ACECQA Position Description

ACECQA Position Description
Position Title
Communications Project
Reports to
Senior Manager, Media
and Communications
Strategy, Communications &
Strategic Communications
ACECQA Band 3.1
Direct reports
Hours / FTE
38 hours per week
Purpose of the role
The purpose of this role is to manage the implementation of ACECQA’s family communications
strategy project. You will be managing online engagement for the new Starting Blocks website and
associated social media channels. You will also be responsible for managing relationships with
external suppliers and internally with senior management and the Executive team. This is very much a
hands-on role with you driving and managing all aspects of the communications strategy. While there
are no direct reports, you will have access to the expertise of other members of the Media and
Communications team to implement the strategy.
About the Strategy, Communications & Engagement Group
The Strategy, Communications and Engagement group comprises teams and employees with the
following major functions:
engagement with stakeholders including governments, regulatory authorities and the
children’s education and care sector
communication strategies including major presentations and conferences, inbound and
outbound sponsorship, media and social media, web content and design, newsletters and
other mass communications, internal communication
responding to enquiries from the wider community with a dedicated customer service unit
strategic and operational policy development and advice for the regulation of education and
care service providers under the NQF, including research and evaluation.
About the Media & Communications Team
The Media and Communications team deals with media and social media, web content and design,
the newsletter and other mass communications, internal communication, formal stakeholder
engagement, major presentations and conference appearances, inbound and outbound sponsorship,
and responding to enquiries from the wider community through a dedicated customer service unit.
Key Duties
Managing the implementation of ACECQA’s family communications strategy, particularly
online engagement through the Starting Blocks website and social media
Managing and maintaining good working relationships with external suppliers, stakeholder
groups and ACECQA senior management and Executive team
Providing regular progress reports on how the family communications strategy is being
successfully implemented and reaching its goals
Drawing on the expertise of the Media and Communications team to help implement aspects
of the strategy and working collaboratively with their direct managers
Managing events, sponsorship and advertising opportunities that support the goals of the
family communications strategy
Creating innovative strategies and solutions to address issues raised through the family
communications strategy
Working closely with the Senior Manager, Media and Communications on budgets, contracts
and other financial obligations associated with the family communications strategy
Providing communications assistance and expertise on other projects as required.
Providing assistance to the Manager with staff direction and allocating tasks.
Selection Criteria
1. Demonstrated capacity to clearly and persuasively communicate complex concepts to
multiple audiences, and to understand the audience perspective, particularly in online
2. Proven experience in developing and implementing communication strategies for a range of
issues and projects
3. Demonstrated experience and skills in managing stakeholder relationships and building
networks with internal and external stakeholders to create mutually beneficial partnerships
4. Demonstrated ability to think strategically, including the ability to align activities with
organisational objectives, determine priorities and provide direction and guidance
5. Highly developed project management experience, including evaluating and measuring
6. Demonstrated ability to work independently and complete work to required timelines.
General Manager, Strategy Communications and Engagement
Name: Michael Petrie
ACECQA Position Description
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