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Future of Recruitment
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FOREWORD from the Chairman
If a business is looking to identify its Genesis then it
needs to look no further than Recruitment! Without
people, business simply doesn't exist! To attract
people you need to market to them! To get people to
join your organisation you need to recruit them! To get
the best productivity from your people and to hang on to
them you need to train, develop and engage with them!
Resourcing as an activity or process hasn't
fundamentally changed through time but the tools
have. Things we used to do on paper became electronic
and things that became electronic have got faster,
bigger, more intelligent and to a certain extent do the
thinking themselves with the onset of predictive analytics
and sourcing.
What used to be a relatively slow process has become
a fast paced, technology driven spiders web of
products, services and innovations; all of which will be
discussed, evidenced and challenged at the 5th “Future of
Recruitment” Seminar, part of the HRcoreLAB³.
Do you know which way to turn? Do you know what
decisions you should be making to solve your
business challenges of today and future proof your
processes for tomorrow? Join your peers to witness and
discuss how they have faced the same issues and share
the things you have done to safeguard the flow and
capture of the most important asset in your business;
Looking forward to meeting you in Barcelona,
Colin Minto
Colin Minto,
Richard Mosley,
Author of the newly released
"Employer Brand Management"
Group Head of Resourcing & HR Systems
#2 largest employer globally
Short Video
Short Video
Huibert Evekink
Group Director of
Employee & Brand Engagement
Amadeus IT Group
Matt Burney
Group Online Resourcing Manager
Grant Weinberg
International TA Director
Gilead Sciences
Larry Jacobson
Director, Global Technology TA
Vistaprint (now Cimpress)
Nicky Ivory-Chapman
Global Recruitment Director
Robindro Ullah
Head of Employer Branding and HR
Communication Global
5th“Future of Recruitment” Seminar
Stephen Blackmore
European Head of Sales
DaXtra Technologies
Nimai Swaroop
Marketing Director - Defence Rec. Services
The British Army
Tim Ackermann
Senior Director,
Talent Acquisition
Tim Potten
Global Talent Acquisition Leader
Emerson Electric Co.
Martin Becker
CEO & Chief Strategist
Premier Academic
Silver Workshop
Silver Workshop
0 1.
Programme Day 1
Registration & Welcome Coffee
Opening of the Conference by the Chairmen:
Colin Minto, Group Head of Resourcing & HR Systems, G4S and
Richard Mosley, Author of “Employer Brand Management”
How Videointerviewing Re-Defines Talent Recognition in
the Digital World
What are the three different types of „video-recruiting“
technologies today? What are their values and pitfalls? (the
market analyst's opinion)
What do candidates think about video interviewing? (the HR
marketers opinion)
How to make sure that the selected video-recruiting technology
fits your needs now and in the future? (the futurist's opinion)
Simple gut-feeling or evidence-based evaluation - what's the
difference anyways? (the psychologist's opinion)
And finally: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly from 5 years'
experience with 100+ clients on three continents
Martin Becker,
Founder, CEO & Chief Strategist, viasto
10 min. Q&A Session with Martin
Coffee & Networking
The Death of Social Media as you know it?
Are we over-reliant on out-dated attitudes to social media?
Do we take the best advice and really deliver on the needs of
the business?
How can we be more effective and deliver tangible ROI
through social media?
Break free from wrong thinking and deliver something
Articulate your employer brand through channels you really
should have used from the start
Use media as it is meant to be used
Matt Burney, Group Online Resourcing Manager, G4S
10 min. Q&A Session with Matt
Hiring Manager Maturity Model…
”Don't expect what you have not inspected”
Would you recruit on a role without qualifying the role?
Rec. Learning – better understanding the quality of the buyers
and decision makers
Rec. Development – how can recruitment focus devt.
interventions for individual hiring managers to increase
capability and overall hiring results
Recruitment Process Stakeholders
Time & Motion study
Have we just discovered the next big thing in recruitment?
