. Unless your manufacturer’s manual says the vehicle requires a high-octane gasoline, it will probably run with no problems on regular unleaded. The difference in price can be as much as 30 cents a gallon. Your money is
Suburban Paint & Body Shop
4029 Murchison Road * Fayetteville, NC 28301
"It's Not Only Our Aim
To Please You!
It's Our Aim To Amaze You!’
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Expert Painting
Body Work
William Runell Currie Sr.
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We Give Estimates
We Repair Insurance Claims
Auto * Truck
*Fire * Life
*Motorcycle * Bonds
*Mobile Home
*Drivers With Points
Commercial Ins.
*Low Down Payments
General Liability
*Low DWI Rates
Monthly Payments
Workers Comp
Call For A Quote
111 Lamon St.
Suite 213 * Fay. NC
Call For A Quote
Spring Lake Plaza
Spring Lake NC
Road Runner Towing
(910) 630-3043-office or 1-866-918-2091
better spent on maintenance than at the
• Cut down warm-ups and eliminate
excessive idling. Older cars may need to
warm up briefly, but letting it idle for a long
time before you put it in drive is not better.
In fact, a vehicle just sitting there can suffer stress on the components and burns fuel
less efficiently.
• Get motor oil designed for high mileage. If there are over 75,000 miles on the
odometer, consider a formula designed for
high-mileage engines, such as Royal
Purple’s HMX oil. In addition to proprietary
additive technology, it contains additives to
reduce internal wear and condition engine
It’s a common misconception about
vehicles with high mileage that you should
not use synthetic motor oil because it will
remove deposits and restrict oil flow. In
fact, one of the benefits of using high-mileage synthetic oil such as HMX is that the
detergents in the additives in the product
clean out the deposits in the engine. Maintaining cleanliness will promote the longevity of the engine.
• Tender Loving Care. If your vehicle
needs repairs, address them as needed and
don’t let them go until you find yourself
stranded. These small steps can ensure that
you’ll be able to enjoy your vehicle for
many more miles to come.
• Learn more. You can find further
& General Repair
1481 Strickland Bridge Road * Fayetteville, NC 28304
425-6028 * 425-9223
John Legette -Owner - (910) 494-1827
(NAPSI)—When it comes to used cars, safety is
no accident. But an accident shouldn’t keep you from
buying a used car you love. In fact, you may drive
away with a bargain.
The Problem
There are plenty of previously damaged cars out
there. In the U.S., car crashes happen about every 60
seconds—and one in six used cars being sold has been
in an accident. The key is to know what you’re buying.
An Answer
You can start your used car search at the new Every car for sale comes with a free
Carfax Report that includes any reported accidents.
It’ll help you tell things like how severe the accident
was, what areas of the car were damaged and if the
air bags deployed. Next, get a mechanic to help you
determine if the car was repaired properly.
Following these steps can help you find a swan
where others see only an ugly duckling.
Learn More
You can get more information and shop for great
used cars at the new
Jones Small Engine Repair, Inc.
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Pick-Up and Delivery within 10 miles
4904 Bragg Blvd. * Fayetteville, NC
(910) 867-8753 -office
(910) 867-7692 -Fax
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Over 40 Years in Business
Car Audio by Rhudy's
2410 Murchison Road Pioneer
Fayetteville, NC 28301 Clarion
Store: (910) 488-2971
Installation: (910) 630-3999
Chris Phillips, Manager
Satellite TV At Its Best
Custom and Competition Installations
All Installations Guaranteed
As long as you own the Car
Free Installation On All New RADIO Purchased
Davila's Paint & Body Shop
Specialized In Paint & Body Works
(910) 822--1984
Flat Bed & Wheel Lift Towing
Local & Long Distance Vehicle Transport
Free Removal of Salvage Vehicles
Battery Boost * Lock Car Service
Minor Auto Repair
Buying A Once-Wrecked Car
4402 Murchison Road
Fayetteville, NC 28311
See Jorge Davila
Fax (910) 822--6226
E-mail: [email protected]
Bring In Your Lawn Mowers
For Service Now!
*Saw Chains
Sharpened and Repaired
All Work Fully Guaranteed
Pick Up and Delivery
Within 10 Miles -Call For Price
Engines & Parts
Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki, Kohler, Tecumseh
Lawnmower & Tiller Parts
Murray - MTD - Troy Bilt - Rally & Roper
Trimmer Parts & Line
Ryobi * Shindaiwa * Poulan-Weedealer
Tires R Us & Repair Shop
534 Grove Street * Fayetteville, 28301
4 Used Tires $89.95 * Select Sizes
A Large Selection of
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New & Used Tires & Rims
All Sizes Available
Including Low Profiles
Package Deals Available
Mon thru Friday:
9am to 6pm
Saturday: 9:30am to 3pm
Rotate Tires
Computer Balance Brakes
Tire Repair
Mechanic On Duty
CV Axle
Aug/Sept 2014 Edition
The Fayetteville Press
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Business Directory
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Day & Nite Pawn Shop
5430 Murchison Road * Fayetteville, NC 28301
See Gus
Gus McGr
* Tweak
5334 Yadkin Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Bus. (910) 864-2121
Cell: (910) 322-0395
Pager: (910) 323-7094
NC 28303
Suite* Fayetteville,
105 * Fayetteville
NC 28303
[email protected]
Robert McLymore
Broker / Associate
New Location To Serve You Better! (910) 339-2201
409 N. Bragg Blvd * Spring Lake, NC
Stop by & See Johnny, Shirley or Robert
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Sell Things Of Great Value
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We Buy Gold & Jewelry
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Guns, Jewelry * Stereo’s * TV’s
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Saturday 9am to 6pm * Closed on Sunday
20 Years of Experience
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Why not have the body shape you desire!
