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SBS Poly Torch Base
Item Description
1 Roll (1 Square)
Item Number
Glass Yarn
Polyester Mat
Sand Surfacing
Meets or exceeds performance requirements of ASTM D 6164, Type I, Grade S.
Poly Burn-off Film
Product Information
Firestone SBS Poly Torch Base is a modified bitumen membrane featuring a blend of SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene)
rubber polymer and high quality asphalt reinforced with a 190 g/m² (3.89 lb/100 ft²) strong non-woven polyester mat
enhanced with continuous fiber glass yarns. The addition of SBS rubber polymer optimizes the asphalt blend to increase
its natural waterproofing properties, adding elongation, elasticity and flexibility to the sheet. The fiberglass reinforced
polyester provides strength and stability to the product, yielding a membrane that resists natural forces and other factors
on the rooftop. The top surface is covered with a fine particle sand surfacing and the bottom surface is covered with a poly
burn-off film to aid in heat welding applications. SBS Poly Torch Base membrane is designed specifically as a base layer
for use with Firestone SBS Modified Bitumen Systems, and is ideal for use on both new construction and reroofing
projects. Product Packaging
Roll Width:
3' 3" (1 m)
Roll Length:
33' 5" (10.2 m)
Net Coverage:
98 ft (9.1 m )
85 lb (39 kg)
Roll Weight:
Pallet Size:
48" x 39" (1.2 m x 1 m)
Rolls Per Pallet:
Weight per Pallet:
2,175 lb (989 kg)
Method of Application:
1. SBS Poly Torch Base membrane must be installed by fully heat welding to an appropriate substrate.
2. Please see the SBS Application Guide at for detailed information regarding the application
of SBS Poly Torch Base.
Acceptable Immediate Substrates for Heat-Welded Application:
 Structural Concrete (must be clean, dry, properly cured, and primed with ASTM D-41 primer).
 Existing Smooth Surface BUR or SBS Modified Bitumen (must be clean, smooth and primed with ASTM D-41 primer).
 DensDeck® Prime, SECUROCK® Gypsum Fiber.
 All material should be stored out of the weather in a clean, dry area in its original unopened packaging at a minimum of
50 °F (10 °C) and a maximum of 100 °F (38 °C) so that it will be 50 °F (10 °C) or above at the time of application.
 Do not stack Firestone SBS Poly Torch Base membrane more than two (2) pallets high.
 If the material must be stored temporarily on the roof before application, it must be elevated from the roof surface on a
pallet, stored on end, and covered from the weather with a light colored opaque tarp in a neat, safe manner that does
not exceed the allowable load limit of the storage area.
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TIS # 504
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SBS Poly Torch Base
 For safety information, refer to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for SBS Membranes and Flashing.
 Take care when transporting and handling Firestone Modified Bitumen rolls to avoid punctures and other types of
physical damage.
 Isolate waste products, petroleum products, grease, oil (mineral and vegetable) and animal fats from all Firestone
Modified Bitumen membranes.
LEED® Information:
Postconsumer Recycled Content:
Preconsumer Recycled Content:
Manufacturing Location:
Beech Grove, IN
*NOTE: LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council.
Physical Properties
(Meets ASTM D 6164, Type I, Grade S. Tested in accordance with D 5147.)
Product Thickness:
Net Mass:
Bottom Side Coating:
Peak Load at 0 °F (-18 °C):
Elongation at Peak Load at 0 °F (-18 °C):
Peak Load at 73 °F (23 °C):
Elongation at Peak Load at 73 °F (23 °C):
Ultimate Elongation at 5% of Peak Load
73 °F (23 °C):
Tear Strength at 73 °F (23 °C):
Low Temperature Flexibility:
Dimensional Stability:
Compound Stability:
ASTM Standard Required Value
Firestone Typical Performance
85 mil (2.2 mm)
54 lb/100 ft² (2,636 g/m²)
120 mil (3.0 mm)
77 lb/100 ft² (3,760 g/m²)
40 mil (1.0 mm)
47 mil (1.2 mm)
70 lbf/in, MD (12.3 kN/m, MD)
70 lbf/in, XMD (12.3 kN/m, XMD)
75 lbf/in, MD (13 kN/m, MD)
75 lbf/in, XMD (13 kN/m, XMD)
20%, MD
30%, MD
20%, XMD
30%, XMD
50 lbf/in, MD (8.8 kN/m, MD)
55 lbf/in, MD (13 kN/m, MD)
50 lbf/in, XMD (8.8 kN/m, XMD)
55 lbf/in, XMD (11 kN/m, XMD)
35%, MD
40%, MD
35%, XMD
40%, XMD
38%, MD
45%, MD
38%, XMD
45%, XMD
55 lbf, MD (246 N, MD)
55 lbf, XMD (246 N, XMD)
0 °F (-18 °C)
1% Change, MD
60 lbf, MD (267 N, MD)
60 lbf, XMD (267 N, XMD)
-15 °F (-26 °C)
0.2% Change, MD
1% Change, XMD
0.2% Change, XMD
215 °F (102 °C)
250 °F (121 °C)
Please contact Quality Building Services Technical Department at 1-800-428-4511 for further information.
This sheet is meant to highlight Firestone products and specifications and is subject to change without notice. Firestone takes responsibility for furnishing quality materials which meet published Firestone product specifications or other technical documents, subject to normal roof manufacturing tolerances. Neither Firestone nor its representatives practice architecture. Firestone offers no opinion on and expressly disclaims any responsibility for the soundness of any structure. Firestone accepts no liability for structural failure or resultant damages. Consult a competent structural engineer prior to installation if the structural soundness or structural ability to properly support a planned installation is in question. No Firestone representative is authorized to vary this disclaimer.
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TIS # 504
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