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Training the next generation of
leaders in the public square.
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Forge Leadership Network’s mission is to identify
the best and brightest of the next generation and to
train, mentor, and connect them to become the next
leaders in the public square. Forge is a nonprofit
organization that equips students ages 16-24 to
engage culture by teaching them the principles,
policy, process, and practical skills necessary to
impact government and society. Through a careful
recruitment and screening process and a rigorous
“Freedom is never more
than one generation away
from extinction. We didn’t
pass it to our children in
the bloodstream. It must be
fought for, protected, and
handed on for them to do
the same.”
4.5-day intensive program--the Forge Leadership
Summit--we find and train exceptional students,
and then mentor and connect them to positions of
influence in the state of Ohio and the Midwest. Our
signature program takes place during the summer,
although alumni enjoy continuous, extended
training and mentoring throughout the entire
calendar year.
Raise Up a Generation of young leaders known for their integrity, character,
and ability to effectively communicate their beliefs and values to our world.
the top 10% of conservative young people in the
State of Ohio.
Ignite and Propel the next class of innovators in the marketplace, movers and
shakers in culture, and principled statesmen in government.
Secure a Legacy that will revitalize the state, nation, and culture that your
children and grandchildren inherit.
students up through a 4.5-day academy called the
Forge Leadership Summit.
students by mentoring and connecting
them with great organizations
and leaders and empowering
them to change the
future in Ohio.
-Ronald Reagan
Partnering with Ohio schools, colleges,
homeschool co-ops, and conservative
organizations, Forge identifies and recruits elite
students to a 4.5-day intensive program: the
Forge Leadership Summit.
At the Forge Leadership Summit, students
are immersed in a comprehensive, connected
leadership experience. The 2015 Summit will
be held July 14-18 at Ohio Christian University
and features training at the Ohio Capitol.
Students are taught timeless principles, public
policy, and practical skills while participating
in a simulation of the legislative process. Our
signature workshop features the expertise of
experienced legislators and boasts an ambitious
speaking schedule of state and national leaders.
After the Forge Leadership Summit, a select
number of standout students are chosen for
year-round extensive mentoring, networking,
and growth opportunities. Forge will help
connect and launch these students to top-level
conservative organizations, jobs, and internships
where they can make an impact on policy and
“If ever the time should come when vain &
aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in
government, our country will stand in need of
experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”
- Samuel Adams
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