Handmade Holidays Marketplace Weekend 10x10 Booth

invites you to be a vendor at the
Handmade Holidays Marketplace
• Peak shopping period
• Low vendor fees
• One central inline space
for marketplace
• Holiday Marketing Exposure
Statesman, Austin 360, 96.7
KISS FM and more
• Ample Parking
• Great indoor weather
• Open to Local and
Handmade Arts
10x10 Booth
ONLY 20 booths
available per
weekend -
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to secure your
Nov 26-27, Dec 17-18, December 22 - Dec 24
Vendor Information
The Holiday Marketplace is a dedicated inline space for local
artisans to sell their handmade items during the busy holiday
shopping season. The Marketplace will have holiday themed
storefront signage, décor and activities.
Booth space may be rented on a per weekend basis for the dates
listed at fees of $25 per weekend. Booth must be staffed all days
and hours during weekends space is rented.
Handcrafted merchandise and original work by local vendors
Vendors will be selected carefully to avoid product overlap.
Booth vendors must provide a certificate of insurance. One can
be purchase by Highland Mall at a fee of $50.00. This fee will
provide coverage for the minimum – maximum number of
Applications are reviewed on a First Come, First Served basis in the order
October 31, 2011: Final day to submit application.
* Absolutely NO REFUNDS after the application has been accepted.
Application – A completed and signed application.
Photos- Please submit photos of product and booth setup with
Insurance – All vendors must provide a certificate of insurance
naming us additional insured. Certificates of insurance may be
purchased for vendors by Highland Mall for a fee of $50.00.
Payment – Cashiers check payable to Highland Mall with
application submission.
License Agreement – The mall agreement which will be
generated from the application and submitted to you for
Sales Reports – A written report of sales will be due following the
show for tracking purposes only. This information will be kept
SHOW SCHEDULE (subject to change)
Show Dates & Hours:
November 26 – 27, 12pm – 6pm Daily
December 17 – 18, 12pm – 6pm Daily
December 22 – 24, 12pm – 6pm Daily
Overnight Display tables and fixtures may be left up, but
merchandise should be secured during the overnight hours.
Mall security is provided by the mall and the space will be
secured during non-operating hours, however we are not
responsible for items being lost, stolen or damaged.
Setup and Tear Down :
Booth setup must be completed 30 minutes prior to daily
marketplace hours.
All transporting, unloading and loading of items must be
conducted through Loading Zone 2. No items may be moved
through the main entrance doors.
Each booth is a 10 x 10 space. Vendors must provide tables
and chairs.
Booths must have floor length tablecloths on all tablecloths
and no lawn chairs or metal chairs are permitted.
Display must be professional and each booth must have
signage identifying the booth name.
Booth heights should not exceed 7’Ft.
Power is available, but limited.
Mall Management reserves the right of final approval on
vendor booths. The mall may adjust locations or displays to
comply with mall requirements at any time.
Internet and phone service is not available.
Vendor Information
All merchandise must be listed on application form with
submitted photos and your application must have been accepted
for participation.
Merchandise must be appropriate for a family shopping
environment. Any unacceptable items to mall management must
be removed immediately.
All required documentation must be on file one week prior to the
show for participation.
Spaces cannot be given, transferred , sold to or shared with
another artisan.
Displays must be clean and professional.
Display materials must be provided by vendor and displays must
be kept in good repair. No metal framed lawn chairs or tents as
part of your display.
Display tables must tablecloths or fabric covers, which must be
covered to the floor on all four sides .No frayed or tattered ends.
No plastic or vinyl covers. Flame and or fire retardant covers are
preferred. Un-hemmed fabric is not allowed.
Television sets, earphones are not allowed in your booth. The use
of sound equipment, amplifiers and or other equipment is
All display signage must be professional prepared or typed and in
an appropriate sign holder. No handwritten signs are allowed.
No taping, nailing or pinning is permitted to any mall property.
Electricity is subject to availability. Please indicate that you need
it on your application. All cords need to be 3 prong UL listed and
tested. All cords need to be run under or behind your booth and
should be worked into your display outside public view.
Vendors must dress professionally and no inappropriate apparel
is permitted.
Booths must be open and staffed during marketplace hours.
Booth locations are assigned and cannot be changed.
The exhibitor is responsible for leaving the booth location clear
and litter free upon dismantling of the show. Exhibitors must take
their trash to a loading zone trash receptacle at the end of the
All fees and deposits must be paid with your
Payments must be made by a cashiers check,
Checks will only be deposited upon acceptance. If
your application is not accepted any payments will
be returned to you.
NO REFUNDS after the application has been
Mailing Address:
6001 Airport Blvd
Austin, TX 78752
(512) 454-9656
(512) 452-1463
Marketing Manager:
Bianca Xoyamayagua
[email protected]
Handmade Holidays Marketplace Application
Highland Mall, Austin TX
Holidays 2011
Name : _____________________________________________________
Business Name:______________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________
Description of merchandise and items you will sell:
City: __________ State: ______ Zip Code: ________________________
Phone: (___) _________________________________________________
Cell Phone/Alternate Phone: (____) ______________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________
Describe display setup or attach photos:
Website: ____________________________________________________
Business Entity (Please check one) :
___ Sole Proprietorship ____ Partnership ___Corporation
___ Other (Please describe)
Photos of merchandise (please check one)
Will Email
* Enclosed Photos will not be returned.
Product Price Range: $__________________________________________
State of Incorporation: _________________________________________
Social Security# _____________________ __________________________
How do you process transactions? (Check all that apply)
Credit Card
(must include SS# if you are a sole proprietorship)
Federal Tax ID# ________________________________________________
Is electricity needed? (Circle one) YES
BOOTH DATES – Please check all dates & fees that apply
If yes, what will you need electricity for:
November 26 – 27
December 17 – 18
December 22 – 24
All Applications must include full payment and required paperwork.
Acknowledgement: I agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this application.
Purchase a $50 Certificate of Insurance from Shahanian
SIGNATURE : __________________________ DATE: ____________________
Applications may be sent to:
Highland Mall
6001 Airport Blvd. Suite 1199
Austin, Texas 78752