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Audi Q5 Accessories
Genuine Accessories
What stands out about you and the
Audi Q5: Individuality.
The strength of the Audi Q5 lies in its flexibility. It adapts completely to your needs. But since
we do not know exactly what you have in mind, with Audi Genuine Accessories we offer you the
opportunity to design your Q5 exactly according to your wishes.
Sport and design
Comfort and protection
Further communication equipment
4 | 5 Sport and design
We haven’t reinvented the wheel.
Although after so many tests, you would
almost suppose we had.
Audi cast aluminium wheels are subjected to constant strain during daily use. Comprehensive testing ensures that they nevertheless
fulfill the demanding quality standards required of them. Furthermore, the use of complex casting processes results in high component strength,
and the multiple coats of high-quality paint do not just create a stunning look but also offer effective protection against scratches.
1 Cast aluminium wheels, 10-spoke design,
high-gloss turned finish, Anthracite*
Spokes with high-gloss, turned finish create an elegant
design. Available in size 8.5 J x 20 for 255/45 R 20 tyres.
2 Cast aluminium wheels, 10-spoke design, silver*
Available in size 8.5 J x 20 for 255/45 R 20 tyres.
3 Valve caps
4 metal valve caps with embossed Audi logo provide
better protection for the valve against dust, dirt and
moisture. Available for rubber, metal and aluminium
Wheel bag
Four-piece set with practical handles, enables easy and
clean transportation and the storage of complete
wheels. Made from tear-resistant plastic. The wheel
bolts can be stored in the outer pockets.
*Only in conjunction with wheel arch trims.
6 | 7 Sport and design
One must
for beauty.
1 Cast aluminium wheels, 5-arm design, two-piece
With die cast trims with titanium bolts. In size 8 J x 19
for 235/55 R 19 tyres.
2 Cast aluminium winter wheel, 5-arm design,
complete winter wheel, suitable for snow chains. In size
7 J x 17 with 235/65 R 17 tyres, Dunlop SP Winter
Sport 3D A0, Fuel efficiency class: F, Wet grip class: C,
External rolling noise class:
72 dB
3 Anti-theft wheel bolts
Can only be loosened with the special adapter provided.
Helps to prevent theft.
Snow chains
For an improved grip on snow and ice. Available in
various sizes.
Cast aluminium wheels
Subject: Quality
By undergoing a copper accelerated
acetic acid salt spray test, for
example. When our experts test the
quality of Audi Genuine Accessories
wheels, they are just as innovative as
our designers. Intense heat, high humidity, strong sunlight – there is
practically no limit to the number of
possible tests. But the most extreme
endurance test is the copper accelerated acetic acid salt spray test, known
as CASS. In the test, wheels which
have been previously damaged by
simulated stone chips are sprayed
with this extremely corrosive solution
for several days. Yet they must overcome all these challenges without
visible adverse effects. So that even
after many miles, you can be as
thrilled by the design of your Audi
Genuine Accessories wheels as you
were on the first day.
Look good on any road.
Even where there aren’t any roads.
The offroad style package emphasises the athleticism of the Audi Q5 as well as its offroad qualities.
Exciting highlights make your Audi Q5 visually more robust and sportier – and almost too
good-looking to take offroad!
8 | 9 Sport and design
1 2 3
1 Front bumper
Consisting of a bumper cover painted in body colour,
radiator grille with vertical chrome struts, a spoiler
painted in Stone Grey metallic and a stainless steel
underbody guard.
2 Door cover strips
Painted in Stone Grey metallic. Reduce damage by e.g.
stone chips.
3 Wheel arch extensions
Painted in Stone Grey, metallic. Underline the striking
design of the vehicle and protect the side section.
4 Rear bumper
Rear apron, painted in Stone Grey metallic, accentuates
the dynamic rear end of the Audi Q5 whilst at the same
time protecting the rear underbody of the vehicle by
means of a stainless steel underbody guard.
5 Running boards
Stainless steel. Make it easier, for example, to stow
items in the ski or luggage box on the roof. Rubber pads
reduce the risk of slipping.
Each board has a load capacity of 200 kg.
10 | 11 Transport
The Audi Q5 has enough space. But there are
some things you can just never have too much of.
A loading volume of 1,560 litres should really be sufficient. Nevertheless, Audi Genuine Accessories has practical and attractively
designed solutions at the ready for the transport of bulky items. So that you can really fit in everything you want to.
1 Bicycle rack for the trailer towing hitch
Lockable rack for up to 2 cycles with a maximum load
of 60 kg. Optional: the extension kit for a third bicycle.
