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Dear Friends and Neighbors,
As all of us are aware, there are a significant number of deer in the City of Pepper Pike. The City has
been engaged in an effort with other eastside communities to better understand the issues on a regional
basis. We have helped form the “Eastern Wildlife Management Partnership” to evaluate the deer
populations and evaluate approaches to the issue. Late last year, a flyover of Pepper Pike was
conducted and the deer population was mapped by infrared imagery. We have received the results of
that study, and we indeed have a great number of deer; 277 counted within Pepper Pike, or on average
39 deer per square mile. By next fall, with reproduction and recruitment of fawns into social groups
from outlying areas, the number will surge to a projected 383 animals, or 53 per square mile. That
number will exponentially increase with time. This is obviously an untenable situation. Several years
ago the City had a culling program which temporarily reduced the numbers, but the method used,
utilizing a netting and captive bolt system is no longer supported by the Ohio Department of Natural
Resources. The captive bolt method was indiscriminate as a culling method and in the consideration of
many, inhumane to the animals. As you may be aware, other communities have adopted other methods
of controlling their deer populations, primarily through regulated limited programs, utilizing crossbows.
The deer, while beautiful, are destructive of not only our landscaping, but our woodlands. I understand
that residents are most aware of their landscaping damage, but it is equally the woodlands in particular
which must be a major concern to us. Pepper Pike is a beautiful place to live significantly because of
the wooded ravines and areas which run throughout the community. The threat which the deer pose to
the woods is extreme. Their foraging is stripping our woods not only of the many beautiful low
growing plants, such as trillium and mayapple, but of the small trees vital to succession growth and
the sustainability of our woods. They are literally turning the floor of our woods into a brown desert.
Years ahead, when the mature trees eventually die off, there will not be maturing succession growth to
take their place and the woods will simply be no more. Our challenge is to preserve these natural areas
of our community. There needs to be a balance between flora and fauna.
Working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), our police department is
establishing a program to again cull the deer, which will entail using qualified archers. This will not be
an open hunt for anyone to participate in but will be regulated to occur only in what are deemed to be
safe areas, conducted at safe times of the day by qualified personnel. It will only be by invitation of a
property owner with a qualifying complaint of deer damage which can meet the other criteria necessary
to safely operate the program. The goal is of course to reasonably manage a difficult situation in a
responsible and humane manner. I understand the prospect of controlling the deer population by lethal
means is unpleasant to some and desired by others, but this is a problem which goes far beyond
admiration for the beauty of these animals or dismay over having to limit their numbers. It is the
responsible path we as a community must take as we seek to preserve our region and its beauty for
future generations. Thank you to all for your understanding as we work through this difficult issue.
Sincerely yours,
Richard Bain
Richard M. Bain
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