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The Leading Distributor of
Document Imaging Scanners
and The Fastest Growing
Archival Solution Provider
in the Middle East
PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited
A subsidiary of PFU Limited (a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited - Japan), with head office
in the UK and operating in Europe / Middle East / Africa, and is a market-leading
provider of document image scanners for professional desktop, workgroup and high
volume production environments; and dot-matrix printers.
Product Range:
ScanSnap - Personal Desktop Scanners
ScanPartner Series - Entry Level Workgroup Scanners
F-Series - Professional A4 & A3 Scanners
Multipurpose Network Scanners
Canon Middle East FZ LLC (CME)
CME (Dubai based) a subsidiary of Canon Europe, is the Regional headquarters for Canon in
the Middle East and North Africa. CME have been delivering pioneering imaging
technologies in Middle East for over 40 years including consumer and professional imaging
products including leading edge photographic equipment, printer, scanners and binoculars.
Forefront focus on the High-class range of imageFORMULA document scanners which
designed to help digitalise, store and communicate information e°cient ly.
Product Range:
A4 & A3 Range of imageFORMULA Document Scanners
Ultra Compact Networked Scanners
Compact and Reliable Cheque Scanners
The German manufactured InoTec high-speed SCAMAX document scanners offer
speed, value and nomical maintenance requirements. InoTec utilizes innovative
technologies that ensure reliable, high performance scanning with even the most
difficult documents.
Product Range:
SCAMAX 4x3 - Four High Performance Document Scanners from 180 ipm up to
340 ipm
SCAMAX 5x1 - High Performance Document Scanner with Intergrated Microfilm
SCAMAX 8x1 - Ultra High Performance Scanner
Mustek Systems, Inc
Mustek Systems Inc. is located in HsinChu Science-based Park, Taiwan and was founded in
1988. Mustek, which stands for "Most Unique Sensible Technology" means to make use of
technologies in the most sensible way that are unique to its customers. Its main products
include high speed ADF scanners, high speed A3 and A4 flatbed scanner .
Product Range:
High Speed ADF scanners - up to 100 ppm scan speed
Entry Level ADF + Flatbed scanner - up to 50 ppm scan speed
IRIS Document to knowledge
I.R.I.S. started in 1987 as a spin-o° fr om a university lab specialized in Optical Character
Recognition. Since 1992, I.R.I.S. has also grown as a developer and a provider of technologies
and products in the intelligent document recognition and electronic document management.
In 1999, I.R.I.S. added a new division focused on IT infrastructure. Today, I.R.I.S. has operations
in 9 countries and sells solutions in more than 90 countries through the world.
Product Range:
IRIScan™ Mobile scanners
IRISCard™ Card scanners
IRISNotes™ Digital pen
IRISPen™ Pen scanners
Greendoc Technologies
Green Document Technologies is a pioneer in the (Paperless) transaction space with
a core vision to provide turnkey solutions to convert paper-intensive business
processes to the paperless environment by using a mutilfunctional scanning and
capturing device which helps in Identity verification while processing applications
across all market segments.
Product Range:
Greenbox 4001 Digital Capture Appliance
Greenbox 5001 Digital Capture Appliance
Greenform Capture Application
Image Access GmbH
Founded in 1993 & headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany, Image Access is a technology
market leader developing and delivering innovative highest quality Book scanners and the
fastest large format scanners for digitization solutions that requires the highest quality image
Product Range:
Bookeye series – Color & Grayscale A3, A2 & A1 book scanners
WideTEK 36 inch (simplex and duplex) wide format scanners
WideTEK 42 & 48 inch wide format scanners
WideTEK 25 Fast A2 Color Flatbed scanner
TREVENTUS Mechatronics GmbH
TREVENTUS was founded in 2006 (a spin-o° company of the Vienna University of
Technology), its figu ehead is the ScanRobot®, a high-end and internationally
patented automatic book scanner. With this interdisciplinary system that was
introduced to the market in 2007 TREVENTUS was able to become the market leader
for automatic book digitization.
Product Range:
Up to 2500 page / hour Auto-Flip Book Scanner
Capturing, processing & management software
Workfl w & management software
Dynamic Digital Collection Viewer
SMA Electronic Document GmbH
SMA is a German manufacturer of a range of specialist book scanners for A2, A1 and
A0 & over-sized maps, plans, books and drawings. With a product range that o˜er’s
unrivalled scan quality whilst providing excellent document protection for fragile
Product Range:
MAP MASTER (L, XL & XXL) Flatbed Scanner
SCAN MASTER (A2, A1 & A0) Book Scanners
ROBO SCAN Robotic Scanner
Kofax Plc
Kofax is a leading provider of capture enabled business process management solutions.
