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Spring Schedule 2014
Cooking with Spices 101
Chicken 101
This introductory class will expose the students to the fundamentals
of working with spices. The class will have the opportunity to
create a number of different spice blends, from Garam Masala
to Ras el Hanout. Students will learn how to toast and grind
spices in a mortar & pestle and how to incorporate these spices
into your cooking.
Chef Jay Entrikin
Titus Creek Cafe
April 26
Saturday 11:00AM-1:00PM
Buying a whole chicken is the most economical and delicious
way to purchase chicken and this class will give you the tools
to make the most of your chicken. You will learn to break down
a whole chicken and a myriad of approaches for making meals
out of everything.
Chef Michael Laroche
Titus Creek Cafe
April 15
Tuesday 5:30-7:30PM
Handmade Chinese Noodles
Are you an Asian noodle lover? Come and learn how to make the
famous Chinese Hand Made noodles. We will cover the tools,
technique, and discuss recipes that you can use your handmade
noodles in.
Chef Jay Entrikin
Titus Creek Cafe
April 14
Wednesday 5:30-7:30PM
Sausage Making 101
This introductory class will explain the fundamentals in the art
of sausage making. The class will have an opportunity to make
two basic types of fresh sausages, Bratwurst, and Hot Italian. We
will cover the tools, techniques, recipes, and general guidelines
for creating a great sausage. Hunters take note!
Chef Michael Laroche
Titus Creek Cafe
May 22
Tuesday 5:30-7:30PM
Tantalizing Tamales
Tamales are a mainstay in Latin American cuisine. Every region
has its own traditional methods and ingredients for making them.
You will learn how to work with Masa, make tamale dough and use
both the classic corn wrapper of Mexico and more exotic banana
leaf wrapper found in Central and South America. A variety of
fillings and ingredients will be provided for you to master this
humble meal. Tamales are both a satisfying treat for any meal
and they freeze wonderfully!
Chef Robin Leventhal
Titus Creek Cafe
April 9
Wednesday 5:30-7:30PM
Filled Chocolates and Homemade
Americans spend nearly 2 Billion Dollars on Easter candy every
year. This class will show students how to temper Chocolate, fill
molds, and create their own flavored Chocolate truffles for Easter,
as well as demystify Marshmallow making, so you can make your
own at home. The class will also cover some tricks on how to fill
and shape marshmallows for the ultimate S’mores and holiday
basket stuffers.
Chef Greg Schnorr
Titus Creek Cafe
April 17
Wednesday 5:30-7:30PM
Mother’s Day Dessert Class
Learn how to make your Mom delicious Tarts, Cookies and
Cheesecakes for Mother’s Day. Lemon Meringue Tarts, Coconut
Macaroons and Individual Fresh Strawberry Cheesecakes will
be the desserts covered in this class before the Holiday. These
desserts would look great on your Sunday Brunch buffet or as
an individual offering to the most important women in our lives,
our Moms!
Chef Greg Schnorr
Titus Creek Cafe
May 8
Wednesday 5:30-7:30PM
Nori 101
Japanese cuisine is some of the most beautiful of all cuisine. It
also happens to be delicious and surprisingly easy to master the
art of rolling nori. In this class you will learn how to make Foto
Maki (large rolls), Hosomaki (thin rolls), Uramaki (inside out rolls)
and Temaki (hand rolls). You will be able to make an impressive
table of food that will have your guest asking who you hired to
cater your party. Summer is right around the corner and Nori is
perfect summer food!
Chef Robin Leventhal
Titus Creek Cafe
May 17
Saturday 11:00AM-1:00PM
$75 for all four sessions
Zumba fitness is described as a dance party in which participants
have so much fun they don’t realize they are in an aerobic exercise
class burning calories and getting a great work out! Each class
begins with a 10-15 min warm up. Interval training follows with
alternating fast and slower songs/routines.