Specializing In Custom Orders
201 Franklin Street
Fayetteville, NC 28301
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We do bulk mailing for
Newsletters, Political
Campaigns & Advertisement
164 Westwood Shopping Center * Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 868-9024 -Westwood or (910) 483-2543-Downtown
Letterman Sweaters
Letterman Jackets
Book, Rituals
College/High School
Varsity Jackets
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US Market Mall
504 N. McPherson Church Road * Fayetteville,
Your #1 Greek Art
Car Mats
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Room Borders
Desk/Pen Sets
Wall Plaques
NC 28303
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BUS (910) 868-5011 (Ext. 221)
BUS (910) 860-1191 Monday & Thurs by appointments. Joe & Linda Rivera
Tarbridge Military
U.S., German, Japanese, Civil War
Paying Cash $10 - $10,000 & up
For Military Collectables
Pat Melvin - Murchison Rd. Store Manager
Airborne - Special Forces - Army - Navy - Marine
Civil War - WWI - WWII - Vietnam - Korea
* Patches
* Helmets
* Fighting Knives
* Uniforms
* Swords
* Medals
* Muskets
* Daggers
* Japanese Swords
* Insignia
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* Steins
* War Photos
* Flight Jackets
* Autographs
* Old Toys
* Police Badges
* War Images
* Spike Helmets
* SOG Knives
* Wings
* Civil War
Includes up to 5 qts of Shell
*Tune Ups * Lube * Oil and Filter
*Wheel Balancing * Brakes
*Tire Repair * Air Conditioning
*State Inspections
*CV Boot and Joints
*Air and Fuel Filters
Patrick Melvin
Most American Cars
new spark plugs, points & condenser.
All labor & parts included
4 Cyl. Only
Most American Cars
6 & 8 Cyl. Higher
CALL (910) 488-7207
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The Fayetteville Press
Aug/Sept 2014 Edition
Community Spot-Lite
National Association for Black Veterans, Inc.
“The power of the room cooled her body’s temperature.
She looked at the land, wondering what the land would say
If she could speak with her mouth. Would the land be tired
of living? Or would the land’s heart ache for a soul mate?”
2014 National Convention: New York
Laura Johnson,
267-235 - 4011
Email: [email protected]
FT BRAGG, NC - Local creative author and Soldier of Ft Bragg, have written a suspenseful romance novella “Til Death Do Us Part”.
Laurae Johnson, an award winning author, who is also the former Ms. Ft Stewart, GA is claiming her
share of the writing scene. Johnson has self-published three other books under her own publishing company, Lyrical Soldier Publishing. She also publishes a monthly newsletter, Writer’s Outlet, where she talks
about the trials and victory of self-publishing. Johnson has been serving in the military for the past
eighteen years.
Set in Jamaica, at the heart of Kingston, “Til Death Do Us Part” is a love story that has never been
told. It houses a web of lies intertwined with betrayal and hope, teaching two people the ultimate meaning
of love, honesty, passion and sacrifice. Julietta, the main character, took her wedding vows to heart by
placing the fate of her husband in her own hands. This emotional-driven story is filled with fun and
sensual romance. Johnson uses vivid imagery and polished word choices to paint a beautiful picture; this
is no ordinary love story. Til Death Do Us Part echoes a woman who gives her all, a man who betrays her
trust, and a passion richer than a dying soul.
Johnson is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances,
interviews, and/or book signings contact [email protected]
Brooklyn, NY, August 20, 2014: The National Association for Black Veteran’s Inc.
(NABVETS) held its Bi-Annual Convention in Brooklyn, NY 14 - 17 August 2014. The
event was hosted at the headquarters of the Black Veterans for Social Justice (BVSJ,) under
the direction of Wendy McClinton, BVSJ President & CEO. With representatives from
NABVETS chapters, state and regional commands, as well as the National Command Council, there was tremendous energy and unity of purpose throughout the conference. This energy and unity in purpose provided for a renewing of focus and establishment of goals and
changes that will continue to move NABVETS forward in its mission.
