Fort Jackson Golf Club
May - June 2015
3652 Semmes Road Fort Jackson, SC 29207 · (803) 787-4344 · www.fortjacksonmwr.com
The 2015 Membership Drive “tees off” May 1st! Through June
15th, Authorized Patrons (Active Duty, Retirees, Reserves, National
Guard, DoD Civilians & Federal Employees), Honorably Discharged
Veterans and Frequent Guests (must be sponsored) are eligible to
take advantage of the following membership offers:
monthly dues or daily green fees but you are required to
pay Cart and User Fees for each round played.
2. Sign up for 12 Months and receive your first month and
12th month FREE.
*** Current FJGC members sponsoring someone signing up for
a 12 Month Membership will receive a $50 Golf Shop Merchandise
Gift Certificate.
To sign up or for additional information, please contact or stop
by the Admin Office.
Guests accompanied by an Authorized Patron (Active Duty,
Retired Military, DOD Civilian, National Guard, Reserves) need to
provide their driver’s license to security personnel when arriving in
the same vehicle.
FJ Physical Security Office has approved the following procedures to permit non-accompanied guests of FJGC Authorized
Patrons, as well as, all guests of the club’s Honorably Discharged
Veterans (accompanied or non-accompanied) access to Fort Jackson
and the Fort Jackson Golf Club:
1. Members/Patrons will need to submit the full name (first,
middle and last) of each guest and the scheduled date of
their visit to the golf club at least 48 hours in advance.
You can submit your guest(s) information by calling the
FJGC Golf Shop (803-787-4437) or by emailing to the
following address:
[email protected]
2. An alphabetical list of guests will be submitted to the FJ
Tee Times Begin at 7 a.m. Weekdays
Begin at 7 a.m. Weekends/Holidays
Golf Shop ...............7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Weekdays
6:30 a.m. - 7 p.m. Weekends/Holidays
Admin Office...........7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. Weekdays
Bogey’s ...................11 a.m. - 7 p.m. Daily
Lunch ......................11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Daily
Admin Office: 787-4344 · Snack Bar: 751-6367
Pro Shop/Tee Times: 787-4437
Golf Course Maintenance: 787-4723
Physical Security Office 24 hours in advance with a golf
club manager/CAC cardholder serving as the sponsor for
each guest on the list.
3. The Physical Security Office will forward each list to the
VCC located at Gate 2.
4. Guests are required to enter Fort Jackson through Gate 2,
present their driver’s license and inform security personnel
that they are going to the golf club.
5. Each guest will then proceed to the Visitor Control Center
in order to obtain their one-day pass. Guest will need
to present driver’s license to VCC security personnel to
obtain their pass.
*** All guests visiting the installation frequently are encouraged
to submit a completed NCIC Background Check Form through the
golf club in order to obtain their own DBIDS Card which will allow
access on a daily basis without the need to obtain a one-day pass.
Recently, numerous concerns have been voiced regarding abuse
of the Handicap Cart Policy. Patrons are reminded that carts MUST
be kept at least 20 feet from the putting surfaces. Also, carts are
NOT permitted between the green and bunkers. In order to obtain
enhanced cart access due to physical limitations, one must submit the
required paperwork to the Admin Office which is then reviewed by
members of the Golf Advisory Council. Everyone’s cooperation is
greatly appreciated.
During the summer of 2014, Fort Jackson Golf Club provided
reciprocal golf privileges for the members of The Forest Lake Club
while their golf course underwent extensive renovation. Reciprocal
play privileges will be offered for FJGC members starting on May
4th through August 31st. The reciprocal fee for an 18-hole round
is $25 which includes cart fee and must be paid by cash or check
(credit cards are not accepted). All reciprocal tee times must be arranged by one of your FJGC PGA professionals starting at 11:00 the
day prior to your requested time. Tee time requests can be made 24
hours in advance. Please keep in mind that tee times may be limited
during certain days and times due to club events.
Also, please be aware of the following Forest Lake Club rules/
1. All food & beverages must be purchased through Forest
2. Dress code requires collared shirts and does not allow
jeans, jean shorts, or any shorts less than 16 inches in
3. Personal coolers are not permitted.
4. Tuesday is Ladies Day until 12:30.
5. Saturday Tee times prior to 2:00 p.m. are limited.
7. Only golf shoes with Soft Spikes are allowed.
The long awaited Maintenance Facility Upgrade Project is now
underway with completion expected in July. The IMCOM funded
project includes a new 4,900 building with equipment lifts, a remodel of the interior of an existing building with expanded break room
and locker area for staff plus the renovation of another building for
expanded equipment storage. The project will also provide material storage bins for sand, gravel, etc. Improved parking area for
employees and paving of the Maintenance Facility compound is also
included. The construction of the new building will impact the back
tee area of Old Hickory’s 18th hole, and we are considering options
of expansion of the tee area once work in the area is complete.