Catherine York
Off Campus (YWCA Dance Studio)
April 7-June 4
Monday & Wednesday 5:00-6:00PM
CPR Class
$22.40 (includes CPR card)
Walla Walla Community College’s Allied Health Department offers
American Heart Association CPR and First Aid classes. These
courses usually last 4-6 hours and are scheduled several times
each academic quarter. All students and community members
are welcome to enroll and earn a CPR or First Aid Card
M. Moramaroco
Room 1835, Health & Sciences Bldg
April 16
Wednesday 5:00-9:00PM
All classes are subject to cancellation based on low enrollment. Register early to ensure classes will happen! Evaluation of enrollment will be held 2-3 days before the first day of class.
Don’t see the class you are interested in? Contact Jodi Worden with your ideas. You might just see it on the next Schedule!
First Aid Class
$27.40 (includes First Aid card)
Walla Walla Community College’s Allied Health Department
offers American Heart Association First Aid classes. This two day
course usually lasts a few hours and is scheduled several times
each academic quarter. All students and community members
are welcome to enroll and earn a CPR or First Aid Card
M. Moramaroco
Room 1835, Health & Sciences Bldg
May 12 & 14
Monday & Wednesday 5:00-8:00PM
Vine to Wine, With a Career Thrown In for Free:
Inside the Center for Enology and Viticulture
Sausage Making 101 May 22
Class participants will meet at the EV Center and caravan out to
the WWCC Estate Vineyards. Jeff Popick, WWCC Vineyardist, will
give a tour of the vineyard describing the various trellising and
irrigation techniques as well as discussing vineyard site selection.
The group will then return to the EV Center for a tour of the winery
followed by a catered lunch and wine tasting
Alan Busacca & Jeffrey Popick
E&V Center Bldg
May 31
Saturday 10:00AM-2:00PM
A History of the Walla Walla Wine Economy
The Walla Walla Wine industry is celebrating the 30th anniversary of
the Walla Walla Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA). Commercial
wine making extends to the late 1970s when Leonetti Cellar was
established as the first winery. Today, Walla Walla has gained an
international reputation producing high quality wine. This course
offers an opportunity to dig into the region’s economic history
and investigate the growth and development of the Walla Walla
wine industry.
Nick Velluzzi
E&V Center Bldg
April 10
Thursday 6:00-8:00PM
CPR Class April 16
First Aid Class May 12 & 14
Hanging Basket Planting
Jump on board... you will be provided with information and
hands-on experience as you create your hanging flower basket
for your home garden. Included will be a field trip to a specialized
hanging basket greenhouse where you will choose your own
plants. In this course taught by an experienced master gardener
you will learn about selection of containers, soil, fertilizers and
other amendments. You will plant your container and take it home
ready to hang and enjoy. Please wait to hear from the instructor
before purchasing your soil or basket.
Karen Sinclair-Okerlund
Ceramics Bldg
April 26
Saturday 1:00-5:00PM
Tantalizing Tamales April 9
Conversational Spanish
This is a beginning course in Spanish which emphasizes oral
communication in a variety of topics at a basic level. In addition to
new vocabulary, the present -tense and other useful grammatical
points will be covered. The course is intended for students with
limited previous knowledge of the Spanish language. The first
part of each class session will be reviewing grammar points and
vocabulary. And the second half of each session, students will
put grammar and vocabulary into practice.
Aaron Martin
Room 209
April 7-June 11
Monday & Wednesday 6:00-8:00PM
Vine to Wine, With A Career Thrown In May 31
Community Education is a place you can take up a new hobby,
study another language, get up to speed with technology and
much more. You will find learning opportunities designed
the way you like them, relaxed and fun – no tests, no grades
and no credits. Here you will find Community Kitchens, wine
knowledge, health/fitness classes, social media, customer
service training and continuing education.
Have a talent you would like to share? You could teach your
own class! Fill out a course proposal form and let Jodi know!
Have a class you would love to take? Shoot her an email
with your ideas and you might just find it on the schedule
soon! [email protected]
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