Used Marine Travelift Mobile Boat Hoists Set Record Prices

Used Marine Travelift Mobile Boat Hoists Set Record Prices
Harris Equipment Systems research
has shown that prices for used Marine
Travelift boat hoists are setting record
highs in today's marketplace.
maintenance, and faster availability of 3. Recondition Your Current Lift
parts that will increase your cash flow If you find that your current mobile
and keep you a step ahead of your
boat hoist is not in a condition that will
competition. In addition, if the used
maximize your profits when selling,
equipment prices commanded today
consider reconditioning your lift to
Recently, well maintained Marine
are any indication of the future, you
help boost its value for the future. We
Travelift mobile boat hoists have been can bet that the new mobile boat hoist have come across countless examples
commanding close to, if not more than, you take delivery of tomorrow will
where a customer was able to double
prices originally paid at delivery. Used hold its value for when you decide to
the value of their used mobile boat
Marine Travelift equipment has always upgrade again.
hoist by investing in the needed
maintained its value very well, but
replacement parts after an inspection,
never before have we seen a trend like If a new Marine Travelift mobile boat
by repainting it, and by putting it back
this. If you are interested in
hoist is not in the best interest of your on a regular maintenance schedule.
capitalizing on this opportunity,
marina or boat yard, consider
Your customers will take notice, and
consider these options:
upgrading to a newer, used Marine
you will make your lift safer in the eyes
Travelift mobile boat hoist. While not of your insurance company.
as equipped with the modern
1. Consign Your Current Lift
technologies and conveniences that
Harris Equipment Systems offers a
If you want to learn more about this
consignment program for those
opportunity and which option suits
used equipment will still have multiple your needs best, please contact Dale
looking to make a change to their
equipment needs. By taking advantage features and benefits that will prove to Harris of Harris Equipment Systems at
be a positive investment for your
of our program, we will pre-sell your
(941) 366-6343.
mobile boat hoist at an agreed upon
1989 Marine Travelift 50 BFM
price before you make your next
purchase. Plus, we do this while your
current mobile boat hoist stays in use
at your location. This will allow you to
use the proceeds from the sale to help
offset the cost of your next mobile boat
hoist purchase. We will arrange for
delivery of your new lift before
shipping out your current lift, thus
making sure your business does not
skip a beat.
2. Upgrade
Taking delivery of a new Marine
Travelift mobile boat hoist is a huge
indicator to your customers that you
are serious about keeping their
business. New equipment brings with
it the modern technologies, ease of