During this Historical event BG (Ret) Cocroft, one of the Founders and the First National Commander of the National Association for Black Veteran’s, Inc. (NABVETS,) stated
to the National Command Council that he had decided not to seek re-election to the position
of NABVETS’ National Commander, preferring instead to foster younger leadership. The
National Command Council then elected Richard S. Kornegay, from Fayetteville, NC, a
US Army retiree, three (3) time Vietnam Veteran, and a 2012 Awardee of President Obama’s
Whitehouse Champion for Change as NABVETS’ new National Commander. Commander
Kornegay’s Challenge to the Membership and the newly elected Commanders is that we
continue what we do in creating a positive lifestyle for Veterans, their families and communities, and to commit to an intensified concentration on recruiting and providing services in our
neighborhoods, so as to continue to be one of the finest Veteran service organizations in the
The full results of the National Command Council elections are as follows:
National Commander ........................................Richard S. Kornegay
National Vice-Commander. (Programs)………..Dr. Franklin DB Jackson
National Vice-Commander..(Convention)……...Rev. Dr. James Greenwood
National Vice-Commander (Communication)….Joe Wynn
Nation Vice-Commander (Fundraising)………..Wendy McClinton
Region I Commander.........................................Lloyd Burroughs
Region II Commander........................................Ulysses A. Sheppard, Sr.
Region III Commander.......................................Col. (Ret) James Scott
Region IV Commander.......................................Mike Beal
Region V Commander........................................Richard S. Kornegay
Region VI Commander.......................................Shedrick Jones
Region VII Commander......................................Wendy McClinton
Region VIII Commander......................................LTC (Ret) Richard D. Kingsberry
Region IX Commander.......................................William (Bill) Jackson
Secretary.............................................................Mary E. Elliott
Aug/Sept 2014 Edition
The Fayetteville Press
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Fitzgerald’s Car Company
4926 Bragg Blvd * Fayetteville, NC 28303
215 Gillespie Street * Fayetteville, NC 28302
On Lot Financing
”We Buy Car”
(Foreign & Domestic)
Sharisia Jones
General Manager
Tawanna Robinson
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a new customer referral!
Julius Robinson
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B&E Auto Sales
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Smartphones • Tablets • Computers
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Fayetteville Tech Receives
National Recognition for
100% Pass Rate on Certified
Surgical Technologist Exam
August 21, 2014 - Fayetteville
Technical Community College
(FTCC) has received the annual merit award from the National Board of Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting
(NBSTSA) for achieving a
100% pass rate on the Certified Surgical Technologist
(CST) examination for the
cycle of August 1, 2013 through
July 31, 2014. Graduates obtaining national certification as a
CST demonstrate, by examination, understanding of the basic
competencies for safe patient
care in the operating room. The
CST is widely recognized in the
health care community as the
foremost credential for surgical
technologists in the nation. The
CST is required for employment
within many local, state, and
national health care organizations.
According to NBSTSA
Chief Executive Officer Ron
Kruzel, the NBSTSA has a 40year history in CST examination development. The CST examination is the only fully accredited examination by the
National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) for
surgical technologists in the
nation. NCCA accreditation
assures that the CST examination meets stringent standards
of examination development
and administration. Certification
as a surgical technologist exhibits professional pride, the desire
to be recognized for mastery of
surgical competencies, and,
more important, an ongoing
commitment to quality patient
care. For more information,
please go to the NBSTSA
website at or
call 1-800-707-0057.
Android Tablet
Computer Repair
Unlock & Flash Cellphones
924 Brighton Rd
New Location To Serve You Better! (910) 339-2201
409 N. Bragg Blvd * Spring Lake, NC
Sandhill Deals, Inc .....Walk In - Ride Out
2211 Hope Mills Road * Fayetteville, NC
“If We Don’t Have It, We’ll Find It”
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Call Bonnie
She will get you out of Jail!
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Beauty Business Page
Skibo Road Barber Shop
"Falcon Village" Suite 106 * Raeford RoadFayetteville, NC
D-Monney, T-Mack, JR, Mac, Murrell &
Almari (Shop helper in chair)
"Stop By Today For The Phattest Cuts"
(910) 864-2739
Cedar Creek Barber Shop
1408 Clinton Road * Fayetteville, NC 28312
*Next Door To Family Dollar and Harbor Freight
Tuesday & Wednesday Specials
ALL Kidz 18 & Under
Receive $2.00 OFF ALL CUTs Until 6pm
Sycamore Square Suite 172
3308 Bragg Blvd. Fayetteville, NC 28303
(910) 868-7175 * More Than Just A Hair Cut
See: Maurice (owner) & Styles
(910) 339-1235
All types of hair * All ages & all genders served
Dennis Williams
Master Stylist
From Blow-Out to
(910) 964-2165 Weaves of all types & Color
Call Dennis Williams
Mon thru Sat -9am to 6pm * Walk-Ins Accepted
"Where Dennis Cares About Your Hair"
See DJ or Mr. D. Elliott
New Location: 4108 Raeford Road * Fayetteville, NC 28304 * (910) 483-3044