Analyzing Annie: Thesis Essay

Freshman Composition 3/4/9
Annie John ​
Ms. Dunitz
March 19, 2015
Analyzing Annie: Thesis Essay
Thesis Essay Assignment:
❖ What role does ______ have in Annie’s life? ​
(Consider: water, Obeah, colonial education, the trunks,
death, Red Girl, Gwen, Mrs. John, etc.)
Answer this question in a 4-5 paragraph thesis essay. You will need the skills we were honing in the
beginning of the year with the “Perfect Paragraph” — particularly the skills of being clear and concise.
Your essay should include all of the components of a critical essay that we will discuss in class, particularly an
arguable, supportable, specific (and wow! not duh) thesis statement; two or three body paragraphs that
support your thesis; two or more pieces of textual evidence per body paragraph; and a strong conclusion. As
always: make sure you pick and develop a topic you are truly interested in. If you are interested, your writing
will be interesting.
In your essay, you will include one correctly and thoughtfully used literary term that we have discussed this
year, somewhere in your paper. Please ​
Literary Terms:​
allegory, allusion, anaphora, antihero, characterization, bildungsroman, foil, irony,
malapropism, metaphor, motif, paradox, schadenfreude, symbol, theme, tone, (un)reliable narrator.
● Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1 inch margins, Double-spaced, Proper Heading
● Engaging, original title (​
not ​
underlined, bolded, italicized, or in quotes)
● BOLDED: Thesis Statement, Topic Sentences, and a Literary Device ​
(this is not part of the
traditional thesis essay structure, but it is helpful for me to be able to clearly see the progression of
your ideas).
Important Dates:
Thursday, March 26th
Friday, March 27th
2 Thesis Statements​
Collection of quotes​
(to support thesis) ​
with interpretations​
Monday, March 30th
Tuesday, March 31st
Thursday, April 2nd
Outline Due ​
(including ​
topic sentences​
organized evidence​
Body Paragraphs ​
Full Draft ​
Due (​
, and ​
Body Paragraphs​
*Thursday, April 16th
Final Paper Due ​
in class
These deadlines exist to give you the most support possible, in order to help you write the strongest paper
possible. Let them help you by being prepared every single day! You should feel encouraged to meet with
me outside of class if you have questions about your writing.
** Failure to complete any of these drafts on time will significantly lower
your ​
participation ​
your homework grade​