Easy mounting thanks to a simple plug-in mechanism.
The bicycle rack can be very easily folded away to open
the luggage compartment. Easy to fold away. Can be
stored away in the carrier provided to save space.
12 | 13 Transport
1 Luggage rack*
For the convenient transport of additional items of
luggage on the roof. Lockable. The profile is made from
anodised aluminium. Resistant to corrosion. (Can only
be used in conjunction with the roof rack supplied as
standard with the Audi Q5.)
2 Trailer towing hitch
Mechanically swivelling ball head, ball joint coupling
and ball head made from forged steel and with integral
socket. Operated via lever in luggage compartment, with
indicator light in luggage compartment and display in
instrument cluster to monitor secure attachment of the
towing hitch; includes trailer stabilisation function via
the Electronic Stabilisation Programme (ESP).
3 Bicycle fork mount
Easy to handle. Lockable. Suitable for bicycles with a
quick-action lock on the front wheel. Maximum load
17 kg. (Can only be used in conjunction with the roof
rack supplied as standard with the Audi Q5.)
4 Bicycle rack
Made of specially shaped aluminium profile and powder
coated steel. Enables the bicycle to be attached to the
car particularly easily. Lockable. Maximum load 17 kg.
(Can only be used in conjunction with the roof rack
supplied as standard with the Audi Q5.)
Roof carrier bag
For the storage or transport of the carrier unit and
smaller roof rack modules. Made from strong material,
with several loops and a side pocket for tools or small
items. Available in 2 sizes.
* Maximum permissible load 80 kg.
14 | 15 Transport
1 Kayak rack
For a single-person kayak weighing up to 25 kg.
(Can only be used in conjunction with the roof rack
supplied as standard with the Audi Q5.)
2 Ski and snowboard rack
For convenient transport of up to 6 pairs of skis or
4 snowboards. Lockable. (Can only be used in conjunction with the roof rack supplied as standard with the
Audi Q5.)
16 | 17 Transport
1 Ski and luggage box (450 l)¹
Lockable and can be opened from both sides. Suitable
for skis up to 2.10 m in length. (Can only be used in
conjunction with the roof rack supplied as standard with
the Audi Q5.)
2 Luggage box (370 l)²
Compact box, easy to open with easy-to-clean surface,
lockable. Its aerodynamic shape reduces wind noise
more effectively. (Can only be used in conjunction with
the roof rack supplied as standard with the Audi Q5.)
¹Maximum permissible load 45 kg. The opening of the vehicle tailgate is restricted during use.
3 Ski and luggage box (480 l)²
Ski box for winter sports equipment and other luggage.
Lockable and can be opened from both sides. Easy to
clean thanks to smooth surface. (Can only be ordered in
conjunction with the roof rack supplied as standard with
the Audi Q5.)
² Maximum permissible load 50 kg.
Roof rack modules
Subject: Quality
Whether you’re
going to the Kalahari,
the Arctic or Florida
– our roof modules
know the weather.
Weather tests simulate the different
climatic zones in which Audi Genuine Accessories products are used.
Hot and dry, cold and damp, hot and
humid. The Earth’s variety of weather
conditions poses considerable challenges for developers. Because, no
matter if there is a storm, rain, or a
burning sun; the product must be
able to withstand the most varied climatic influences for a long time. This
is why Audi examines and improves
items such as the luggage box in
specially designed extreme weather
tests. Xenon lights and artificial rain
are used to simulate the passing of
an entire year in a shorter period of
time. Additionally, tests on the carrier units serve to improve the operational and ride comfort. The design of
the struts on the carrier unit are
based on the aerodynamic profile of
aircraft wings in order to reduce wind
noise. Many tests, one goal: an ideal
start to your next holiday – with Audi
Genuine Accessories. Even if you are
not going to the Kalahari.
18 | 19 Communications
A communications expert that
also knows the way.
The diverse range of communication offered in the Audi Q5 ensures that your favourite people
and your favourite music are with you at all times. And, with the most up-to-date map material
for your navigation system, you might even discover a new favourite route.
1 Audi Entertainment mobile
9-inch screen with an integral DVD player. It is to be
installed on the front seat backrests. Excellent picture
quality thanks to the digital high resolution screen.
Offers a high level of functionality and various things
that can be connected to it, such as the Bluetooth headset (sold separately). The new holder for mobile end
devices makes it both easy to connect and useable outside the vehicle. Prerequisite: Rear Seat Entertainment
fitting in the vehicle.
2 Adapter cables for Audi music interface
Enable connection of various iPod™ models and other
portable media players. Operation via the MMI®-System,
if this function is supported by the media player. Additional adapter cables are required to connect portable
media players. For more information, please contact
your Audi partner.