Grant Weinberg, International TA Director, Gilead Sciences
10 min. Q&A Session with Grant
Interactive Roundtable Session
During this session, you will have the opportunity to discuss a
particular question of interest. Each participant will have the chance
to move to the table of most relevance to them:
3 steps for getting executives engaged in Social Media?
What resourcing Channels are you counting on for the future?
What is Social Media's future role in recruitment and HR?
What organisational partnerships are required to get the
job done?
3 future trends in e-Rec use and practice?
Led by the Chairs
5th“Future of Recruitment” Seminar
Lunch & Networking
Building the Competencies for Tomorrow's Global
Recruiting Organization
The three types of recruiters you will need. In a world of
social media and individualization our target groups require a
more and more personalized approach. Therefore Recruiters
need special trainings according to their target groups.
Local specifics in a global recruiting organization. Not only
target groups matter but also the country you are going to hire
in. Some examples show that especially in terms of social
networks country know-how is required.
Recruiter Type active sourcer - a more specific introduction.
What makes active sourcing successful? The tools you need and
how to use.
The structure of an organization which conducts active
sourcing. Even if your Recruiters know how to source you need
additional infrastructure according to the new requirements.
Robindro Ullah,
Head of Employer Branding and HR Comms Global, Voith
10 min. Q&A Session with Robindro
Recruiting Analytics: Deep Dive Into the Recruitment Funnel
Why It Matters
Activity Based Costing
Conversion Ratios Within the Recruiting Funnel
Applying Analytics to your Recruiting Channels
Larry Jacobson,
Director, Global Technology TA, Vistaprint (now Cimpress)
10 min. Q&A Session with Chris
How to use your existing candidate data to
improve active sourcing and internal mobility
How easy is it for in-house teams to gain the visibility they need
of candidate data across multiple systems
What are the current issues in accessing this data
What are the available methods of turning large amounts of
data into manageable formats
Is more data better?
How do in-house teams make the change from reactive to
Stephen Blackmore,
European Head of Sales, DaXtra Technologies
10 min. Q&A Session with Stephen
Coffee & Networking
Interactive Roundtable session
What's the buzz about mobile and why should we care?
Are we really leveraging technology, or have we just mapped our
paper processes onto a new media?
Will the Big Data trend solve our resourcing issues?
How can you ensure you have the optimum talent pool for the
3 major Changes in e-Rec since 2005? Why?
Led by the Chairs
Wrap-up - End of Day1
19:00- Evening Drinks Reception by
Programme Day 2
Opening of Day2 by the Chairmen:
Colin Minto, Group Head of Resourcing & HR Systems, G4S and
Richard Mosley, Author of “Employer Brand Management”
Building a Global Employer Brand
Building an Employer Brand based on purpose & values
Ensuring alignment between the corporate brand and the
employer brand
Co-creating the employer brand with employees and
future recruits
Branding and HR working hand in hand
Huibert Evekink,
Group Director of
Employee & Brand Engagement, Amadeus IT Group
10 min. Q&A Session with Huibert
Around the World in 90 Days:
The Journey of a Talent Revolution at Regus!
During a period of hyper growth, Regus created a TM solution
for 100 countries in just three months.
Hear how the organisation uses technology and workforce
science to support 40% business growth – opening one new
Regus centre every day for the past two years.
Join Nicky who shares the key learnings and outcomes, and
reveals how they are embarking on the next phase of their
journey, utilising their data for talent analytics programs.
Nicky Ivory-Chapman,
Global Recruitment Director, Regus
10 min. Q&A Session with Nicky
Coffee & Networking
Building Attraction capability
The Changing Landscape
Building Attraction Capability in a Disruptive Marketplace
Age of Dialogue – Push vs Pull
Measuring Your Success
Nimai Swaroop,
Marketing Director - Defence Rec. Services,
The British Army
10 min. Q&A Session with Nimai
Lunch & Networking
5th“Future of Recruitment” Seminar
Mastering Global Recruitment – Emerson shows how to
capitalise on Local Expertise for Global Success
Emerson, a diversified manufacturing and technology company
with 135k employees and 235 locations WW, recognized that
finding creative, quality employees doesn't happen by accident,
and that the right recruiting process differs in all of the more
than 90 countries in which it operates.
