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As for accommodation, Patriot Campers have
teamed up with one of the top names in the rooftop
tent game, Hannibal Safari. Offering the Hannibal
1.40 metre tent as standard equipment, Patriot
Campers can supply the entire range up to a 2.00
metre family tent which can accommodate a family
of 4. There is also the option of a 2nd bedroom
which clips under the main tent fly offering a
spacious room which can also be used simply for
storage and privacy.
If you’re in the market for a “camper” trailer that takes
minutes, not hours to set up, provides all the
comforts of home and can be pulled out of a sticky
situation without a snatch strap – then you can’t go
past a Patriot Camper. With a Patriot Camper the
dream of hitching up and taking off for the weekend
is a reality. A Patriot Camper owner will never be the
one to say “we can’t go to that spot, my camper
trailer won’t fit”!.
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The Patriot Camper is an all
inclusive camping experience.
Designed to encompass your
camping experiences from the
camping ground to extreme
This purpose designed camper covers all the
bases starting with a completely engineered and
laser cut monocoque design incorporating a hot
dipped galvanised chassis with a lightweight
independent trailing arm suspension, DO35
Hitch, extendable draw bar, twin shocks as
standard and the best of all products Australia
has to offer.
Whether you’re a novice or experienced camper,
the Patriot Camper is designed for you to be able
to experience all camping terrains and still enjoy
the comforts of home – whether on or off-road,
it’s a camper trailer that genuinely follows you
anywhere and handles the toughest of terrain.
Fasten your seatbelt, get ready for adventure!
Measuring just 3.20metres long and
1.70 metres wide and weighing in at
only 800kg dry*,your Patriot Camper
will literally go anywhere your 4WD will.
Starting with a laser cut, interlocked, hot dipped
galvanized chassis is where the true strength begins.
The hot dip galvanizing process anneals the entire
chassis and anti-fatigues the welds for years of
reliability. The engineered monocoque construction
of the entire camper structurally riveted to this chassis
also adds to the strength of the whole unit. Recovery
points are welded through the rear bar to the main
stringers should you find yourself in that predicament
of needing a snatch from the rear. There is also a 45
degree “bump rail” welded back to the main chassis
rails for one of those full lock situations around a tree
on a tight track, no need to unhitch the trailer and
reposition, just drag it around the obstacle without
damaging your camper.
The body of the Patriot is manufactured completely
of aluminum using the same laser cut interlocked
technique and structurally riveted to minimize
distortion caused by welding, of course all seams are
completely welded and each compartment is water
tight in its own right. Keeping all the dust and water
out of all compartments are EPDM UV stabilized seals
with quality lockable compression latches and over
center latches with safety catches.
Body accessories include a Rhino lined front gullwing
box, which has been designed to hold up to 6 x 20
litre jerry cans for extra fluid storage. Confirmation of
the design detail is in the two mesh boxes at the rear
– perfect for wet storage, muddy boots, snatch
straps, fishing reels etc. For such a compact design it
is hard to imagine that there is 1800 litres of spare
storage in this package, room for whatever gear you
need for any length trip.
Pointing downwards is fully adjustable independent
coil trailing arm suspension with twin Gabriel shocks
as standard issue coupled to 10” electric drum
brakes. Your choice of stud pattern, wheel and tyre
size completes the suspension package keeping the
Patriot Camper planted firmly on the ground.
Massive ground clearance and steep departure
angles allow you to tackle any terrain this vast and
diverse country can throw at you! Airbag suspension
is available as an option and the chassis will
accommodate up to 37 inch tyres.
Covering your kitchen, dining and leisure area is a
massive wrap around awning. This awning sets up in
minutes via a gas assisted pop up strut system, simply
unzip the bag and the awning folds all the way around
to the rear of the camper extending out 2 metres from
the body. Clip in the aluminium poles and peg straight
through the base, no more annoying guy ropes.
Continuing with the Australian manufactured theme,
the battery system is controlled by a Redarc BMS. This
system is firstly an Australian made unit but more
importantly the most user friendly system available. If
you don’t care about currents, volts, amp hours or
load, this system is for you. This very intelligent unit
simply displays how many hours or days of battery you
have left with the power you are using. Of course all of
the information any tech person could want can be
displayed also if you’re that way inclined. A 120 amp
hour full river battery houses an ample amount of
energy and can be charged through the BMS by either
Anderson plug from your tow vehicle, solar panel, or
240v inlet.
Gas Hot Water shower as standard, a 75mm high
density foam mattress enable you to be comfortable on
your weekend adventure or months of touring to your
favourite destination. Setting up your patriot Camper is
a 5 to 10 minute excercise with all the bells and whistles or simply fold out your tent in a couple of minutes
if you arrive at your destination late and climb straight
into bed.
The L shaped entirely stainless steel kitchen has been
ergonomically designed to make food preparation
as easy as possible with impressive amounts of
bench space. The 50 litre Waeco fridge, sink, tap,
twin burner stove, cutlery drawer and pull out
pantry are all accessible from one position and the
tail gate of the camper has also been designed to act
as a dining table, simply pull up a chair.