Installation Guide for Inspire One Basic Antenna Kit

Installation Guide for Inspire One Basic Antenna Kit
Written by Adam Chan (one of the fans of DJI Inspire 1 in Hong Kong) at 2015/4/21.
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The outcome of RC attached with Inspire 1 Basic Antenna Kit by FPVLR.
Description :
This kit is made up of 2 LHCP half sphere helix antennas, 9dBi gain, 76 degrees beam width. It also includes needed
cables to modify the Inspire controller, and a 3d printed mount to support basic and advanced kit. - See more at:
Their Advanced kit is ready for sales , for long range set-up , Ease of aiming, 400% stock distance potential and
much more penetration through trees, behind obstacles and more.- See more at :
I am not associated with FPVLR in any way. I'm one of their user who love to sharing experience only.
But thanks Tony FPVLR for teaching me the workflow of installation.
Mission : Upgrade the antenna for DJI Inspire 1 transmitter.
This is my Antenna package 
Step 1: - Unscrew and open the case
Step 2: - Unplug and pull out the original cables (A&B)
Before you can pull out the cables , you should :
1. Remove the screw , then unplug Cable A & B.
2. Snip the plastic flange then pull out Cable B.
Remarks :
1. Pliers is useful for tiny works.
2. I kept the original cables for spare.
Step 3: - Drill two holes for SMA connectors
Step 4: - Route the new cables and plug under the board
Insert the new cables gently , those cables are hard to fit under the electronics board so some
screws need to be just unscrewed a bit to allow the board to move up a bit if necessary.
I keep two of the original cables at the top.
Updated on 2015/04/21 – Thanks for the sharing by Lloyd Coleman , this is the way he do:
“To help thread the new cables under the boards I tied a piece of thin string (dental floss) to the
end of the old cable before I pulled it out. I then tied the floss to the new cable and was able to
pull it back under the board.”
Step 5: - Restore & done !
Pay attention and double check the cables are not being folded when you close the case.
Mission complete and test your drone ! I hope you enjoy this tutorial.
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