The highly successful FJGC Junior Golf Program tees off on
June 8! The FJGC Junior Golf Camps have seen significant growth
over the past couple of years, and we would like to see more growth
in 2015! Your FJGC PGA professionals will again conduct three
Junior Golf Camps in 2015. The dates of this year’s Junior Golf
Camps are: June 8, July 13-17, and August 3-7. Daily class times
are as follows: 6-8 year olds is 8-9:30; 9-11 year olds will be 10:0011:30; and 12 and older 12-1:30.
Contact one of our PGA professionals or stop by the club to
register your child or grandchild, and their friends, for clinics, play
days, tournaments, etc. The fee to attend one of this year’s Junior
Golf Camps is only $45 and includes a hat and T-shirt. Juniors can
attend two camps for $65 and all three for just $85!
You may also sign up by visiting: http://fortjacksonmwr.com/
We are happy to announce that Fort Jackson Golf Club will
again be participating in this year’s PGA Junior League Golf (PGAJLG) in 2015. Our goal is to fill a 12-player team which consists of
boys and girls ages 8-13, in order to participate in the June-July regular season. The final scheduling details are currently being worked
out. Price is only $125.00 per child, additional Family members are
$100 each. Registration deadline is May 16!
The PGAJLG, the fastest growing junior golf program, was created in 2011 as an idea to join the successful “little league baseball”
concept that many of your kids and yourself grew up playing with
the great game of golf created by League Golf out of Atlanta, GA. In
their first year there were 120 teams representing four select markets.
This concept was launched nationally in 2013 after the continued
success in the 2012 season. PGA Junior League is designed to better
socialize the game of golf for boys and girls ages 13 and under. The
competitions are structured in a “team vs. team” format with the
teams in leagues depending on geographical location. The juniors
play the less stressful and very popular scramble format as opposed
to stroke play.
Teams consist of 10-12 junior golfers; they wear team jerseys
with numbers to represent the “little league” concept. This concept
also flowed into how the teams compete. The idea is to create as
many birdies, pars and even eagles as possible, just like getting
players to make contact while learning to hit in baseball. The format
is a scramble format with the matches scored using match-play so the
players are battling each other and not the course. This has proven
to provide a much more fun and less stressful environment for the
PGA Junior League Golf will be a fun, Family-oriented activity
with parents serving as Team Managers and Team Moms. So parents, be prepared to participate, too!
The Columbia league schedule for this season takes place from
June through July with Regional and National Championships in
August and September. This is not a yearlong, time consuming initiative. It encourages club members’ children who may not currently
play golf to gain an interest through this exciting, fun, team-based
If you have a child or grandchild that would like to join a
team(s) representing Fort Jackson Golf Club, please contact Rey
Padilla, FJGC Assistant Professional at (803)787-4437 or reynaldo.
[email protected] . League play begins June 15th so don’t
The PGA professionals at Fort Jackson Golf Club (a Top 100
Get Golf Ready Facility!) are excited to offer seven “Get Golf
Ready” sessions in 2014. This program was developed by the PGA
of America and is focused on introducing new players to the game
of golf. The program includes six hours of instruction by PGA professionals and four hours of supervised play on the course designed
to make players comfortable playing the game. Each Get Golf
Ready session is limited to 16 participants. Due to the limited class
size, each participant will receive a significant amount of personal instruction from the two PGA professionals assigned to each class. All
sessions consist of six classes over a three-week period. The fee for
the Get Golf Ready program is ONLY $99. All equipment and range
balls are included in the fee. Contact the golf club for additional
information or to register. You may also register on line at www.
playgolfamerica.com/ggr . The schedule for our first Get Golf Ready
session is as follows:
Class #1 – Awakening the golfer in you.
Thursday, May 7 at 5:30 PM
Class #2 – Become one with the course.
Monday, May 11 at 5:0 PM
Class #3 – The turn. Thursday, May 14 at 5:30 PM
Class #4 – Driving school. Monday, May 18 at 5:30 PM
Class #5 – Take your swing. Thursday, May 21 at 5:30 PM
Additional 2015 Get Golf Ready sessions begin on the following dates:
June 4, July 2, August 13, September 10 and October 8
(all classes will begin at 5:30 p.m.)