Kofax solutions provide a rapid return on investment by automating information intensive
processes and by managing the capture of information in a more accurate, timely and cost
e° ective manner.
Product Range:
Out-Of-The-Box Capture Software
Simple to Enterprise Capture Software
Document Scanners Monitoring Software
NovoDynamics, Inc.
NovoDynamics, Inc. develops intelligent information capture software and provides
advanced analytics solutions that transform data into actionable insights needed to
make better decisions. Leveraging its pre-eminent image enhancement, pattern
recognition and data mining technologies, NovoDynamics products recognize,
extract and index data even from degraded sources.
Product Range:
- Intelligent Optical Character Recognition
- Intelligent Document Image Enhancement
- Intelligent Document Classification and ata Extraction
Headquartered in Slovakia and specialized in the digitization market since 2000. Geneza
branched out from the clipping agency segment to providing services and solutions to
Libraries, Publishers and Archives. Since the introduction of its flagship product MediaINFO
in 2009 they started serving clients with varied needs and organizational profiles such as
Museums, Galleries, Private collectors, Artists, the Decor industry, the Armed Forces and
Intelligence Agencies.
Product Range:
MediaINFO - A Web-Based Presentation Solution for Digitized or Born-Digital
ARTHUR - A Complete Digital Presentation Solution for Exhibitions and Art
e image data
In business since 1989, e-Image Data is a leader in the design, manufacture and
marketing of micrographic equipment which is produced under the ScanPro® brand.
This equipment is modular, durable and is designed to meet the broadest range of
micrographic applications, including fi he, jackets, 16mm and 35mm roll film,
cartridge film, ult a fi he, microbooks, micro opaques, and aperture cards.
Product Range:
ScanPro 3000 All-In-One Ultra HD Universal Microfilm Scanner
ScanPro 2000 All-In-One Universal Microfilm Scanne
ScanPro 1100 Budget Microfilm Scanne
The Next Generation in Film Scanning Technology
nextScan is a world leader in cutting edge technology for the micrographics conversion and
document management industry. Incorporated in 2002, nextScan was established
to give the microfilm and microfiche conversion market a high performance alternative t
existing technologies. nextScan’s innovative patented products are designed and built with
simplicity and functionality to increase user production and lower overall costs for scanning
film and fich
Product Range:
Eclipse Plus Production Level Rollfilm Scanne
FlexScan 3 in 1 ScanneR
NextStar High Performance Workflow Softwar
Microtek International
Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Science-based Industry Park in Hsinchu,
Taiwan, a multi-national company with an innovative medical grade scanning
solutions that can digitize any sizes of X-Ray films such as dental, mammography,
Chest X-Ray, and general X-Ray films. Through the MiPAX systems with DICOM ready
capability, the medical professionals and radiologists can easily and quickly digitize
X-Ray films and u load to PACS.
Product Range:
X-Ray Digitizers for General, Dental, & Mammography film
MiPAX systems Solutions
Silex technology Europe GmbH
Silex technology Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of the Japanese company silex
technology, Inc. The parent corporation in Japan was already since 1973 successful
as a development and manufacturing company. silex offers special solutions for just
about every USB device on the market – from digital cameras, printers,
multifunction devices, mp3 players, or external hard drives to offbeat USB terminal
devices like sewing machines and medical equipment.
Product Range:
actiRaid Series RAID subsystem
Network Attached Storage Solutions
LTO based Drives, Autoloaders & Libraries
The Airline Printer Solution
Part of the Fujitsu Group, Fujitsu Frontech Limit ed ties Airports and IT
together through the development & manufacturing Fujitsu's reliable, versatile,
Boarding Pass and Baggage Tag Printers which are designed to keep people
Product Range:
F9860 Boarding Pass & Baggage Tag Printer (ATB1 / BTP / GPP)
F9850 Boarding Pass & Baggage Tag Printer (ATB1 / BTP)
In today’s competitive era, quality is a prime factor, quality output from any Document Scanner on Scanner`s
repeat performance. To get repeat performance, Scanner maintenance is the key factor. To maintain and
repair the scanners requires special skills. Every organization may not have a specialized service teams to take
care of the scanners, we do.
Not only this, the distributed products and services from Forefront Technologies come with a promise of they
are working in good condition at all times. We provide several types of service contract programs that can be
extended with the purchase of scanners or after purchase of scanners with duration of 12 months or its
Preventive Maintenance Contract (PMC).
Preventive PLUS Maintenance Contract (PPMC).
Comprehensive BASIC Maintenance Contract (CBMC).
Comprehensive PLUS Maintenance Contract (CPMC).
Fujitsu Technology Solutions
Fujitsu Technology Solutions is the leading European IT infrastructure provider with
a presence in all key markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, plus India, serving
large-, medium- and small-sized companies as well as consumers. With its Dynamic
Infrastructures approach, the company o° ers a full portfolio of IT products, solutions
and services, ranging from clients to datacenter solutions, Managed Infrastructure
and Infrastructure as a Service.
