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Audi Genuine Accessories
Audi Q5 Accessories
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Audi Q5 Genuine Accessories
There are crossovers and there’s the Audi Q5. The same is true for
Audi Genuine Accessories. When you look at our accessories, you’ll
see the very qualities that attracted you to your Audi vehicle:
Performance, craftsmanship and unparalleled style. From our alloy
wheels, to protection products, to the perfect roof rack solutions and
the latest electronics. When you purchase Audi Genuine Accessories,
you’ll know exactly what to expect. Expect Excellence.
Sport and Design
Comfort and Protection
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Audi Genuine Sport
and Design Accessories
Show your creative side. Here’s an opportunity to add your personal
signature to your Audi Q5. Alloy wheels, body kits, running boards,
and more. All Audi-designed and built to exacting standards.
Genuine Alloy Wheels
These are the alloy wheels designed exclusively for your Audi Q5.
All of our alloy wheels are specially engineered to meet the strict
tolerances of our original wheels.
A. 20" ten-spoke alloy wheel – Anthracite
B. 20" ten-spoke alloy wheel – Polished silver
C. 20" seven V-spoke alloy wheel
D. 19" Pikes Peak alloy wheel
E. 17" Winter wheel
Winter wheels and tires can help improve traction, handling and
safety in snow and icy conditions.
F. Security wheel bolts
An added level of protection for your wheels and tires, the set
contains four security bolts and a removal tool for dust caps.
G. Snow chains
We offer snow chains made of case-hardened alloy steel on a
spring steel hoop that are easy to fit to a stationary vehicle. Set
consists of two pieces. Check local regulations prior to use. Ask your
dealer about compatibility with your specific vehicle and wheels.
H. Tire totes
These durable totes make seasonal tire changes a breeze – and they
protect your wheels and tires when you store them.
Audi Q5 valve stem caps (shown left; see page 6)
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To purchase Audi Genuine Accessories,
visit your Audi dealer.
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Audi Genuine Transport Accessories
Your Audi Q5 is made for adventure. These transport accessories
will ensure you arrive in comfort and style. Select the attachments
that fit your lifestyle from our full line of transport solutions.
Upright Barracuda® bicycle holder
This bike holder fits 20–80mm bike frames and is easy to use.
It features a molded front wheel well that allows the bike to
stand on its own so you can easily secure it. Lock included.
(Must be used in combination with base carrier bars.)
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Audi Genuine Transport Accessories
A. Ski and luggage box
F. Luggage basket
You ride in comfort when you stow your luggage and sports
This attachment forms a basket to hold luggage securely.
equipment in this stylish, aerodynamic box. An interior ski rack,
(Must be used in combination with base carrier bars.)
sold separately, holds skis up to 2 metres. Size: 221 cm long,
64 cm wide. 450 cubic litre capacity. (Must be used in combination
with base carrier bars.)
B. Compact roof box
Our compact roof box offers a large, 480 cubic litre capacity.
Size: 206 cm long, 76 cm wide. (Must be used in combination with
base carrier bars.)
G. Towing hitch-mounted bike rack
This hitch-mounted carrier sets the new standard for performance
and ease of use. Carrier holds four bikes. Fits 2-inch receivers.
H. Towing hitch
This is the towing kit approved for the Audi Q5. Maximum
load carrying capacity 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs.) (For more information,
see your Owner’s Manual.)
C. Ski and snowboard racks
This rack’s rubber-cushioned aluminum bars hold securely. Our
smaller, standard attachment holds up to two snowboards or
four skis. A larger deluxe attachment holds up to four snowboards
or six skis. (Must be used in combination with base carrier bars.)
D. Canoe rack/kayak rack
This rack enables you to carry one canoe or kayak weighing up to
25 kg. Rack conforms to most hulls. Includes one pair of heavy-duty
straps. (Must be used in combination with base carrier bars.)
E. Surfboard holder
This holder adapts to any surfboard shape. Features durable
holders and tie-down straps. (Must be used in combination with
base carrier bars.)
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To purchase Audi Genuine Accessories,
visit your Audi dealer.
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Audi Genuine Electronics Accessories
We offer accessories that let you access your music library where
you need it most – on the open road. Along with electronics that
make parking, and your life, easier.
A. MP3 connectivity
We offer an array of cables that let you hear your music library
through your Audi sound system. We offer 3.5mm MP3 cables,
USB cables, iPod® cables, and Mini USB cables.
