OpiumOne - The Original Macramé

OpiumOne - The Original Macramé
OpiumOne draws on the beauty, mystery and spirituality of the east to inspire luxurious handmade pieces
of jewellery that reflect founders Søren Thisted’s quest to rediscover ancient crafts and combine them with
the design heritage of their native Scandinavia. Ancient symbols cast in gold and silver alongside diamonds,
rubies, sapphires and emeralds, are hand braided into exquisite, unique Macramé jewellery.
Having explored Asia long before the tourist trails emerged Søren Thisted and partner Astrid Krysfeldt
Hansen settled in Dali, a small, ancient walled city at the base of the Himalayan foothills in China’s Yunnan
province, home to the multitude of ethnic groups that have produced artisan weavers and craftspeople for
Inspired by the breath taking scenery and the spirituality and ingenuity experienced during their journey
OpiumOne was born and their vision to share the ancient craft of Macramé is being realized.
OpiumOne’s passion is creating stunning pieces of jewellery that reflect our vision of luxury and
sophistication and share our appreciation of living life to the fullest. Equally at home at a poolside cocktail
reception, stepping onto the Orient Express or climbing into a rickshaw our models are designed to
compliment a lifetime of experiences.
We never forget that our staff are the heartbeat of our company, because of their unique skills we are based in
such spectacular surroundings and because of their commitment we have grown together into the company
we are today.
Social and Environmental responsibilities are key to OpiumOne’s philosophy of ‘Corporate Karma’. We
understand that the beauty we see out of our window everyday won’t be there for our grandchildren unless
we pull together to promote change. We educate our employees to appreciate their surroundings and
regularly take the entire staff and management out to spend an afternoon cleaning up the local villages to
encourage a sense of responsibility amongst our community.
The Collection
Our range embodies the fusion of eastern mysticism with Scandinavian heritage and design
ingenuity, drawing on the spiritual influences of traditional symbols the jewellery represents the
synergy of positive energy and timeless style.
Allow us to introduce three models from our current collection:
The Knot of Eternity
The Knot of Eternity is highly symbolic throughout Eastern religions, particularly Tibetan
Buddhism and belongs to the Ashtamangala, a suite of eight auspicious symbols which can
help point the way to enlightenment. The Knot of Eternity can be interpreted as the
interweaving flow of time and movement, eternal love and friendship, a spiritual path and
the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Due to the absence of a beginning or an end it is also
taken to symbolize the wisdom of Buddha.
OpiumOne merges this sublime symbol, cast from 18ct gold, with our luxurious hand
knotted band to produce a bracelet that expresses spirituality and beauty.
The Double Dorje
The Double Dorje is symbolic in Tibetan Buddhism for representing indestructability
as well as relating to the Diamond way, a path to spiritual enlightenment. It represents
firmness of spirit and spiritual power and contains various elements that reference
different aspects of Buddhist wisdom that can be understood to signify undefiled pure
The Double Dorje bracelet features an exquisite herringbone hand knotted band with
a choice of accents in silver, black silver or 18ct gold.
The Chinese Zodiac (Sheng Xiao) is based around a twelve year cycle with each year
represented by a different animal whose characteristics and attributes are said to reflect
the personalities of those born under their sign and influence personality as well as
life events. The zodiac is further segmented by attributing another characteristic for
each sign during different twelve year cycles: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal.
The Zodiac range is combined with our sumptuous hand knotted bands and features a
choice of silver or 18ct gold accents.
Our Vision
The team at OpiumOne are really excited to be able to showcase some of our latest
collection, its the Year of the Dragon and we are well on our way to making it our best
year ever.
We really hope you share our vision for sustainable ethically produced Jewellery and
would be delighted to discuss our brand further.
Please contact [email protected] with any enquires.