In order to provide FJGC members with a greater opportunity to
take advantage of our monthly Guest Days, FJGC members are permitted to bring up to three guests after 11:00 on Guest Days. Prior to
11:00, FJGC members are permitted to bring only one guest. Also,
green fees are waived for your guest(s) but each guest must pay cart
and user fees. Monthly Guest Days are scheduled for the SECOND
WEDNESDAY and FOURTH THURSDAY of each month. Invite
your Family and friends to join you for a great round of golf at
Upcoming Guest Days: May 13 & 28, June 10 & 25
March came in with a roar and April is showing no signs of
slowing down, it’s on, here comes the 2015 golfing season. The
courses are greening up and we have started mowing most areas on a
regular basis. The greens have been groomed a couple of times and
came out of the winter in great shape. The grooming will smooth
the turf out until the full uniformity returns. You will see us lightly
topdressing bi-weekly to help keep them rolling smooth. During
Master’s week, the bulk fertilizer was applied and with the temperatures in the 80’s we will be growing lots of grass this month. Last
month we renovated the tee on #2 Wildcat by removing the old rocky
soil about 3” deep and added some better soil and re-sodded the area.
Currently we are not using the area, but by the middle of April when
the sod has rooted, we will return to the normal use of that area. This
should make the tee more playable and much more desirable to view
from the road as you drive in. There are plans to improve the turf on
#3 and #4 Wildcat tees before the fall season. The process will be
similar to the renovation on # 2 tee due to the poor soil conditions.
Thank you for all the positive comments on the foot bridges that
were built on Hickory last month. Remember bring a friend and play
the courses; they are ready for play on a daily basis.
The Old Hickory greens that have leaf decline (thinner spots)
over the past few weeks are under special treatment at this time.
There are also similar spots on the Wildcat, Bobcat and Putting
greens. This decline has occurred the past two years on a few select
areas of our greens and will start to recover soon. The treatment is
underway and consists of 13-3-13 greens grade fertilizer to stimulate growth and root activity. Topdressing sand to ensure a smooth
roll and to keep the temperatures high to support growth and to
keep algae from forming in these areas. The cause of this decline
is not enough potassium in the plant to properly help it establish
carbohydrates to fully emerge from its dormant winter state. These
extra carbohydrates are needed when our winters are as rough as the
last couple have been since the Ultra Dwarf Bermuda (Champion)
grass is not a deep rooting turf. Not to worry - the grass is not dead
in these areas, the leaf tissue has just dropped off the stems and it
looks bad. In a couple of weeks under the special care, the areas will
improve to give a full turf canopy again.
Thank you for your understanding and please don’t be afraid to
ask questions about your course. We want to keep everyone up to
speed as much as we can at all times.
Jeffrey Connell
Jeffrey Connell
Fort Jackson Golf Course Superintendent
The 2015 Senior Men’s Club Championship is scheduled for
May 8-10 (Friday-Sunday). This year’s event will be a 54-hole,
stroke play event and will be flighted after the completion of the second round. Tee times for the first round will begin at noon on Friday,
May 8. Saturday and Sunday tee times will begin at 8:00 a.m. Entry
fee is $45 and includes daily user fee, breakfast prior to the final
round, and awards.
As part of the installation’s 2015 Retiree Appreciation activities,
FJGC will be hosting the 11th Annual Retiree Appreciation Tournament on Friday, May 15, starting at 9:00 a.m. All military retirees
and their guests are eligible to participate in the Captain’s Choice
Tournament. Enter individually or as a team of four. Entry Fee is
$40 for FJGC members and $50 for non-members and guests. Stop
by the golf club or call to register.
The next Couples Tournaments will be held on Sunday, May
31 and Sunday, June 28, starting at 2:00 p.m. Our monthly Couples
Tournaments offer you and your spouse, or significant other, a great
opportunity to meet others and enjoy a fun afternoon of golf. The
$45 entry fee per couple includes all applicable fees, cart, prizes, and
dinner at the conclusion of play. Come out and join in the fun and
Our next monthly First Friday Golf Tournament will be held on
May 1, June 5 and July 3, 2015. The Captain’s Choice event will begin with a shotgun start at 1:00 p.m. You may enter your own team
but the team must have a total team handicap of at least 40, with no
single handicap counting for more than 20 of the team’s total. Individuals are also encouraged to sign up. The PGA golf professionals
will make teams of the individuals that enter. Call the Pro Shop or
stop by the clubhouse to sign up. Come & enjoy the fun!
On Saturday, June 20, and Sunday, June 21, you can team up
with one of the PGA Tour players making the cut at this year’s U.S.
