Arts in the Park Vendor Guidelines

Arts in the Park
Vendor Guidelines
As a vendor, you play an exciting role in our Arts in the Park event. Those who attend Arts in the
Park often look forward to browsing at the market as much as they do listening to the music.
We do our best to make sure that vendors at Arts in the Park are treated fairly and given the best
opportunities for success. We also want those who attend Arts in the Park to have a safe and
enjoyable experience. To help us succeed in this mission, please follow these guidelines:
Booth spaces:
 All booth spaces, with the exception of food vendor spaces, are available on a first-come,
first-served basis. Food vendors and farm produce vendors who set up in the parking lot
will be given seasonally assigned spaces.
 Booth spaces will be no larger than 12’x12’. Please keep all canopies, tables, products,
etc. within that amount of space.
 You are responsible for providing your own table, canopy, display materials, etc.
 No stakes of any kind may be used at Lakeside Park and nothing may be pushed into the
ground. This includes guy line stakes for canopies, yard signs, metal display stands or
any other thing that is pushed into the ground. Canopies should be secured with weights
or buckets of sand/water.
 Arts in the Park concerts are held rain or shine. In rare cases of severe weather or a heavy
driving rain, concerts may end early or be cancelled. It will be up to each individual
vendor to make their own decision about attending on days when the weather is
 High winds are common at Lakeside Park. All canopies must be secured and/or weighted
down to avoid blowing over in the wind.
 Vendors can begin selling any time after 5:00 p.m. and may stay until shortly after the
concert ends. Prime hours for vendors will be 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
 Arts in the Park vendors are included in all the regular Tuesday night concert events. All
vendors except food vendors are also included in the Friday night Rockin’ Hollywoods
concert on June 19th.
 No motorized vehicles are allowed in the park, therefore vendors who have spaces within
the park will need to carry their table, canopy, etc. by hand. A two-wheeled cart or a
wagon might be helpful for this process.
Competition with other vendors:
 Arts in the Park will not admit more than one vendor selling identical products (i.e. Avon
products, Tupperware, etc.). If more than one vendor of an identical product line applies
to Arts in the Park, priority will be given to the vendor whose application was received
 Arts in the Park will allow multiple vendors who are selling similar products. For
instance, we would allow more than one vendor to sell chocolate chip cookies or
handmade jewelry, etc. since each one of these items could be a unique design or recipe.
Each individual vendor is responsible for distinguishing themselves amongst their
Adding new/additional products:
 Vendors who wish to add new products to their booth spaces throughout the season may
do so only after getting approval from event staff and paying any additional applicable
 Vendors may pay a single rate and sell items from more than one product category. The
rate paid should be for the highest applicable category. For instance, a vendor who sells
commercial products and hand-made items must pay the higher commercial vendor rate.
Food, candy, beverages and baked goods:
 Only registered food vendors may sell and/or give away food, beverages, candy, or
anything else meant to be consumed during the event. Food concession vendors pay a
much higher rate for the ability to sell at Arts in the Park, therefore, they have the
exclusive right to provide food for those who attend.
 Small samples of food may be given away by other vendors if the samples directly relate
to the products they are selling.
 Vendors who are selling baked goods under the handmade items category must package
their products for consumption at home. Sellers in this category may not sell their
products in single-serving quantities.
Sales Tax:
 All vendors, even those exempt from sales tax, are required by Minnesota Law to fill out
an Operator Certificate of Compliance (included with registration form). Please return
this to the City with your registration form. All vendors must collect sales tax where
required by law.
Vendor Category Definitions:
 Food: this includes concession-type food, candy, beverages, etc. that are meant to be
consumed at the Arts in the Park event.
 Commercial Product: This includes anything that is commercially mass produced, even
if the products are not new.
 Handmade Products: This includes crafts, pottery, metal work, or anything that was
hand-made by an individual and not mass produced.
 Non-profit: This includes informational exhibits by established, non-profit organizations.
Booths in the non-profit category may not sell anything.
 Fundraising: Groups who wish to sell items for fundraising purposes should register
under the appropriate category for the items they wish to sell. Fundraising groups may be
eligible for a rate reduction of up to 50% and will be reviewed by the Park Director on a
case-by-case basis.
Family Friendly:
 All vendors are required to sell only family-friendly products. Any vendors selling items
with inappropriate language or content will have their vendor permits revoked and no
refund will be given. Check with event staff if you have a question about whether or not
your products are appropriate.
General Park Rules:
 No dogs are allowed in the park
 No alcohol allowed in the park
 No bikes or skateboards allowed in the park
Arts in the Park/Farmers Market 2014
Vendor Application
Tuesdays, June 10 – August 26, 2014 (June 10-September 30 for Farmers Market)
5:00 to 9:00 pm, Lakeside Park
Contact Information
Name of Business/Organization________________________________________________________
Name of Contact Person______________________________________________________________
Mailing Address_________________________________City/State/Zip________________________
Phone (____)_______________________ E-mail __________________________________________
Vendor Categories: (check which one is appropriate for your booth)
Farm produce
Commercial products
Crafts or handmade items
Non-profit exhibit (no sales)
Description of products: _____________________________________________________________
Date selections:
All dates included
In seasonal fee
Arts in the Park - Tuesdays, June 10th to August 27th (Sept. 30th for produce)
Lake Fest (May 31st)
Rockin’ Hollywoods (May 30th)
Fee Schedule
Handmade items & Farm
Commercial products
Non-profit exhibit (no
Electricity Add-on Fee for
any vendor
Seasonal Rate
Single Night Rate
No charge
No charge
Space Assignments:
 Farm produce vendors will be given a season-long assigned space in the parking lot on their
first day at the market.
 All other vendors will choose a space each week on a first-come, first-served basis.
Payment amount: ______________________________________________________
Check (payable to City of Forest Lake)
Operator Certificate of Compliance
Read the information on the back before completing this certificate. Person selling at event: Complete this certificate and give it
to the operator/organizer of the event. Operator/organizer of event: Keep this certificate for your records.
Do not send this form to the Department of Revenue.
Name of business selling or exhibiting at event
Print or type
Seller’s complete address
Minnesota tax ID number
Zip code
Name of person or group organizing event
Name and location of event
Date(s) of event
Describe the type of merchandise you plan to sell.
Complete this section if you are not required to have a Minnesota tax ID number.
Sales tax exemption information
I am selling only nontaxable items.
I am not making any sales at the event.
I participate in a direct selling plan, selling for
(name of company), and the home
office or top distributor has a Minnesota tax ID number and remits the sales tax on my behalf.
This is a nonprofit organization that meets the exemption requirements described below:
Candy sold for fundraising purposes by a nonprofit organization that provides educational and social activities for
young people primarily aged 18 and under (MS 297A.70, subd. 13[a][4]).
Youth or senior citizen group with fundraising receipts of $10,000 or less per year
(MS 297A.70, subd. 13[b][1]).
Sign here
A nonprofit organization that meets all the criteria set forth in MS 297A.70, subd. 14.
I declare that the information on this certificate is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I am
authorized to sign this form.
Signature of seller
Print name here
Daytime phone
PENALTY — Operators who do not have Form ST19 or a similar written document from sellers can be fined a penalty
of $100 for each seller that is not in compliance for each day of the selling event.
Stock No. 2100190
(Rev. 9/02)