How to Find Lovein 90 Days

How to
Find Love in 90 Days
Polina Solda
Polina Solda
Finding the love that you want is possible…
My intention for you is to now make it predictable.
Yes… It is something that can become inevitable, it’s just a matter of time…
This has happened to so many women and if it happened to them, it surely can happen for you.
Yes, it happened to me too. I found the love of my life back in 2009. From a rollercoaster of going
on scores of dates after a divorce to creating a family with the man who loves and adores me, I’ve
come a long way.
I was lucky to stumble onto some of these secrets early on and some I learned during the ride.
The best part is that YOU don’t have to reinvent the wheel here.
With these secrets, you can take shortcuts and get results faster and easier than ever.
Now, get ready for love to come into your life!
Fall In Love
With Yourself
& Always
This is one of the secrets that I always knew on an intuitive level, but didn’t follow through for a
long time. This is the foundation that is essential for finding the love you want.
Your relationship with yourself is a reflection of your relationships with others.
You can have a bad date, you can give your number to a man who will never call back, and you can
even meet someone who’ll lie to you and you’ll eventually discover that he’s married. But none of
that matters when you love yourself and treat yourself with respect and dignity. And with that selflove and self-care, you will overcome any setback in dating. It’s an insurance policy to find the love
you want.
The bottom line is that in the dating world there are all kinds of men and situations that you can’t
control, but your self-love is one thing you can control.
And don’t forget the second part—your level of self-care is directly related to how much you love
Create A
Clear Vision
For Your
Love Life
So many women continually date men who just aren’t right for them, and eventually find themselves
disappointed, broken-hearted and single again. They end up investing their time, energy and
resources into a relationship that has no future. At the same time, they miss out on all those
opportunities to meet the right man.
The good news is that if you can have a clear vision for the kind of relationship you must have and the
kind of man you want to be with, you’ll instantly stand apart.
Dating can be confusing, so to avoid getting lost or burnt out you have to be crystal clear as to what
you are looking for and be consistent in your choices.
Going for a man whose vision doesn’t match yours, who instantly sends red flags or makes you feel
like something is off from the beginning can have long-term negative consequences. Getting involved
with someone who doesn’t value you or doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship is terrible for
your development and self-esteem and it will block you from finding the love you want.
Select Quality Men To Date
Select Quality Men To Date
I realized this secret in the first few months after relocating to New York and meeting men on
dates that clearly weren’t going to go anywhere.
I learned that there was a simpler way to tell who the quality men were…and I also
discovered that they weren’t what I would expect them to be like.
And, big surprise—I learned not to trust my feelings when those endorphins kicked in and I
was blinded by chemistry and attraction. Instead, I learned to look at the facts. You need to
do the same… See if he’s consistent and his words and actions match, not if he gives you
butterflies in your stomach. See if you feel confident, safe and secure instead of turning into
a puppet when you date him.
There is so much data available when you date. Use it to your advantage because there is no
reason to waste your energy on men who simply aren’t worth it.
Have A Strategy To Meet
Quality Men
If you’re dependent with online dating or bar hopping—then you don’t have a strategy. You may
hope to get lucky, but that’s all it will be . You probably get approached by the wrong guys (that
you aren’t interested in.) Whatever it is, you aren’t going to meet the kind of a quality man you
dream of this way.
And no, it’s not because “there are no good men out there.”
Diversify and expand your options. If you only have one or two primary ways to meet men, then
you are slowing yourself down and limiting your chances to meet the right guy.
Here are some great strategies to get you started. Test them out:
Places where the ratio of men to women is much higher like investment seminars, scotch
tastings, happy hours at steakhouses, etc.
Places that are centered around a male-dominated activity like martial arts or rock
climbing classes, sailing or golf clubs and sports events.
Places that are new to you—if want to meet new people, you need to go to new places.
Check out a different gym in your area, go to a cafe in a different part of town, and join a
new group focused on an activity you are interested in but never pursued.
Get Out Of Your Home & Meet New People
My life instantly changed after I stopped looking at my love life as a project—something I had to get
ready for, make time for and plan for in advance. Instead, I started getting out of my home and
meeting new people everywhere I went.
Real life is where you connect, fall in love and build a relationship.
Use every opportunity to meet new people, make small talk and find out what you have in common.
Talk to your doormen, the barista at your local coffee shop, personal trainers at your gym or
colleagues in another department.
Meeting new people is like building muscle—practice and repetition make it easier, increase your
confidence and create more opportunities to expand your social circle. So, when you eventually meet
him, you’ll be at your best—open, confident and at ease.
