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Fun Runs
1. No products to sell!
2. We promote healthy living!
3. Most schools keep between 60% and 70%
of pledges!
4. We raise 2-3 times more money!
5. We do 98% of all the work!
Earn More
With Arizona
FundRunners has been helping schools raise money since 2008. They
have the experience to make sure your fun run is a huge success!
Call 602-269-8799 or go to for more details.
The FundRunner Program
The Kick Off Day
The FundRunner Team will blow your mind with a 30 minute pep rally and staff party.
Students are asked to find sponsors to pledge $1 per lap for 30 laps or a flat donation.
The Character Days
The FundRunner Team creates buzz throughout the program using Character
Initiative and Team incentives for the school. Included are the car line dance party,
classroom parties, and much more. Our professional team is the key to your schools
success! Students are impacted on a daily basis and will remember the experience
The Fun Run Day
Every student participates in the Fun Run day regardless of pledge amounts. The
students celebrate their efforts as they run, walk, dance, and hop around the
FundRunner track!
Key Differences From Our Competition
Classroom Presentations—Developmentally Appropriate
 We do not hand out prizes to students in front of the entire classroom. We have a
simple, teacher-loved process that allow the teachers to distribute the prizes at their
discretion on a daily basis. We promote team incentives more than individual awards.
Our Flexibility
 Our goal is to provide the highest quality program that meets your standards. Every
school is unique. You know your school better than we do, so we listen to your ideas.
Deposit Fee Refundable
 Our deposit is NOT a fee, but a true deposit to book a date and is ALWAYS 100%
reimbursed to you on your invoice.
Fundrunners Unique Percentage Plan
 Our schools keep the highest percentage of raised money in the country. With our
sliding scale, most of our schools keep 10-15% MORE with us! Scale will change
depending on your actual student enrollment. Compare the results with a school
of 600 students.
Amount Raised Fun run company
Extra profits with
Arizona FundRunners
52% = $15,600 profit
57%= $17,100 profit
$1,500 More!
52% = $20,800 profit
62% = $24,800 profit
$4,000 More!
52% =$26,000 profit
66% = $33,000 profit
$7,000 More!
52% = 31,200 profit
68% = $41,500 profit
$10,300 More!
As you can see, you can earn thousands of dollars more using our
program. The same program the other companies have, but you earn
more money, much more!
“After working with a different fun run company for three years, we decided to sign up with
Fiesta Fund Raising ...We were initially intrigued that the more money we raised, the higher
percent the school was able to keep. We also liked the idea of not “presenting” pledge prizes
in front of the entire class and distributing them more discreetly.
The Fun Run Team was the best we ever had! They were always on time and courteous and the
students absolutely LOVED them! Their process during the day visiting classrooms and
collecting pledge kits required minimal interruption to the teacher’s day. We were also quite
impressed with their collection process. Paying online was made so much easier by not
charging a credit card surcharge per pledge.
With Fiesta Fund Raising and FunRunTime, the fun run continues to be our biggest fundraiser
of the year and is loved by students, teachers, administration, and parents alike!”
Sarina Bergman
VP Fund Raising Anasazi Elementary PTO
Higher profits, more flexibility, more fun! Make the right choice,
the logical choice—Arizona FundRunners!
Arizona Fundrunners Provides…
The FundRunner Team
Our team organizes and leads the entire program using Passion, Enthusiasm, and
Professionalism! Before, during, and after—we are there!
The FundRunner Resources
We provide all the materials needed to create the ideal environment for raising
as much money as possible. You pay zero!
The FundRunner Experience
This nine day program creates a value centered program that both parents,
teachers, and students will love and remember for years to come!
“From the first meeting to the final dollar collected, working with Arizona FundRunners was a
great experience for Laguna Elementary School. In previous years, we had a few issues with
another company and weren't sure we could manage another Fun Run. We successfully
executed all aspects of the Run and made significantly more money than in previous years.
John, Abby, and the Team were a huge hit with The PTO, our Principal, the Teachers and most
importantly, the Kids! Arizona FundRunners were professional, helpful and willing to do
whatever it took to make our event successful! They became an extension of our PTO and we
would happily recommend them to any school looking for a fun way to engage your students,
promote physical fitness, and to raise money for your respective schools.”
Karin Kilburg
Laguna Elementary
Presented by
Fiesta Fund Raising
Serving Arizona for over 35 years!
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