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June 10, 2015
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Legislature Funds Increased Educational Opportunities for 40,000 Foster
Last night, the Legislative Budget Conference Committee, led by Chair Senator Mark Leno (DSan Francisco) and Vice Chair Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D-San Diego), voted
unanimously to provide an additional $25 million next year and $30 million in ongoing funds to
the State’s Foster Youth Services (FYS) program so all foster youth, including children living
with relatives, can access education supports to help them succeed in school. “Foster youth are
the State’s kids, our kids, and it is our duty to ensure we are providing them all the things a
parent would since they are in our care,” said Asm. Weber. “We want all foster youth, including
children living with relatives, to benefit from existing state programs that are meant to help them
get an education.”
“We are excited that the Legislature has shown true leadership in their efforts to help our foster
youth graduate from high school, fulfill their potential and live out their college and career
dreams,” said Jackie Wong, the National Center for Youth Law’s FosterEd: California Director.
“We shouldn’t let another foster youth fall through the cracks and now urge the Governor to give
students in foster care the educational supports they need for a fair start in life.”
The FYS program is a state-run, county-administered program. Unfortunately, abused or
neglected children living with relatives were not eligible for educational services, thereby
excluding 40,000 children from the benefits of Foster Youth Services. Now, they will be able
eligible for the educational services they need, and this budget increase will pay for it.
The full Legislature must vote on the budget bill and send to the Governor by June 15th, who will
then have until June 30th to sign the budget and enact line-item vetoes.
About FosterEd
FosterEd, launched in 2009, is an initiative of the National Center for Youth Law. FosterEd
improves educational outcomes by ensuring foster children have educational champions and
education teams supporting their success in school. Education specialists provide social workers,
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teachers, school administrators, foster parents, biological parents, relative caregivers and others
the skills and knowledge to identify educational strengths and ensure educational needs are met.
The project ensures every foster child has an education case plan, and that these plans are
About the National Center for Youth Law
The National Center for Youth Law (NCYL) is a national non-profit organization that has been
working for over four decades to improve the lives of at-risk children. Employing a range of
strategies, NCYL works to ensure that low-income children have the resources, support, and
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