B. Acoustic parking system
This parking aid emits a beeping sound when your Audi vehicle
gets close to other cars or objects. It will help you back up with
confidence and park with ease in spaces you would have previously
passed up.
To purchase Audi Genuine Accessories,
visit your Audi dealer.
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Audi Genuine Comfort and
Protection Accessories
It’s a basic human emotion. Protect what you love.
We offer a complete line of accessories designed to
help you arrive at your destination in comfort and
to help keep your Audi Q5 looking like new.
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Audi Genuine Comfort and
Protection Accessories
A. Carpeted cargo mat
F. Premium textile floor mats
This heavy-duty, moisture-resistant rubber mat is covered by a
These precision-fit mats are made of long-life fabric to help
nylon carpet to help provide excellent trunk protection. Movable
protect the interior of your Audi from the elements. Skid-resistant.
plastic blocks attach with hook and loop to the carpet to help
Available in Black. Set of four mats.
organize and manage the movement of items in the trunk.
(A3 shown.)
B. Rubberized cargo mat
G. Rear bumper protective liner
This custom-fit transparent film helps protect the bumper from
scratches during loading and unloading. (Audi Q7 shown.)
Custom fit for your Audi model. Textured plastic material helps
control load shifting. Raised lip helps contain spills and protect
cargo area carpeting from stains. Easily cleaned with mild soap
and water.
C. Cargo tray
The high sides of this heavy-duty tray help protect your interior
when carrying items like mulch, soil, firewood and more.
(Audi Q7 shown.)
D. Rear partitions
Two solutions allow you to partition the cargo area for maximum
flexibility. The transverse partition runs behind the front seats.
The longitudinal partition divides the cargo area in half. No drilling
required. Transverse partition is required for use of longitudinal
partition. Partitions sold separately. Ask your dealer for details.
Rails and luggage box not included. (Audi Q7 shown.)
E. Rubber floor mats
These trim, embossed rubber mats help extend the life of your
carpet. Available in Black or Grey, in sets of two for front and/or rear.
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To purchase Audi Genuine Accessories,
visit your Audi dealer.
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Audi Genuine Comfort and
Protection Accessories
A. Splash guards
F. Snow brush/ice scraper
Help protect your Audi model’s finish with custom-fit front
This snow brush features a 66 cm extended reach length, a heavy-
and rear splash guards. Made of long-life, crack-resistant rubber.
duty ice scraping blade and an extra-wide soft bristle brush head.
Available in sets of two for front and/or rear. Not for use with
295/20" profile tires. (Audi Q7 shown.)
B. Storage cover
Help protect your Audi from the elements with this lightweight,
easy-to-use cover. Made of Stormshield® material custom cut
for your Audi Q5 vehicle. Covers have a plastic window so the rear
license plate is visible. Includes a storage bag. Audi logo. (Audi A6
G. First aid kit
In the event of an emergency, you’ll want these first aid essentials
close at hand. Soft, zippered pouch.
H. Mini flashlight
For your safety and convenience, this light is rechargable by
inserting into the 12V outlet in your vehicle. The LED flashlight
is available for all Audi models.
C. Custom front window sunshield
Custom cut to fit your Audi Q5 windshield. High-quality, triplelaminated material helps protect your interior from harmful
UV rays and reduces inside temperature. Hook and loop straps
help store neatly when not in use.
D. Umbrella case
This umbrella holder comes with an Audi pocket umbrella and
fits easily on the hook on the passenger side of the center console.
The holder stores your umbrella and keeps it easily accessible.
E. Accessory case
This case fits easily on the hook on the passenger side of the
center console. It helps keep the vehicle neat and organized.
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To purchase Audi Genuine Accessories,
visit your Audi dealer.
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Audi Genuine Accessories: 100% Audi.
Note: A word about this brochure.
Audi Canada believes the information in this brochure
to be correct at the time of printing. However, items,
pricing, availability, specifications, features and colours
are subject to change without notice. Vehicles in this
brochure are shown with optional equipment. Images
shown may vary slightly from actual applications. See
your dealer for complete details on limited warranties
and tires supplied by various manufacturers.
Some accessory applications may not fit because of
equipment installed when your vehicle was built or due
to specific model line, such as S models, RS models or
S line models. Please ask your dealer for advice and verify
that the accessories you have chosen are appropriate for
your vehicle and model year prior to installation. Please
consult your dealer for all details prior to purchase.
All styling components may require paint and installation
at additional cost.
All previous catalogs, product descriptions, and price
lists are no longer valid.
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