Bridget Atkins Resume 3

Bridget Atkins
72 Bull Run.● Holden, MA● 01520● (774) 242-7787 ●bri[email protected]
Becker College, Worcester, MA
Anticipated May of 2015
Bachelor of Science in Business Administrations; with a Concentration of Hospitality and Tourism.
Work Experience
Worcester Sharks (AHL); Worcester, MA
Marketing & Sales Intern
September, 2014 - Present
• Assisted projects in, sales, marketing, event management and day to day operations of a hockey team
• Daily responsibilities included preparing for promotional games. Assisting in the marketing campaign to promote games
and increase ticket sales.
• Further strengthened my communications skills through telephone, email and face –to – face meetings by working with
groups to grass root projects and promotions.
• One of fifteen interns to be asked to stay and continue working till the end of the season.
• Also asked to work on a revenue project for the sales department.
Game Day Operations Intern
September, 2014 -Present
• One of fifteen interns selected to prepare the concourse for game – time events, creating a family – friendly environment
for fans.
• MC assistant for all games. Responsibilities including following a written itinerary selecting fans for intermission games
and actives. Setting up player interviews in-between periods.
Hilton Garden Inn; Worcester, MA
Guest Service Representative
July 2013, Present
• Provided customer service in a fast an efficient way
• Holds responsibility to make sure customers are always satisfied with their stay
• Processing guest folios and collecting payment
• Handle additional duties as needed by guests or management
• Making and modifying reservations
• Assist guests with any inquiries regarding local entertainment, restaurants or transportation
Victoria Secret; Marlborough, MA
Sales Associate
October 2011, 2012 (seasonal)
• Support a team selling store environment that delivers a fashion focused Victoria Secret experience for our guests.
• Demonstrate selling, incentive and product knowledge strategies
• Drive store goals with each segment
• Responsible for contributing to the efforts to prevent shrink and safety awareness
Leadership Experience
Hillside Meadows Equestrian Grafton, MA
Assistant Coach
Summer 2014, present
Assistant coach to a high school and middle school equestrian team, a total of 30 riders.
Responsibilities include scheduling practice times, assisting and running practices, and assisting the team to prepare for
horse shows.
Helping and supporting the team with fundraisers to raise money for team activities.
Becker College Equestrian Team Leicester, MA
September 2011, 2013
• 2012 captain for the Becker College Equestrian team.
• Was one of twelve freshmen to qualify and compete at regional finals and place in the top 10 in our conference.
• Responsibilities included supporting the team, attending the coaches and captains meetings, running practices, team
workouts and team bonding activities.
Computer Skills
-Windows, Office, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Gmail, Archtics