To transform its approach to recruiting, it implemented a
global technology platform and SS model to deliver
professional in-house recruiting throughout the organisation.
In the first year, Emerson saved $1.2 million in hard costs
while increasing its overall hiring by 18%.
Find out how Tim and his team developed the business case for
local full-time recruiting and implemented regional
recruiting “CoE” to find and hire amazing people around the
Tim Potten,
Global Talent Acquisition Leader, Emerson Electric Co.
10 min. Q&A Session with Tim
The War for Talent is Back but the Rules have Changed!
The environment in which employer branding and recruitment takes
place has changed significantly since the last global war for talent in
2007 reached its peak. This presentation identifies the key steps you
need to take to win as the talent war re-emerges.
Gen Z and the new war for talent
From advertising to advocacy
Signature experiences and sexy metrics
Richard Mosley,
Author of the newly released “Employer Brand Management”
10 min. Q&A Session with Richard
Traditional recruiting in critical need of innovation
The need for more entertaining, engaging recruitment
(Why) is Gamification just another HR buzzword?
What are the principles of Gamification and why is it a
powerful tool?
What are the benefits of gamified recruitment?
Taking candidates through a fun process instead of giving
them a task while applying for a job
Effective use of Technology and Social Media in this process
Best Practice Examples
Tim Ackermann,
Senior Director, Talent Acquisition,
10 min. Q&A Session with Tim
Wrap-up and end of conference
Day 1
How to Create and Maintain a Talent Pool
Best practice, hands-on case approach
15:30- ?
Case studies
16:50 ?
Regional differences
How to hold career conversations
Teresa Wykes, Technology Practice Leader, Armstrong Craven
Day 2
No Talent To Waste or „Video Killed The Radio Star”
you ever wanted to know on what video recruitment will
08:4510:20 mean for your organisation.
Alberto Gonzalez Otero, Sales Director, Cammio
Understand the importance of building a
competitive sourcing strategy
Hear why the employer and customer brand
needs to be aligned
Learn how to define and select the right
competencies to help support success in the
Discover the impact that emerging markets
have on industries and the new global players
See what the future holds for Social Media
“It was a joy to see how much Teneo has grown over time in
professionalism, depth and scale, something to be proud off!”
EVP-HR, Shell International
“The participants walked out with true learning's and high satisfaction.
Really what was desired when coming to this kind of event”
Head of Talent Acquisition, World Economic Forum
“I really appreciated the WE focus, which was for me one of the
key reasons for me to join. Presentations were great, speaker panel too”
Western Europe Talent Supply Leader, Procter & Gamble
“Well Organized, relevant topics, good speakers, great location, terrific staff”
Global Talent Manager, DSM
“Great opportunity to meet a lot of professionals from all over the world”
Corporate Talent Attraction Manager, Gate Group
“Top opinion leaders here, access/insight into completed
programs + new intuitive + some thought provoking”
Talent Acquisition & Development Director, Ferrari
“The cross- topic setup, the participants, the presentations:
relevant, diverse and interesting)”
VP Global TA and Development, Siemens
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You will be able to move
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the streams.
The 3rd HRcoreLAB will feature:
3 Seminars
47 High-level expert speakers
Future of
250+ HR professionals
37 Case-Studies from leading Organisations
9 Interactive round-table sessions
5 hands-on Workshops
1 Exclusive Cocktail party
5th“Future of Recruitment” Seminar
And much more...
The 5* Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel is a unique resort in the heart of
Barcelona. Located on the Diagonal - the city's main avenue - this luxury hotel
is walking distance from the shopping, cultural and financial centres.
The comfortable and spacious accommodation features the latest facilities
and outstanding views over Barcelona. It´s 19th century Mediterranean
gardens and outdoor pools create a tranquil resort in the city center.
