Beaded Wreath Pendant Jewelry Making Tutorial

Beaded Wreath Pendant Jewelry Making Tutorial
Created by XQ Designs,
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Beaded wreath symbolizes Christmas, but it can also be used as pendants and charms and here’s one fun tutorial that
will teach you how to. With pictoral step by step tutorial, even beginners can follow through. With the tutorial, you will
learn how to do right angle weaving technique and form into a circle. You will also learn how to make a bail, a technique
that you can on other beaded jewelry designs.
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Materials required
15 green colour 4mm Swarovski crystals
60 crystal colour 3mm Swarovski crystals
24 white colour 3mm Swarovski crystals
Nylon thread measuring 0.25 in dia.
Tools Needed
2 Beading needles size 12
Pliers (optional)
Step 1:
Cut approximately 1.5m (60 inches) of nylon thread
measuring 0.25 in length and thread it through your
needle at both ends. Leave about 2cm (0.80 inches)
tails at both ends.
Thread in 2 x 3mm crystals, 1 x 4mm green crystals
and 1x 3mm crystal thru 1 one of needle and pull it to
the centre of the nylon string.
Page 2
Step 2:
Cross the right thread into the last crystal.
Step 3:
Continue to thread in 1 green crystal on the right
thread and 1 clear crystal on the left thread. Cross
both thread into 1 more clear crystals.
Page 3
Repeat Step 3 until you reach your desired length for
the circle.
Step 4:
When you reach your desired length, you will end the
last set by adding in 1 green crystal and 1 clear crystal
on the right and left threads respectively.
Page 4
Step 5:
Then cross the threads into the 1st clear crystal from
the other end.
Pull the thread and you will see a circle is formed.
Page 5
Step 6:
Now pass the left thread thru 2 clear crystals and cross
both threads thru the nearest green crystal.
Pull the thread.
Page 6
Step 7:
Thread in 2 clear crystals at the right thread and 1 at
the left thread.
Step 8:
Cross the right thread in the crystal from the left
thread. Pull and tighten the threads.
Page 7
Step 9:
Pass one of the left threads from the right into the
green crystal next to it.
Step 10:
Thread in 1 x 3mm clear crystal onto the thread the
left thread and cross both threads into a 3mm crystal.
Page 8
Step 11:
Continue Step 10 until you form a circle, which we’ll
call this the upper circle.
Step 12:
Once you have formed the upper circle, let's pass the
threads to the other side to form the lower circle. You
can pass the threads thru the clear crystal and cross
them into the nearest green crystals.
Page 9
Step 13:
Cross both threads in a clear crystal.
Page 10
Step 14:
Pass the threads into the crystals and cross them at a
crystal from the inner circle.
Page 11
Step 15: Forming the bail
Thread in 1 x 3mm white crystals, each at both threads
then cross both threads into 1 x 3mm white crystal.
Step 16:
Continue to thread in 2 white crystals at both threads
and cross them into 1 crystal. Repeat Step 16 until you
reach the desired length for the bail.
Page 12
Step 17:
Then bring both threads and cross them into the
crystal from the inner circle of the wreath.
Page 13
Step 18:
Once the bail is formed, pass the threads thru the
entire wreath and tighten the threads. Make a knot at
both ends and cut of excess threads.
You are done!
You have completed the Beaded Wreath
Pendant. Hope you like it!
If you have any query or feedback for the tutorial,
please contact me at [email protected]
Please do not distribute, lend or copy.
Do not mass produce.
Copyrights 2012 XQDesigns
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