DIY Baby Tool Belt Onesie What you’ll need:

DIY Baby Tool Belt Onesie
What you’ll need:
- Size 00/3-6 months Onesie (Dark Blue, Tan/Cream or Light
- Scissors
- My pattern
- Sewing needle
- Brown, Black, Grey and Red Felt
- Brown, Black, Grey and Red Thread
- Dressmakers pins
Step by Step Instructions:
- Start by cutting out all the pieces of my pattern.
- Pin the patterns to your felt, and cut around each piece. You might think they look too long/big
but it’s only because it needs room to overlap when sewing.
(Note: You will need to use the belt strap pattern for both sides, so don’t forget to turn it over and
repeat after you cut out the first piece)
- Closely sew all the way around each piece of felt with matching
coloured thread.
Don’t pull too tight otherwise it will slightly change the shape of the
- On the tool belt, you will need to sew 2 rectangles for the pockets.
Turn felt over so the underside is facing upwards. Then using a pen,
draw 2 rectangles where you want the pockets to be. Sew 4 long
lines around your drawings, and then sew 4-5 small lines on each
side over the top of the long lines to hold them in place.
- Next, pin the Screwdriver handle, Hammer head and Spanner head to the top of the tool belt.
Try to match it up as if the tools were sitting in the pockets.
- Make sure you place the Screwdriver handle in the middle up
the top, so it matches up with the Screwdriver end that you pin in
the middle down the bottom. Then pin one strap to each side of
the belt.
- Sew all the pieces to the tool belt using brown thread, the same
way you sewed around the pieces. The aim is to make it look as
seamless as possible. Don’t worry if the underside is messy.
- Once that is done, pin your completed tool belt just below the middle of your onesie - Making
sure to only pin it through one side of the onesie and not both. The straps may look like they are
too long, but it’s actually not. You will need to pin them right up to the seams.
- Then using the same technique as before and the matching thread; sew the tool belt, straps
and tools down. I personally sew the actual tool belt down last.
Now you can do this 2 different ways:
#1) Do not sew all the way around so that certain places stick up a
bit giving the illusion that it is hanging like an actual tool belt would.
#2) If you are worried about little kids sticking their fingers in the tool
belt and possibly pulling it off, then ignore #1 and sew all the way
around the tool belt.
- Take the pins out and you’re all finished! Again, don’t worry if the underside is a bit messy; simply
place a singlet on bub before putting on the onesie so that the threads don’t rub against his skin.
This pattern is fantastic for your own sons, nephews, cousins, brothers
or baby shower gifts! It can also be used on a bib instead of a onesie.
Since this is a handmade item I would suggest hand washing the
onesie then hang it out to dry.
Do not put in the washing machine or tumble dry.
The pattern, instructions and pictures were all created by Paige Maree.