3 Navigation update*
23 GB of new map material with new content, e.g. terrain models, improved graphics, 3D representation of
Points of Interest; easier to connect to real surroundings. More convenient and a more relaxed driving experience. Our tip is to get the update when you next have
your vehicle serviced.
* For more detailed information, please contact your Audi partner.
4 Universal mobile phone holder
Enables telephone conversations to take place without
the person having to be exposed to much radiation and
ensures that the mobile phone can be safely stored
whilst driving. Suitable for many popular mobile phone
models. The mobile phone is placed easily into the cradle and connects wirelessly with the vehicle’s exterior
antenna. This means that the adapter does not need to
be changed if you change your mobile phone. Prerequisite: mobile phone fitting (Bluetooth). The charging
adapter means that the mobile telephone (battery) can
be easily charged up. Each adapter is specific to one mobile phone model and each one is available separately.
Bluetooth headset
Ideal supplement to the Audi Entertainment mobile.
Easy to fold away, can be practically stored away in the
carrier provided. The rechargeable batteries can be used
for up to 15 hours.
Mobile phone adapter*
Connection with the exterior antenna enables telephone
conversations to take place without the person having
to be exposed to much radiation. Enables the battery to
be charged and the mobile phone to be safely stored
whilst driving. Available for many popular mobile phone
models. Prerequisite: mobile phone fitting (Bluetooth).
20 | 21 Family
Drive an Audi.
Before you even learn to walk.
Even if it will still be a few years before the youngsters are driving themselves,
the child seats from Audi Genuine Accessories ensure that little ones have just
as much fun driving as grown-ups.
1 Audi baby seat
Can be secured using the 3-point belt. The integral
full-belt safety harness provides good restraint, the
attached cover provides protection from sunlight.
Suitable for small children weighing up to 13 kg
(approximately 15 months).
4 Child seat colour variants
All child seats are available in the combinations classic
silver / black and sporty signal orange / black. The fabrics used are gentle to the skin, breathable, non-fading
and washable. Spare covers are available from your
Audi partner.
6 Audi children’s world
The comfort pillow and blanket, neck supports, cocoon
blanket and baby comfort sack offer a feeling of security
for your child. The Audi plush steering wheel, comfort
cloth, baby toy chain and cuddly toy ensure fun and
games. To match the child seat designs.
2 Audi child seat with ISOFIX
With adjustable seat. The seven-fold height adjustment
of the belt is made with just one move of the hand.
Washable fabric cover. Suitable for children from
9 to 18 kg (approximately 1 to 4 years).
5 ISOFIX fastening for Audi baby seat
For improved restraint of the Audi baby seat. Enables
the seat to be installed and removed quickly. The adjustable support base ensures additional stability. Optimises
protection for babies.
Audi baby mirror
The velcro fastener enables the baby mirror to be easily
attached to the rear seat head restraints. This allows the
driver to keep an eye on the baby in the rear-facing baby
seat. The viewing angle can be adjusted individually.
Not for integrated head restraints.
3 Audi child seat youngster plus
Offers excellent comfort thanks to intelligent belt
guidance. The backrest is adjustable in height and width.
Adaptations can be easily made via a viewing window for
size adjustment. Suitable for children from 15 to 36 kg
(approximately 3½ to 12 years).
22 | 23 Comfort and protection
You’ve chosen a very special car for yourself.
Now choose something very special for it.
Even a car as successful as the Audi Q5 can still be improved upon. For example with our diverse solutions for protection and comfort.
Treat your car to increased storage space, improved protection from soiling or a couple of clever details to make it even more useful.
1 Partition grille
Easy installation behind the rear seat. No drilling
required. When handled correctly, the partition grille
can be removed again without leaving any traces.
2 Luggage compartment tray
High-cut plastic insert, built robustly and easy to clean.
Ideally suited for all items of luggage that often leave
marks behind during transport. Broad grooves reduce
load slipping.
3 Boot liner
Custom-made protection for the luggage compartment.
Washable and robust. The lip around the edge better
protects the luggage compartment floor from any
leaking fluids.
Luggage compartment box (foldable)
The functional and handy box made from black polyester
can hold up to 32 litres. Can be easily assembled using
velcro strips. Can be used as an additional protective
underlay for the luggage compartment when folded out
completely. Washable and easy to clean.
24 | 25 Comfort and protection
1 Sun protection system
Almost total protection from the sun. It is simple to
install, easy to store and fits perfectly. It is available as a
2 or 3-piece set. The sets can be combined.
