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The Many Benefits of Gardening
Want a functional way to improve your health, get
some exercise and improve your diet? Gardening
is a great place to start! As you will discover, there
are many reasons why gardening is good for you.
One is related to the fact that your body needs
constant motion to function optimally, and
gardening is one way to stay active at times when
you might otherwise be sitting at the computer or
on the couch watching TV. According to the
Center of Disease Control's Guidelines for
Physical Activity; gardening can be moderate to
high intensity exercise depending on what you are
doing. General gardening such as watering,
planting and pruning categorize as moderate
intensity while activities such as digging, raking
and carrying large bags of mulch or fertilizer
categorize as high intensity. Gardening is not only
a way to get some exercise outdoors but is also a
great way to decrease stress levels and it also
serves as a creative outlet.
Decreasing stress and stimulating the brain is
great for mental health and can improve cognitive
function. Besides the physical and mental benefits
of gardening, one of the most rewarding parts of
starting a garden is enjoying the produce from your
garden! This is an excellent way to improve your
nutrition by consuming the fruits (or veggies) of
your hard work. The food you grow yourself is also
literally the freshest food you can eat, and because
home gardens are filled with fruits and vegetables,
it's also among the healthiest food you can eat.
Because the fruits and veggies are so readily
available from your own garden it is an easier and
more convenient way to add some color to your
diet! So be sure to start a garden this summer,
you don't want to miss out on all the fantastic
health benefits!
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