Preparing for Your On-site Interview

Preparing for Your On-site Interview
Thank you for your interest in becoming a CarMax Sales Consultant! We would like to prepare you for the next step of the process – the on-site visit. This
is a very important part of the process and a chance for CarMax to learn more about your potential qualifications for the Sales Consultant role.
While we want you to take the on-site visit seriously, please know that it will be conducted in a relaxed, comfortable environment. We
would like to get to know you, and we know that it can be hard for ‘you to be you’ if you are under pressure or stress about the on-site visit.
This information is to help you know what to expect, but don’t worry – we will guide you through the process. We encourage you to prepare for the visit:
Prepare for your vehicle discussion: As part of the on-site visit, we will ask you to participate in a simulated vehicle selling exercise. Choose
one of the three vehicles listed below and before your visit, closely review the details of the vehicle and what may appeal to a potential
customer. Once on-site, we will ask you to participate in a simulated selling experience so that you can gain more exposure to the role. We
will provide you with guidance, support and instructions once you are on-site, but we want you to be prepared. This exercise will require you to:
Greet a “customer”
“Hi, welcome to CarMax, how can I help you today?”
Interview the “customer” to better understand their needs
“What will be your primary purpose for your car?”
Discuss the vehicle and potential benefits with your “customer”
“This vehicle provides plenty of room for your family.”
Recommend next steps for purchase
“Since this car seems to fit your needs, why don’t we start the
easy purchase process?”
Ford F-150
Chevy Tahoe
Toyota Camry
Reflect on your relevant experiences: We will ask you questions about your job-related experience and skills. We would like for you to spend
some time reflecting on the specific experiences and skills that you have that could transfer to a CarMax sales role. Please come prepared to
discuss your relevant experiences, including specific examples from your past, in the following areas:
Your experience with:
Influencing or persuading others
“I once persuaded a customer to pick one item over another
because it was a better fit. I did this by….” OR, if you do not
have previous sales experience: “I once had to influence my
project team to try a new approach. I did this by….”
Interacting with customers
“A customer came in and was unhappy with the service that
was provided to her by another associate. Here is how I handled the situation…”
Working with others
“There was a specific time when I helped out a co-worker who
was new when no one else would help. Here is specifically
what I did and why…”
Prepare your own questions: Because we want for you to gain as much knowledge about the opportunity to work as a Sales Consultant
as possible, we would like you to come prepared to ask questions that will help you determine if this is the right opportunity for you.
Spend some time on the CarMax website learning more about our organization, our business and the role. (For example,
“How is the work environment at CarMax? What makes someone successful as a Sales Consultant?”)
Hopefully this guidance will help you to gain the most from the interview experience and help us to learn more about you. We look forward to meeting
you soon!
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