DriveWorksXpress Activation

Quick Tip – DriveWorksXpress Activation
Inside every seat of SOLIDWORKS, a copy of DriveWorksXpress is included at no additional cost.
However, an activation needs to happen before the software can be used.
DriveWorksXpress Activation
If you look under the “Evaluate” tab in SOLIDWORKS you will see the icon for DriveWorksXpress
Launch the add-in.
The first time you use the add-in, you will need to activate it for use. This is a very simple process. The
launching of the software will activate a window asking you to enter the DriveWorksXpress Product
888.688.3234 | GOENGINEER.COM
Click on the link provided and it will take you to a website that will give you
the free activation code once you log in.
Simply copy and paste the activation code back into the earlier DriveWorksXpress Product Code box
and hit OK and you’re done.
DriveWorksXpress should now be available to use.
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888.688.3234 | GOENGINEER.COM