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Textbook Guide
Spring 2014
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We would like to extend our congratulations to you for
your accomplishments that led to your admission to
MSOE. We also want to thank you for choosing MSOE as
an investment in yourself and your future.
The MSOE Bookstore has been serving the MSOE
Community for more than 100 years. We are proud of our
length of service to faculty, staff and students and are
pleased to welcome you as one of our newest members.
We know that as you begin your college career at MSOE,
you may have a lot of questions and many new
experiences ahead of you. Therefore, we have created
this guide to textbooks and the MSOE Bookstore. The
MSOE Bookstore is here to help you succeed in your
MSOE experience as a student, as member of our campus
community, and in your future!
Textbooks are available:
Spring Term 2014: February 17, 2014
Fall Term 2014: August 8, 2014
Winter Term 2014: November 10, 2014
Bookslips are available:
Spring Term 2014: February 24 – March 18, 2014
Fall Term 2014: August 25 – September 16, 2014
Winter Term 2014: November 17 – December 9, 2014
Last day to return textbooks:
(with a MSOE Bookstore receipt)
Spring Term 2014: March 18, 2014
Fall Term 2014: September 16, 2014
Winter Term 2014: December 9, 2014
Textbook rental return:
(Last day to return in store rentals)
Spring Term 2014: May 23, 2014
Fall Term 2014: November 21, 2014
Winter Term 2014: February 27, 2015
TEXTBOOK BUY BACK: Once you have completed your course and have decided not to keep your textbooks,
students have an opportunity to RECYCLE your textbooks by participating in our used textbook buyback program.
The MSOE Bookstore will buy back books daily from students. In addition, sell your books back anytime 24/7 on our
website. Click on the Online Buyback tab on our home page of our website at if you are
interested in details how to sell your textbooks online. However, the best time to sell your textbooks is at the end
of each term during finals week.
Best time to sell your books:
Spring Term 2014: May 19 - 23, 2014
Fall Term 2014: November 18 - 21, 2014
Winter Term 2015: February 24 – 27, 2015
With the concern of rising costs of textbooks, the MSOE Bookstore would like to answer frequently asked
questions at Click on the Textbook Tab and then select Book Buyback.
For extended bookstore hours or buyback hours contact us at:
(414) 277-7173 or [email protected]
Things happen – your class schedule could change, which
could change the course materials required. An MSOE
Bookstore receipt is required (no exceptions) for all
returns and exchanges at the MSOE Bookstore.
Textbook Returns:
New, used and rental text books (except non-returnable Custom
Published Materials) may be returned for a full refund with a
receipt during the designated return date posted. The last day to
return books is approximately eight days after classes begin. The
exact date to return textbooks will be posted both in and outside
the bookstore and at the bottom of the sales receipt received at
the time of purchase. Refunds will be issued the same way of
purchase. All books purchased after the posted date are FINAL.
Merchandise Returns:
Merchandise must be returned or exchanged within four weeks
from the date of purchase. Refunds will be issued the same way
of purchase and must be returned in sellable condition.
Hot Tip!
Another reason to keep your
receipt: You can claim the cost of
textbooks as a deduction on your
You have several options when selecting your course
material at the MSOE Bookstore. You may purchase a
new or used (when available) copy, buy a digital
version of the text, or even rent a copy! How does one
Why should I purchase my textbooks?
 The end cost. Used textbooks are 25% or more less
than a new text. At the end of the term you decide to
sell it back, you could get up to 50% back on the cost
of a new text.
 To build a personal library. You have to return rental
texts and many digital textbooks expire.
 Not worry about returning a rental text.
Why should I rent my textbooks?
Your budgeting concerns are immediate and you would
prefer to pay less now rather than later.
When should I not rent my textbooks?
Being a quarter school, you may use a text more than
one term. It may be in your best interest to purchase the
Why should I choose a digital textbook?
Personal preference for easy access through your laptop
or to lessen your load in your backpack.
SAVE TIME: Students can reserve their textbooks on our website.
Let us find your books and have them ready for you to pick up when
you come to campus. That can save you time in line when everyone is
selecting their texts. If you prefer, you can purchase your texts and
pick them up in the store, or have us ship them to you for a fee.
SAVE MONEY: By reserving your textbooks, students are able to
select used textbooks. We will hold all reservations until 6pm of the
second day of classes at the start of each term. If you come in on the
first day of class to purchase your books, a used text may not be
The MSOE Bookstore provides a price comparison option on the
majority of our textbooks listed on our course list. Please view the
YouTube video on our slide show on our website home page or at:
Students can shop, reserve or purchase their textbooks on our
website beginning February 17, 2014 at
To get started, follow these easy steps:
Have access to your schedule
Click on HOME/LOG IN (New users need to create an account)
Click on the TEXTBOOKS tab
Select Spring Term
Select Department
Select Course and Section
Click on ADD COURSE on bottom left.
Click on GET COURSE MATERIALS on bottom right.
Continue Check Out Process or Print Book List on bottom right
If you have any questions, please contact us at:
(414) 277-7173 or [email protected]
Why should I purchase my textbooks at the MSOE
We know you have a lot of choices when shopping for
your books. Someone might have told you the campus
bookstore is never the best deal. We ask that you check
us out. You will find that we are very competitive with
other sources.
We are committed to you as a member of the MSOE
Community and want you to have the correct tools for
the best deal. Please consider the following if you find
a price out there that seems much better than the
MSOE Bookstore:
 Does this have all the items my professor
 Is this book the same edition?
 Is this book an international version of the book?
If so, International copies cannot be bought
back at most buybacks.
 Will this book arrive before my first assignment is
due? If it doesn’t will my professor give me an
 Will I be able to return this book if it’s the wrong
one, or I drop the class?
We encourage MSOE students to purchase texts from each
other, and the Raider Trader on our website is a great way to
do that. Check out the Raider Trader under the Textbook tab
or at
However, always verify that the textbook is the correct book
and edition since both could change from term to term.
The MSOE Bookstore is dedicated to ordering the correct
textbook and accurate quantities for each class. However,
students do change their schedules, which changes the
quantities needed. If we are out of stock, we place special
orders for students that usually arrive within a few days at no
additional charge. Stop in the bookstore office; we will have
you fill out a form and you will be contacted when the book is
ready to be picked up.
The MSOE Bookstore is here to assist you in
your academic goals. The easiest way to do that is to
let us fulfill your textbook needs and ensure you have
all the right materials!
Contact Us:
(414) 277-7173 or [email protected]