Talkin’ Drums
Kahzan Cymbals are a new cymbal line that is 100% handmade in Wuhan, China. The cymbals
are all cast from an 80% copper & 20% tin alloy and then hand-hammered into shape by
master craftsman. There are 5 different cymbal lines within the Kazhan range which include
Vintage, Vintage Dark, Standard, Tribal and Classic Rock. For this review I have focussed on
the Vintage series and the Tribal Series.
The Vintage and Vintage Dark series contain the darker sounding “jazz” cymbals. These cymbals are
characterised by an unlathed finish on the top of the cymbal which leaves an earthy, raw look. The 14”
Hi Hats in the vintage dark series have a thin top hat and medium bottom and when played with a stick
they produce a lower-volume washy sound, but still have a desirable “chick” when played with the foot.
The crashes in this series are also quite thin and produce a dark, unobtrusive crash sound with good
sustain. The 20” ride cymbals in the Vintage and Vintage dark series are a little on the thick side which
tends to make them a little louder and brighter than the other cymbals in this series.
The Tribal series sits at the other end of the sonic spectrum. These cymbals are highly polished and have
an eye catching “Tribal” logo and a unique hammering pattern which gives the cymbal a scaled look.
The test set of 14” Hi Hats were a medium-heavy weight and created a very crisp “chick” when played
with the pedal at all volumes. The hats were loud and crisp when struck with a stick and produced a
lower-pitched throaty sound when opened up a little. The 20” Rock ride is quite a loud cymbal with good
projection from the bell and cutting clean pitch from the bow with a small amount of wash underneath.
This cymbal also functioned well as a large crash cymbal. The crash cymbals in the Tribal series are also
quite loud but produce more of a trashy sound when struck.
The new cymbal range from Kazhan provides a more economical option when on the search for good quality cast cymbals. They are perfect for the
beginner and also provide options for the gigging drummer that needs professional sounding cymbals, but without the price tag. Kahzan cymbals are
available individually and in boxed sets. For your nearest stockist or for more info contact Jade Australia at
DRUMscene Issue 52