Become The Best
Version Of Yourself
When you meet a man you are attracted to, your
dating journey has just started.
In the short run, you can use dating tricks and
techniques to get him interested.
But if you’re doing these things without revealing your
true self and genuinely connecting with a man, then
you’re just buying time that isn’t going to be
sustainable in the long run.
He will subconsciously pick up on the signals that
something is off.
To avoid that, you need to be authentic and open your
heart to create a great connection and dating
experience with him.
When you are committed to being in a state of
constant expansion and growth as a woman, you will
tap into your feminine power that makes you stand
out amongst others.
When you become the best version of yourself, you’ll
find it can be effortless to make a man feel really
good and want more. He’ll ask you out again and
again and ultimately become the kind of man who
wants to commit to you.
Be Smart In Your
Every time you make a choice and say “Yes”
to one thing, you say “No” to something else
and it costs you a missed opportunity. Making
a smart choice is super important because
making a wrong choice can set you back
months or even years.
I don’t want you to fall into a trap of inaction
either because no action has a big
opportunity cost. What I want is for you to
become more aware that when you decide to
do something—stay at home every weekend,
go on dates with men who have no potential,
stay in a wrong relationship way too long—you
are shutting down possibilities to meet
someone who could become the one.
Having choices in dating is amazing. But keep
in mind that those choices come with
opportunity cost.
Take Consistent
You’ll find the love you want…just start taking action.
Be kind and gentle with yourself, forgive yourself for past mistakes and don’t expect to be perfect – just
get moving and keep putting yourself out there.
Remember, just as you didn’t build a successful career or business overnight, you’re not going to find
love at a first sight. It’s all about taking small consistent actions and staying focused on your vision. I’m
thrilled with the progress that my friends and clients have made as they kept moving forward.
Some of my clients got married and started their own families. Some of them merely secured
aboyfriend. But none of them started off by going on one date and meeting “the one.” Every one started
off by taking consistent action.
Don’t try to get immediate results in one date. Focus on your vision and take step-by-step action that
day-by-day ultimately will lead you to finding the love you want.
Don’t Do It Alone
If you have been trying to figure it all out on your own, then chances are you’ve felt frustrated, confused
and stuck. I know that because I was once there.
Your last boyfriend didn’t want to commit.
Your last date was a disaster.
Your last text to a guy was ignored.
There is only so much you can do alone. You keep trying and trying but still not getting the results you
want. You wonder if it’s simply online dating (“It doesn’t work”), your city (“All men are players”) or you
(“Is something wrong with me?”).
You need to get out of your own head.
You can’t find a solution if you don’t know what the problem is. And, you can’t
resolve a problem using the same mindset that created it.
Here is where a mentor and or peer support is so invaluable in helping you uncover personal blind
spots, limiting beliefs and one who could help break old patterns of negative thinking and selfsabotaging behaviors.
When you have crystal clarity, the right mindset and rock-solid strategy backed by an ongoing support,
then it’s inevitable that you’ll keep moving forward until you find the love you want.
I invested a lot of time, energy and money in
becoming the best version of myself. I’ve been doing
this for a long time and I won’t stop. It’s a lifelong
But I didn’t realize the importance of this secret right
away. I struggled with dating and finding the man of
my dreams. I tried to figure things out on my own. I
used to be stuck in an insane pattern of desperately
wanting things to change, but doing the same things
over and over again.
It wasn’t until I said “YES” to myself and invested into
working with a
mentor that my mindset shifted and my skills
improved. Today I’ve learned to master things that no
one can take away and they will continue to serve me
throughout my life.
Once conditional on many factors, finding love
became inevitable. Unbelievably, it was a matter of
months before I met the man of my dreams (he
proposed to me six months after our first date). Now,
he is my loving husband and dedicated father to our
So, these are my 10 secrets of finding the love you
I’m not saying that they are all-encompassing, but
they’ve been working amazingly for me, my friends
and my clients.
Test them out and share how they have been working
for you.
Invest In Yourself
About the Author
Polina Solda is the founder of “Find Love and Keep It” and creator
of a proven-to-work formula that has been used by single women to
find the right man and to get into a loving and committed
The impact has been amazing with her friends and clients—dating
with confidence and ease, attracting quality men, falling in love,
getting married and creating families.
She has coached and helped single women to uncover and resolve
many obstacles that may stand in their way of finding love. As a
result, women increase their confidence and self-love, improve
dating and relationship skills and become their best selves so that
they can easily attract and get into a relationship with the man of
their dreams.
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