modern luxury

modern luxury
“ A (playing) surface that really does allow the balls to come to a stop,
even lets you use English, Draw and Follow…”
Nottage Design pool tables blend ultra modern styling and new patented technology
The transparent playing area is composed
of the patented Vitrik playing surface on
top of a 15mm toughened glass top.
Available in 8’ x 4’ or 7’ x 3.5’ sizes.
Our glass tops are premium quality and
toughened so are up to 6 times stronger
than standard glass. Glass is very rigid and
flat and is not prone to sagging or warping,
providing a great alternative to slate.
The Vitrik playing surface replicates the
rolling resistance of an average speed cloth.
It is hard wearing and allows spin (english)
to be applied and retains consistent roll
characteristics over its lifetime.
Why settle for an outdated design?
Visible ball return systems make a feature
of pocketed balls, rather than being
hidden away.
Available in your choice of colours,
bumper fabric and glass tint.
Nottage Design has created the ultimate
pool tables. Period. It fills the need for a
truly unique and cutting edge designer
pool table for the latest in modern interiors.
Our pool tables ship with high quality
2.25” balls; triangle; 2 matching silver
cues and a bridge stick.
G-1 pool table
G-4 pool table
The G-1 pool table is designed to be the
ultimate statement. A striking modern form
and integrated ball return which forms an
aesthetic feature of the table.
The G-4 pool table blends ultra modern
minimalist styling and practicality. Converts
to a classy modern dining table with our
optional 3 piece cover and dining benches.
The frame is highly rigid and heavy
providing excellent support to the glass
and features a precision leveling system.
Pocketed balls are a feature with the simple
and elegant ball return system. Reap the
rewards of your skillful shot as the ball drops
into the pocket onto a silent rubber pad,
then appear to float across a secondary
transparent sheet to the collection area.
Optional 3 piece cover available.
“ … it’s almost as
much fun watching
the balls travel under
the table via the see
through surface as
it is to pocket them.”
Such a minimalist frame design was made
possible by the superior rigidity of toughened
glass and provides excellent support around
the edges of the playing area.
modern luxury
Terms / Ordering
Nottage Design will do everything possible
to make the ordering process as swift and
easy as possible. We are available via Skype,
phone, email or web form.
Shipping and installation is available to
virtually any country. We utilise a large
network of billiard installers around the
world who undertake our training program
in installing our tables.
“ A pool table that
takes its cue from
contemporary designs.”
Visit our website for pricing and
ordering at
or email: [email protected]
Orders on our pool tables require 50%
deposit to commence the order and 50%
upon completion. Tables are built to order,
accessories are in stock and can be shipped
immediately. Our standard tables generally
take 6 weeks to produce, contact us for
current leadtime.
We accept all major credit cards, cheque
and international bank transfer as well as
local Australian direct deposit.
Nottage Design have in-house design
and engineering capabilities and we love
a challenge, so if you would like a custom
pool table or game room piece we can
assist to make your vision a reality.
The Ultimate Accessories
Glass back cue rack with space for 6 cues,
full set of balls and a triangle – wall mount
or floor standing base option. Available in
a range of matching colours.
Glass overhead light featuring 6mm
toughened glass sheet with aluminium
housing and suspended by stainless
steel cables.
3 piece 8mm toughened glass covers for
both G-1 and G-4. Minimalist design with
polyurethane rubber edging. Quality covers
that can be used as a dining table or as an
extra surface for entertaining.
Quality two-piece brushed aluminium cues
with 13mm tip and adjustable weights in base.
Two included with the purchase of a pool table.
Transparent triangle in double layer
plexiglass with machined spacers.
A pair of dining benches suitable for use
with our G-4 table and glass top to convert
the ultimate pool table into a dining set.
Available in a range of matching colours.
Features transparent high strength
polycarbonate seat top and minimalist
metal frames.
“ A lightweight skeletal
frame structure with an
integrated ball-return
mechanism, BCA-spec
pockets, and K-66
bumpers completes
the G1’s minimalist look.”
“ Break away from tradition
and create a perfect synergy
in your modern interior.”
About Us
Nottage Design offers a line of products
that feature design and innovation that is
unequaled the world over.
With our facilities in Adelaide, Australia,
we are dedicated to producing the most
innovative designer game room and lifestyle
products available. We design, manufacture
and assemble entirely in Australia using
quality suppliers.
We work with:
• Interior designers and architects to create
a perfect synergy with our products in
their interior, whether it be a private or
commercial project.
• We also sell direct to consumers and
are equipped to arrange all necessary
logistics and installation.
• Hotels, restaurants and other public
venues who wish to impress their clientele.
Nottage Design prides itself on:
• Creating the most revolutionary
and innovative lifestyle products.
• Manufacturing quality products
and exporting to a worldwide market.
• Providing excellent customer service
and accommodating customers needs
wherever possible.
• Doing what we can to make sure you
enjoy the products you purchase from us.
Wherever possible Nottage Design is
reducing it’s environmental impact.
We are focused on minimizing wastage,
recycling wherever possible and responsibly
handling chemicals.
“ …the G-1 offers
a perfect blend of
modern styling and
latest technology.”
Contact Us
Email : [email protected]
Phone within Australia on (08) 8266 1875 or 0402 088 207
Phone us outside Australia on +61402 088 207
Fax : +61 8 8266 1875
Mail : 20 Tania Avenue, Windsor Gardens SA 5087 Australia
Skype : username ‘nottagedesign’
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