Open. Your team score will consist of your net score plus your
FJGC will host a couple of two-course tournaments during May
and June 2015. On the days of these events, the committee for these
events will secure reciprocal playing privileges for FJGC members
at other courses in the Columbia area. Tee times must be arranged
by one of our PGA professionals. You may submit your reciprocal
tee times request five days prior to the date of each tournament. At
this time, the following two-course events are on the tournament
» May 7 – Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce
(Woodlands - $25, Indian River - $24, Golden Hills - $25,
Crickentree - $25)
» May 21 – Greater Columbia Home Builders Association
(Woodlands - $25, Oak Hills - $26, Golden Hills - $25,
Crickentree - $25)
» June 15 – George Rogers Foundation Tournament
(Reciprocal courses to be announced)
On the second Wednesday of each month (March-October)
starting 5-6:30 p.m. on the Practice Tee … Buy a Bucket of Balls,
Get some Tips
A couple of aces, a rare double-eagle and a noteworthy accomplishment highlights our list of “Great Shots” for March and April
Gary Duncan’s tee shot found the bottom of the cup on Old
Hickory’s second hole. M. D. Taylor recorded his first ever ace on
Wildcat’s thirteenth hole. Chris Watson recorded the rare double-eagle “3” on the sixteenth hole of the Wildcat Course. Andy Koin shot
his age with a round of 35-43=81 on the Old Hickory Course. His
round even included a triple bogey 7 on the tenth hole!
Great work everyone and congratulations to everyone on your
Great Shot. Please take a moment to report all great and/or unusual
accomplishments so we can include them in the next “Tee Times.”
Is your goal for 2015 to take a few strokes off your handicap?
Consider a membership in the FJGC Range Club. An annual membership to the Range Club is only $225.00. Each additional Family
member can be added to a Range Club membership for an additional
$25 per person. Each Range Club member will be issued two range
ball bags. Before each practice session, simply return your empty
bags to the Golf Shop and exchange them for two full bags. Any lost
or missing bags can be replaced for a $5.00 charge.
We would like to remind ALL Range Club Members that your
range balls are for your personal use only and cannot be shared with
another person. We also ask that you NOT keep filled bags of range
balls in your vehicle. The storage of balls in your vehicle greatly
REDUCES the number of balls available to our patrons. In turn, this
requires us to collect balls off the range more frequently and increases our labor costs. Of course, increased costs will be passed along to
all of our customers!
1. A player concedes a hole, then learns that he was entitled
to a handicap stroke on the hole and makes a claim: the Committee should revoke the concession.
True or False
2. Which action is permitted before the stroke when a player’s ball lies in a bunker?
a. Placing clubs, an umbrella or a rake in the bunker.
b. Throwing a rake into the bunker, causing the ball to
c. Sticking the handle of a rake into the sand.
3. In stroke play, a competitor is responsible for each of the
following EXCEPT:
Knowing the Rules.
Starting at the time established by the Committee.
Playing without delay.
Returning his scorecard to the Committee
with accurate totals (correct addition).
Answers: (1) False, Decision 6-2a/4. (2) A, Rule 13-4,
Exception 1. (3) D, Rule 6-6d.
tour player’s score. Handicaps will be adjusted based on tees being
played. Daily winners for both the Saturday and Sunday round will
be awarded. Entry fee is $5 per person.
Spring is here and our Pro Shop is fully stocked with equipment
from some of golf’s top brands. Our brand selection includes Taylor
Made, Nike, Callaway, Ping, Titleist and Cobra Golf
TaylorMade’s new RSi irons take it one step further with slots
on the face in the heel and toe, in addition to the cuts on the sole
and cavity. The company says this combo provides more uniform
flex, ball speed and consistency across the clubface, regardless of
whether you miss it high, low, or toward the heel or toe. The RSi
series consists of two models for the vast majority of players, as well
as a blade-like TP version aimed at tour players and top amateurs.
Both the RSi 1 and RSi 2 feature face slots in the 3-8 irons, “speed
pockets” with “thru slots” in the 3-7 irons, and the thin, inverted
cone throughout the set. The RSi 2, which replaces SLDR irons in
TaylorMade’s lineup, has a more compact profile, thinner topline,
slightly less offset and less sole bounce than the RSi 1. The multi
material RSi 2 has cast, stainless steel long irons (3-5) with tungsten
weighting to produce higher launch angles, and forged face short
irons (8-PW) to enhance impact feel. The midsize RSi 1, which
replaces SpeedBlade irons, has a deep undercut behind an ultra-thin
face. A larger area of the face maintains high ball speeds than in its
sister irons. In addition, the sand and lob wedges have the company’s
multi-purpose ATV sole grind for playability from a variety of lies.
Through certified PGA Professionals on staff, you will get
expertise on all brand equipment fitting, along with access to professional instructions. Our Pro Shop offers more than just clubs.
We have a wide selection of brand name shoes, apparel, and golf
Our Installment Plan is available for purchases of $300 or more.
Trade-ins of used clubs are offered. Callaway Trade In, Trade up is
also available when you purchase Callaway golf equipment. Contact
Ada Simmons or the Pro Shop staff to learn more about what our Pro
Shop has to offer at 803-787-4344. We will be happy to assist you!