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management; Ju Ge Mu - specialising in Osaka style Okonomi-
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yaki and other Teppan-yaki dishes, and Shrmbashi - the only
restaurant in Sydney that serves handmade Soba (buckwheat)
noodles made by their skilful soba chef, as well as a high
standard of authentic Japanese cuisine. You can order dishes
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They have just started making handmade udon noodles as
well, by another chef from Kagawa (the famous region for
"Sanuki Udon" in Japan), and you can enjoy them in their
special Winter dish, Duck Sukiyaki Hot Pot. Have fun cooking
for yourself at your table with
Duck Sukiyaki Hot Pot (bookings essential)
slices of duck, vegetables, soba
noodles (made slightly thicker
than normal, suitable for hot pot
cooking) and udon. A private
room is available for groups.
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?46-:48 l*ilitary RC.. l'.leutral B*y a {0?)99il4-3011
- Sstl l:p#r-2pn, Dinner 0pen 6
excepi Mrn ilue - Sitl Sprniicensed {BYil wino en{y/ No BY0
9130p*. l5unl 6pm-9pm O Fuiiy'*y5
arr Fri "r
Soba nood es are always prepared
Osaka style 0konomi-yaki
Fantastiq wenkd*y 4 caurse lunch nnly ior $15,80!
Sushi Samurai has
two restaurants, one located
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"surprised", and
Pyrmont and the other in Neutral Bay. The most popular
dish at both restaurants is their Sushi Buffet (all you can
eat - see details on P25). The Neutral Bay restaurant
has an exclusive o{fer of their fantastic and surprisingly
reasonable 4 Course Lunch ($15.80 Mon - tri lunch time)
- Agedashi Tofu and Fresh Salad as entr6e, The Day's
Sashimi, then your choice of Main Dlsh (Wagyu Beef
Sukiyaki + Udon, Wagyu Beef Steak, Teriyaki Chicken or
Deep Fried Chicken) and lce Cream for dessert. There is a
great Kids Lunch menu ($12.80) served on a Hello Kitty
plate, so you can enjoy lunch with your children.
For dinner there are
many a la carte dishes
and set menus available
308 l\4ilitary Rd., C
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4 Course Lunch ($15.80 lMon
Fri lunch
and don't forget they
also have Happy Hour
until 7pm
$|:op5r19? Military Rd., Nei.rtral
Fi,iiy liien$ed iBYO wine tnly)
Japi:ralra's Jap;n-.s-. F-;:ls
Syar,ey 2C14
Shop 5, 197 Militer
Lunch i0pen 7
Daysl Mon - frl 5:3
lunrh i*peir 7 llaysl 1?a*i-ipm, Binner lOper ?
Bay a
Sashimi lilain (inc Scampi and Scallop)
Platters f0r aalerlnq are available
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