With 432 luxury rooms and professional conference facilities, the Hotel Rey
Juan Carlos I is the ideal location for a business or leisure visit to Barcelona.
Relax and unwind with our spa and fitness center.
Colin Minto, Group Head Resourcing and HR Systems, G4S Plc
Colin is Group Head Resourcing and HR Systems for G4S, the world's leading
international security solutions group and one of the world's largest private
employers with 620,000+ people in 125 countries. He joined G4S in January
Robindro Ullah,
Head of Employer Branding and HR Communication Global, Voith
From 2005 to 2013 Robindro worked for the Deutsche Bahn in different positions. As
a mathematician he started in the yield management section before entering the HR
department in 2007.
He owns the end to end HR technology globalisation agenda and global
resourcing strategy at G4S, applying a consultative approach to solving
business process and technology challenges and his unique 'segmented
resourcing model' with strategic responsibility for employer brand, candidate,
hiring manager and systems user experience, HR and recruiting technology,
online recruitment, digital/social recruiting and resourcing innovation to achieve
G4S's HR corporate objectives.
Within HR he focused on topics like Social Media Recruiting/ Employer Branding
and employment schemes for workers over 50. On the 1st of July he joined Voith as
Head of Employer Branding and HR Communication.
2005 – 2007 Revenuemanager (DB Fernverkehr AG)
2007 – 2009 HR Marketing (Deutsche Bahn AG)
2009 – 2012 Head of Additional Services (DB Services GmbH)
2012 –2013 Head of Talent Acquisition Region South (Deutsche Bahn AG)
Colin is the architect of G4S's global best practice resourcing strategy and
designed a unique suite of fully integrated leading edge recruiting technologies
to enable G4S to make local ATS technology decisions but still provide a
single, consistent and rich candidate experience via its own community based
job board with intuitive parsing, matching, social, content aggregation and
global candidate database functionality.
As a result G4S's has saved millions and won 5 industry awards; 2 x
ONREC's, 2 x NORA's and The Best Global/International Recruitment Strategy
at the Recruiter Awards for Excellence 2012.
Colin is passionate about HR technology and resourcing strategy from an
internal and external user and business value creation perspective and focuses
on best practice business needs discovery, solution design, implementation,
change management and legacy management to maximise user experience
and drive optimum business value.
Previously Managing Director of Brainhunter's UK operations, operating 16
niche job boards in partnership with major professional and corporate
membership organisations and de facto Technology Director at the
Recruitment and Employment Confederation, the trade association for the
£28bn UK recruitment industry, when he held the role of Managing Director of
its technology subsidiary.
Richard Mosley,
Author of “Employer Brand Management”
Richard is a leading global authority on employer brand strategy and activation.
He wrote the first book on the subject 'The Employer Brand' (Wiley-2005), and
the latest, 'Employer Brand Management' (Wiley-2014). He has developed
global EVPs for many of the world's leading employers, including BP, HSBC,
L'Oreal, Pepsico and Unilever.
After 10 years heading People in Business and TMP Worldwide's global
consulting team, Richard will be joining the board of Universum in April as
Global VP of Strategy and Consulting.
Matt Burney, Group On-Line Resourcing Manager, G4S
Matt has worked in the recruitment industry for 18 years and across most if not
all disciplines from high street recruitment, through the early years of major job
boards, the launch and development of niche sites right up to developing
recruitment media, technology and strategy for one of the world's largest
At G4S Matt works with exceptional people around the globe delivering
innovative recruitment and resourcing strategies that make a clear and tangible
difference to the way they recruit and ultimately to the way people join our
His goal & vision is to deliver the best talent possible to a decentralized and
rapidly changing business that operates in over 120 differing markets, always
ensuring that they deliver not only for the global goals of the company but also
for local needs.
Grant Weinberg, Director International Talent, Gilead Medical
Grant studied Finance in South Africa before joining the Gaming Industry. After
an eight year career in Casinos in various management roles he decided to
transfer his Human Capital skills into the Recruitment Sector.
