Young Volunteers affirm bonds of friendship: Welcome, again, SAP!

Young Volunteers affirm bonds of friendship:
Welcome, again, SAP!
It is heartwarming to have young people show their love
and support to the MC children. Students and teachers
at Vasant Valley School were actively involved in
making Rakhi Cards during Rakhi celebrations. They
made 600 cards that enabled us to communicate with
our well-wishers and friends. MC is proud to celebrate
partners like the Vasant Valley School.
MC renewed its ties with yet another friend: SAP
LABS has come forward to lend support to the
Palm Drive day care center in Gurgaon. This
relationship will take MC closer to achieving its
mission of a just and caring world for all our
children, and SAP its CSR goals. Thank you SAP!
Meena Day
Meena Day, an annual event, was
celebrated with children across all
our daycare centers from 14th – 21st
September, with various activities
like movie screening, slogan
writing, focus group discussions on
education, role play etc. Meena,
an imaginary character created by
UNICEF epitomizes the girl child
who braves the world and tackles
the key issues affecting children,
particularly, neglect and discrimination faced by girl
Excursions: Children from the Bestech center
(Sector 47 and 67) were taken to Children's Park
and the Zoo
Festival Time: The Jul-Sep quarter saw a host of
festivals and reasons to celebrate Independence Day, Eid, Rakhiand Janmashtami –
with our children. The children have fun in the
centres, learn something new each time and also
go back home to share it with their families.
Dream on Wheels: Our old friends, the Japanese
Ladies Volunteer Group, have donated Rs. 80000 to
buy two motor bikes to ensure timely delivery of
goodsto our centres.
Dear Friends,
We are delighted to inform you that the 100% tax exemption, u/s 35 AC of the IT Act 1961 on donations to
the Corpus Fund, has been extended to March 31, 2014! Under this exemption MC has raised Rs.1.24 Crores
for its Corpus Fund, to date, including Rs. 3,85,902 in the quarter July to September 2011.
We have enclosed a form to receive your feedback as well as references of friends who would want to
support the MC Cause. Do take a few minutes to fill the form and help MC to improve its performance and
extend its network. And do not forget to use the enclosed bookmarks and pass some along to your friends.
Issue 40 July – September 2011
A four-year struggle pays off …
Corpus Donors
For people at Kirby Place, an
unauthorised labour camp in SouthWest district of Delhi, 2nd of August,
2011, was a day of celebration. The
reason was the opening of ten
'Anganwadis' in Kirby Place after
four long years of evidence building,
petitions and follow ups with the
Dept. of Women and Child
Development for proper child
development facilities under the
Integrated Child Development
Services (ICDS) scheme. The Basti Vikas Samiti, a local community group,
and Mobile Creches came together to organise this event attended by
over 600 people. These Aganwadis will fill the unmet need for nutrition,
healthcare and pre-school for young children in the community.
Building Credibility and Transparency:
MC was accredited by Credibility Alliance (CA),under
its “Desirable Norms” set of criteria, in September 2011.
CA is a consortium of voluntary organizations
committed towards enhancing accountability and
transparency in the voluntary sector through good
governance. Akin to a professional body CA has
developed norms or standards of governance.
This recognition, after diligent scrutiny by a team of CA auditors, has
been a real boost to our commitment to stay accountable to all
On behalf of the entire team, I wish you and yours a Very Happy and Safe Diwali ! Light a lamp for the child
and spread the message.
Anand Sankararaman, Annie
Mathew, Bryan Godwin Noronha,
Deepankar Sanwalka,
DurgaIndramani Foundation,
Jimmy D Souza, Manjula Chandra,
Mridula Bajaj, Renu Mathur,
S. Anandalakshmy, Smarinita
Shetty, Vivek Kadam.
*Due to space constraints, we are acknowledging
only selective donors. All donations are valuable
to us and will be fully acknowledged in the Annual
General Donation
American India Foundation (Jim
Allman), Amit Bhandari, Gerry
Rainbird, Govind Lal Charitable
Trust, Johnson Controls, Manender
Mann, Manjula Agarwal, Martand
Prakash Singh, Metores Trust, Om
Wadhwa, Sandhya Iyer, Sitaram
Jindal Foundation, Usha Pratap
Donation in Kind
Adya Singhania, Anjali Jain, Anjana
Shroff, Boeing International
Company, Japanese Students
Group, M R Boga, Nivet Pierrette,
Orient Exports, Sabina Puri, Shikha
Ghosh, Shree Bharat International,
SumanAhuja, VikramAdvani
Happy Diwali...!
Donate today to be a part of our children's tomorrow.
Sincerely yours,
Anjali Alexander
Chairperson Mobile Creches
New Volunteers
While you celebrate Diwali… please
remember our children and pick any of the
donation options below:
Divya Jain, Eleanor Easton, Kunal
Kapur, Raghav Agarwal.
Please attach a cheque in favour of 'Mobile Creches' for the Corpus Fund which will enable the long term
sustainability of our intervention;
Rs. 50,000.00
(Signature of the donor)
Please send your cheque to:
Rs. 20,000.00
Rs. 10,000.00
(Any other amt.)
Please fill in name and address on the flip side