The Posting Policy is designed to allow the Bentley College Community to post materials
on campus in a manner that is consistent with the mission and the values of the
A. All posters, flyers, and banners must be approved and stamped by a member in the
Office of Student Life or the Office of Residence Life during regular operating hours
(8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) prior to posting or with the Student Center Building
Managers. Faculty, Staff and Administration may see Meeting & Conference
Services Office in LaCava for stamp approval.
B. For “professionally produced posters” there will be a copy of the Campus Posting
Policy approval stamp to be incorporated in the design of the poster. Otherwise, the
poster must be stamped individually if not professionally preprinted. You may apply
for this use of the approval stamp by contacting the Anita Tucker, Student Activities.
C.Tarps must be registered with the Office of Student Life.
A. The name of the sponsoring organization or individual must appear clearly on all
materials to be posted.
B. All tarps, sandwich boards and any posters, flyers or banners that do not name the
sponsoring organization or individual (i.e. teasers) must register with the Office of
Student Life.
C. All events sponsored by student organizations that are funded by the Student
Activity Fee, must clearly state on all materials “Funded in part by the Student
Activity Fee.”
D. All materials with typographical errors, misspellings and/or misinformation must be
corrected before being approved.
E. Any reference to the availability of alcohol at an event must be consistent with the
college alcohol policy. Explicitly, this means that items for posting:
Must not state or imply that alcohol is the major focus of the program.
Cannot contain terms or phrases, such as “Happy Hour,” “Open Bar,” “Bar Trips,”
“All you can drink” or any other similar term or phrase.
Must not state or imply the quantity of alcohol that will be available at the event.
F. Materials found offensive, demeaning or discriminatory against any demographic
group will not be approved. Final discretionary judgment will rest with the Office of
Student Life or the Office of Residence Life.
G. The Assistant Director, Student Center, must approve any non-paper material prior
to posting.
A. Student organizations or individuals may post unlimited small, approved posters,
flyers, sandwich boards, tarps or banners on the campus per event, activity or
candidate for student office.
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B. Approved tarps, posters, flyers, banners, should be posted no longer than 2 (two)
weeks. Special arrangements may be made with the Assistant Director, Student
C. Masking tape is the only tape usable on all surfaces deemed appropriate for posting.
Duct tape may be used only on brick.
D. Glue (aerosol or other), scotch tape, and any permanent adhesives are not to be
used to post anywhere on campus property.
E. Approved materials must be secured well to disallow any possibility of loose ends
blowing in the wind, causing damage or endangering others.
F. Screens may not be removed to post any approved materials.
A. All approved materials must be placed on brick surfaces, wood doors, or bulletin
B. Approved posters, flyers and banners can be posted on the Student Center’s
C. Approved posters, flyers and banners can be posted on the exterior of Residence
halls only within 5 feet of the Residence Hall entrances.
D. Buildings with exterior covered porches can have approved posters, flyers and
banners posted under the porch roof (this includes inside of porch columns but not
outside arch walls).
E. Chalk is allowed to be placed on sidewalks only.
F. Decorative balloons may be used on campus, but the ribbon and balloons must be
removed the following day.
G. After Registering, tarps are allowed to be posted on Quad walls, the outside brick
wall of the west staircase of Smith in Lot #14, and the outside brick wall between
Lindsay Hall, Smith Academic Technology Center in Lot #14, Miller Parking Deck
(tarps not to go past cement surface when posting), brick wall of outside staircase
between Jennison and Rauch and professional banner posting on the outside wall of
the Dana Center (securing approval of Athletics Department). Physical Plant will
only assist in the hanging of the banners for the Dana Center. To receive this
service, give the banner to the Office of Student Life five days in advance of when
you would like it posted.
H. Exception to painted surfaces: Approved posters, flyers, and banners may be posted
on painted concrete block in the residence halls.
I. All table tent advertisements need to be stamped for distribution in LaCava Lower
Café or the Student Center Season’s Dining Room. These table tents must be
approved jointly by the Student Activities and Sodehxo Food Service.
A. Approved posters, flyers and banners cannot be posted on the exterior of Bentley
College buildings (for exceptions, see B, C and D in “Where to Post”) or the
pedestrian bridge.
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B. Approved posters, flyers and banners cannot be taped or secured to glass,
wallpaper, painted surfaces, screens, and splashguards in the cafes.
C. Approved materials are not allowed to be placed on cars, under doors, on the
ground (sidewalks, roadways, grass, etc.) or in any location that may cause a
safety, fire or litter problem.
D. Approved materials are not allowed to be placed on the permanent Bentley College
directional, entrance, electronic signs, lampposts, or traffic signs.
E. Approved materials must be placed over surfaces that are completely solid. They
may not cover any doorways, archways, windows, peepholes, heaters, or air vents.
F. Messages made from using a roll of tape are not allowed on any surface other than
on a banner backing.
G. No portion of any approved posters, flyers and banners (including fastening
materials) shall be higher than 20 feet above the ground. All approved materials
must be accessible by a person on a 20 foot ladder placed on stable, permanent
ground. (Physical Plant is available to assist in the hanging of these approved
materials free of charge.)
H. Approved materials may not be secured in any fashion to any of the trees, bushes,
shrubs, flowers or other living landscapes on the campus due to the potential of
damage to these items.
I. LaCava Executive Dining Room specifics: Approved materials hung from the
balconies in the Upper Cafeteria must be secured using a soft rope to the railings
ONLY. In addition, decorations may be placed on brick surfaces during events,
hung in accordance with the “How Much and How to Post” section of this policy.
Balloons must be used with care and cannot float free.
J. Any additional décor requests need a minimum 48 hour advance notice to the Office
of Meeting and Conference Services (LCC 205) and the Office of Life Safety. Ideally,
proposed decorations should be presented to the CPB Board during the preview
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A. Definition: any individual, group or company that has a product or service not
directly funded or sponsored by a Bentley College department or student
B. Postings are allowed only on bulletin boards with green signs that indicate for “All
C. Posting for available rentals, roommates wanted, items for sale, trips and
commercial advertisements will be restricted to bulletin boards on Campus with the
exception of commercial advertisements who are endorsed by a student
organization. Items will not be stamped unless the name of the contact person and
their phone number from the sponsoring student organization endorsing them
appear on the poster or flyer.
D. Failure to comply with the posting policy may result in either or both of the
Financial charges equivalent to (1) property damage and/or (2) a minimum of
one hour of Physical Plant’s labor (for removal of illegally posted materials).
“Private property “trespass” charges.
Posters and flyers sent via electronic mail must adhere to the college’s posting policy
and the Computer Ethics policy outlined in the Student Handbook.
A. Sponsoring organizations and individuals are responsible for removing all postings
within 2 (two) days after the activity or election.
B. The sponsoring organization or individual must remove all damaged, unsecured or
faded approved materials within 24 hours of notification by the Office of Student Life
or the Office of Residence Life.
A. Any group who is in violation of the posting policy will pay a minimum of one hour of
Physical Plant charges.
B. Failure to comply with any of the guidelines may result in: (1) Loss of Cooperative
Programming Board incentive funding and/or (2) Loss of scheduling campus facility
privileges for up to one semester. Final decisions regarding posting policy issues
rest with the administrative staff of the Office of Student Life.
C. Any person or group in violation of the posting policy may be referred to the judicial
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