His career has covered Agency, Onsite, In-House recruitment and HR
Management across multiple sectors with a strong focus on Recruitment
Business Partnering excellence. He is currently the Europe, Asia and Middle
East, Director of Talent Acquisition for Gilead Sciences where he leads an
internal Recruitment Centre of Excellence across 25 Geographies and across
all disciplines.
Grant's skill set combines both strategy and operational excellence across
Talent Acquisition/Management, combined with HR best practice, all
underpinned by a strong business acumen. In 2013 Grant was independently
recognized, as one of the eleven most influential In-House Recruitment
professionals in the UK.
Martin Becker, Founder, CEO & Chief Strategist, viasto
Martin Becker, M.Sc., founded viasto GmbH in 2010.
After various international consultancy projects in Germany and the USA, including
for the World Bank, the physics graduate consulted for a GTZ project in Uganda and
worked as a consultant at McKinsey.
He is interested in energy issues and loves mountain biking, as well as his native city
Chris McMahon, Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Vistaprint
Chris is the Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition at Vistaprint, the leader in
mass customization with 5,100 employees worldwide and $1.3B in revenue. He has
been with Vistaprint for three years and has been leading its global recruitment
efforts for the last year.
Previously, Chris led HR and Talent Acquisition at Endeca, a big data software
company that specialized in analyzing and providing business intelligence for
unstructured data.
Prior to that, he led HR and Talent Acquisition at another Boston based software
company, 170 Systems.
Chris is a graduate of Tufts University with a degree in Economics and lives in
Boston with his wife and two daughters.
Stephen Blackmore, European Head of Sales, DaXtra Technologies
Stephen has worked in the sales industry for over 12 years, specialising in intelligent
software solutions for the staffing and labour optimisation vertical.
Prior to re-joining DaXtra in 2013, Stephen was Client Director of SaaS workforce
management solutions provider Workplace Systems.
Here he was responsible for business development within large European
He has returned to Daxtra to drive their expansion into Europe and offer a
compelling solution to the Corporate market, outside of the agency vertical.
Nicky Ivory-Chapman, Global Recruitment Director, Regus
Nicky is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a Board Director for the Association of
Graduate Recruiters (AGR)
Currently the Global Recruitment Director for Regus, Nicky's responsibility lies in
enabling the Regus teams, across 104 countries, to hire effectively and grow the
Regus brand in new territories.
Joining Regus in 2014, during a period of high growth for the business, Nicky's
challenge is to create global consistency and implement programmes and
technology that is scalable.
Prior to joining Regus, she was the Resourcing and Employer Reputation Manager
for McDonald's UK, responsible for Recruitment, Employer Brand, Uniforms and
Employee Engagement across 1225 UK restaurants.
Nimai Swaroop, Marketing Director, British Army
Always passionate about Marketing Nimai has been spearheading Employer
Branding for large blue chips organisations after spending a number of years with
British Gas. He joined Shell in 2005 to build the Group's Employer Brand and
Recruitment Marketing capability.
He then joined RBS in 2010 as the Global Head of Employer Branding and
Marketing and more recently Nimai has started with Capita Plc. as the Marketing
Director responsible for the British Army's Recruitment Marketing. Nimai brings a
wealth of experience across Recruitment, Talent attraction, Employer Branding and
Tim A. Ackermann, Senior Director Talent Acquisition, Parexel
Tim is a seasoned HR and talent acquisition expert with over 15 years in various
industries at companies such as Deutsche Bank, Microsoft and Swarovski.
Recently Tim joined Parexel International as Senior Director Talent Acquisition
EMEA, India, Japan, and Taiwan.
Besides he is teaching HR Management, Recruitment and Organization at the
International School of Management, Munich.
Tim is a founding member of Queb e.V. the (German) Association for Quality
Employer Branding and actively engaged in the harmonization of the European
higher education with fibaa e.V.
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