2 Care products
Specially tailored to the high-quality materials of your
Audi. Suited to exterior maintenance or many applications inside the vehicle, depending on the product.
3 Parking system
Supports the driver with an acoustic signal if the distance from hazards is too small. 4 ultrasonic sensors are
concealed in the rear bumper. Activated by engaging
reverse gear.
Foot rests and pedal caps in stainless steel
Made from brushed stainless steel. Rubber coating on
the surface ensures improved grip.
Fire extinguisher
Installed in the vehicle interior, ensuring that it is close
to hand in an emergency. Specially-developed fastening
concept. Can be easily released from its bracket at the
press of a button. Practical one-hand operation makes it
easy to use.
26 | 27 Comfort and protection
1 Storage pocket
Practical all-purpose pocket for versatile storage space
to keep the vehicle neat and tidy. Attached to the backrest. The pocket can be easily folded up and taken with
2 Cruise control system
At speeds of 30 km/h and above, the system keeps the
set speed constant.* Also features active braking intervention, e.g. when driving downhill, or operation is
possible via the separate steering column stalk. The set
speed is displayed in the driver information system.
* Provided that engine power and engine braking effect permit it.
3 Coat hanger
For jackets, coats and other items of clothing. The coat
hanger is fastened to the front head restraints.
4 Multifunction bag
In black. With its integral adapter, it can easily be
mounted at the multi-fixing point in the frontpassenger footwell.
5 Umbrella holder
In black, with umbrella. With its integral adapter, it can
easily be mounted at the multi-fixing point in the frontpassenger footwell.
28 | 29 Comfort and protection
Who says that
shoes only play a
role in fashion?
Floor mats
Subject: Quality
Our testers pay particular attention
to them in a special stress test.
Braking, engaging the clutch, accelerating. These movements are made
almost automatically by most drivers,
but they put constant strain on the
floor mats. Because the floor mats
are severely damaged by the shoes
during these movements. To this end,
Audi Genuine Accessories make use of
a special testing procedure to test the
durability of the materials. This involves clamping a floor mat in a special device. A rubber heel is then used
to simulate the strain on the floor
covering around the accelerator,
brake and clutch pedals. The resulting
findings are used to continuously optimise the product. So that even when
it has been in use for a long time,
the floor mat continues to meet the
high standards of Audi Genuine
Accessories – and of course your own.
You see, shoes play an important role
at Audi too. At least when this is a
good thing for your vehicle’s floor
1 Rubber floor mats
Exact-fit, improved protection from heavy soiling.
Connected to the vehicle by means of the fastening
points on the vehicle floor.
With Q5 logo
3 Vehicle cover
Exact-fit, in anthracite, with Audi logo, made of
breathable and anti-static material. Piping accentuates
the shape of the vehicle. Optimal protection from dust
and dirt. For indoor use only.
Sill protector
Exact-fit, made from transparent sheeting. Provides the
bumper with better protection against damage when
loading or unloading the luggage compartment.
2 Premium textile floor mats
Tailored to the dimensions of the Audi Q5’s floor. Made
from hard-wearing, densely woven velour. They are
attached to the vehicle by means of additional backing
and the fastening points provided in the vehicle’s floor.
With Q5 logo
4 Audi Tracking Assistant plus*
Enables a stolen vehicle to be located and tracked via
GPS/GSM technology in 27 European countries. With
automatic driver recognition and intelligent restart
* For more detailed information, please contact your Audi partner.
Mud flaps
Made from high-quality plastic. Reduce paint damage
and dirt around the sills and rear apron panel. Available
in sets of two for the front and/or rear.
Protective film for paintwork
Transparent and therefore almost invisible high performance protective film with an extra layer of clear varnish. Reduces the effects of stone chips, scratches and
scrapes. For installing on the front of your Audi.
Protective film for cutout area, rear
Practical and effective solution for protecting the
cutout area of the rear doors in the wheel arch area.
Transparent sheeting made of scratch-resistant
and robust plastic.
30 | 31 Further communication equipment
Even more Q5? But of course.
You can experience the world of your Audi Q5 at www.audi.com.
Enjoy your voyage of discovery.
Audi Vorsprung durch Technik
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Valid from July 2012
The models and equipment versions shown in this brochure and some of the accessories are not available in all countries. Some of the cars
illustrated are equipped with optional equipment for which an extra charge is made. Deviations from the colours, shapes and materials shown
in the illustrations may occur. Details concerning the delivery specifications, appearance, dimensions and weights of the accessories were
correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of going to press. The right to introduce modifications is reserved.
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