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Pro equestrian surfaces
Cojarec fibres® -
Arguably the Best Fibre in Europe
• SF-BR100
£195 per bale +VA
3 bales per tonne
BETA-RIDE®: pro-equestrian Menage Stabilising Fibre a blended mix of Polypropylene,
Polyester and Nylon fibre, Expertly produced in Belgium . Wider range of Fibre sizes more
suitable for use with less refined Sands. (Manufactured Beach etc)
• Greater Stability
• Increased Surface Resilience
• Energy Return for your Horse
• Moisture Retention 3% more than
Polypropylene alone
• Impact Cushioning reducing
stress & Joint/Tendon injury
Product Features:
• Provides a root structure to the
sand similar to grass
• Improves drainage whilst
• Reduced Maintenance
• Eliminates Riding Loose
and Deep
retaining moisture
• Insulating properties helps
to reduce freezing
European Environmental Standard
• SFF BR100
Natural Sand:
f ctured Sand:
Sand Grains vary from Angular to Round.
The rounder the grain the less tightly
the sand grain the more it will move and
give less traction. Sub-Angular Grains
compact less than angular grains yet still
allow good traction and drainage. When
selecting natural sand, you need to request
the most sub-angular available.
The particles are sharp and will compact
tightly.. if used alone,
alon being softer they break
down into dust sooner and should be avoided.
Ordering Beta-Ride®®
Existing Sand Arenas:
Surfaces consisting of other types of sand
benefit from using Beta-Ride®. The wider
range of fibre sizes for use with the less
refined sands. (Manufactured Beach etc)
Guidance no. of Bales Required:
40 x 20 metre - 9 Bales
60 x 20 metre - 12 Bales
(Bales approx. 300 kgs.)
Composition / Information:
Chemical description - mixed plastics
No hazardous impurities or additives
Installation: We recommend that your sand riding surface be a minimum of 15 cm (6” depth) before installation of the Beta-Ride®
Mixing Ratio: The ratio of Beta-Ride® fibres to be mixed into the top 10 cm (4”) depth of your sand surface depend on the type of sand used in
the riding surface and the riding discipline for which the surface will primarily be used, as a guide we recommend the following;
Racing gallops: 2.5 kg to 4 kg per square metre surface area of sand.
Showjumping and dressage: 4 kg to 5 kg per square metre surface area of sand.
Installation of Beta-Ride® into your Sand Riding Surface: Beta-Ride® are supplied in bales, these should be opened (remove wrapping &
binding ties), and the fibres spread evenly over the leveled sand at the desired ratio (see above). Once evenly spread, Beta-Ride® should be
rotovated into the top 10 cm (4”) of your sand surface using a rotovator or stoneburrier. Once Beta-Ride® are properly mixed in with the sand,
the riding surface should be re-leveled and rolled. The riding surface is then ready for use, performing at its optimum when the surface
material is moist; during periods of dry weather, some watering will be required.
compacting rollers), operated off
fff the ball-hitch of a A
ATV/UTV or offf the 3 point link of a tractor.
Beta-Ride® are supplied x-factory - delivery charges apply.
+44 (0) 7908 411 770
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