Product Range:
PRIMERGY Tower, Rack, Micro & Blade Servers
ETERNUS Disk & Tape data protection appliances
Thin-Clients, Desktop PCs, Workstations & Displays
Spectra Logic
Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Spectra Logic has over 30
years of experience in providing technology products from small to large enterprise
organizations. Spectra, define, design and deliver innovative data protection solutions
through tape and disk-based backup. recovery and archive storage products.
Product Range:
Spectra Entry level to Enterprise Tape backup Libraries, up to 400,800 slots & 960
tape drives
Spectra nTier Verde disk based storage, to address data growth, regulatory and
backup challenges up to 1.7 PB of raw storage
Spectra NVR3 TM Video Management Solutions for surveillance
Infortrend Corporation
A leading provider of high-performance networked storage solutions focusing on
quality, reliability, choice and value with expertise that covers all aspects of storage
systems, including hardware, fi mware, software and system integration.
Product Range:
High-performance & high-availability SAN solutions
High-performance & cost-e° ective DAS solutions
Advanced & integrated NAS solutions
••••• 1111• II
Overland Storage
Overland Storage is the trusted global provider of effortless data management
and data protection solutions across the data lifecycle. Overland has taken
the complexity out of data management and protection, making it easy
and cost-e° ective to manage di° erent tiers of information over time.
Product Range:
Snapsan Storage Area Networkk
SnapServer Network-Attached Storage
NEO Tape Libraries & Autoloaders
REO Virtual Tape Library
QStar Technologies
A leading global provider of enterprise-class data management and archiving
software solutions, a key element to creating an Active Archive that is operating
system and storage hardware independent and a tiered based storage management
approach allows every level of the corporation to organize and manage data storage
resources of even the most heterogeneous networks.
Product Range:
Archive Management & Replicator Software
Mirrored Archive Storage for Disaster Prevention
Object-based Archive Storage Management
Policy-based Tiered Storage Automated Life-cycle Management
Optical Archive and Publication and Mastering
Archiving Systems (DISC)
A leading manufacturer of optical archival storage solutions for the long term
retention of digital data with its Blu-ray Disc Optical Library solutions it exceed
legal and regulatory compliancy requirements and are extensively deployed in a wide
range of verticals such as law enforcement, financial, video and medical ap lications
with access to a secure technology which reduce storage costs, simplify
administration, lower risks and preserve data for the long-term.
Product Range:
DISC ArXtor Network-Attached Blu-Ray Appliance
DISC ArXtor Lite Blu-Ray Archive Libraries
DISC BD Automated Optical Media Library
Forefront Technologies in Brief
Forefront Technologies is a major IT Distribution operation with a primary focus on Document Imaging
Hardware and Storage Industry's Systems and Solutions.
Established since 1995 in the Jebel Ali Free Zone - Dubai, and powered by a remarkably polished and
cultured team, Forefront has successfully influenced a market penetration. Within record time and a
di° erentiated market approach, Forefront has become an acknowledged force in the Document Imaging
Industry, reaping to its credit the largest products distribution reference in the Middle East region, with an
outstanding growth rate.
Forefront, who expanded its o˛ce network coverage (Dubai - U.A.E and Riyadh - Saudi Arabia), is now
embarking on a substantially sizeable (500+ partners) network of System Integrators, Value Added Resellers
and Distribution Partners spanning more than 20 countries throughout the Middle East & Africa.
Forefront Technologies’ past and continued successes can be contributed to its dedication to partners and
clients, industry knowledge and solid relationship with the world’s leading manufacturers in the industry.
Mission Statement
Forefront Technologies will always seek to maintain a leading position in document imaging & storage
solution distribution in the Middle East region, providing invaluable Tactical Expertise to its various Business
Forefront Technologies will continue to Lend Strategic Assistance to its network of Channel Partners and
Value Added Resellers while remaining dedicated to their respective objectives, thereby contributing to a
Qualitative evolution of the Document Imaging and Storage Technologies in these markets.
Forefront Technologies (HO)
Jebel Ali Free Zone
Dubai - UAE
Ph. (971 4) 881 4440
Fx. (971 4) 881 4242
Forefront Technologies - KSA
Al Olaya Street, Riyadh
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ph. (966 1) 460 3580
Fx. (966 1) 460 3585
Forefront Technologies - Oman
Muscat, Oman
Ph. (968 9) 627 1425
Fx. (971 4) 881 4242
Forefront Technologies - Qatar
Musheireb - Palestine St
Doha - Qatar
Ph. (974 3) 394 4759
Fx. (971 4) 881 4242
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