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Woo Speed McNaughton
54, arts lover. Photographed at the Kentucky
Center for the Performing Arts.
How would you describe your style?
“Eclectic. A little bit of everything.”
What does the word “style” mean to you?
“My background was as a personal stylist. That was my
career. Style means individuality. It means fnding your
own space and your own place and taking it to the max.”
How do you typically dress for a theater show?
“It depends on the act, but I love costumes, and I’ve done
some of my own designing. My clothes are decided on
based on the event.”
How has art infuenced your style?
“It’s huge. I’ve been involved in art all my life. My parents
and my grandparents painted and sang and danced and
did theater, and so it’s been a big infuence on me.”
Where do you fnd your clothes?
“My favorite place is Elizabeth’s Timeless Attire (on
Frankfort Avenue). I love vintage. I love Rodes and Rodeo
Drive Boutique and all the boutiques. I go everywhere
because I’m always looking for singular pieces.”
What fashion era do you wish would come back?
What was your worst style moment/year?
“High school, when I tried everything, and it was one piece
on top of another and it either worked or it was a complete
disaster. But I was too young to know it, so I had a ball,
and I found my way later on.”
What’s the cheapest thing you’re wearing?
“Maybe my stockings!”
Photos and interviews by Amber
Garvey and Casey Chalmers
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Photos by Greg Stanfeld
Weʼll spring for these
pocket patterns.
Record notebook, $18 — Block
Party Handmade Boutique
Leather bracelets by TOKYObay, $28 each— Gifthorse
Vintage Body Spa handmade
soap in grapefruit peppermint, $6.50 — Block Party
Handmade Boutique
Top, from left:
Orange fowery linen pocket square by Etro, $97.50 — Rodes
Blue, purple and green shibori pocket square, $45 — Shirts Ties ’N Links
Red and white checkered cotton pocket square, $20 — The Fashion Post
Above, from left:
Green and blue silk pocket square by Etro, $98.50 — Rodes
White with pastel seams linen pocket square, $50 — The Fashion Post
Yellow and red linen paisley pocket square by Seaward & Stearn London, $65 — Shirts Ties ’N Links
Blue and pink linen paisley pocket square by Etro, $97.50 — Rodes
Green and purple silk pocket square by Etro, $97.50 — Rodes
Red and blue argyle pocket square by R. Hanauer, $60 — Rodes
Teal and gold silk pocket square by R. Talbott, $75 — Rodes
Light blue polka dot pocket square by R. Hanauer, $50 — Rodes
Navy and red equestrian silk pocket square, $55 — The Fashion Post
Pink paisley and polka dot reversible pocket round by Edward Armah, $60 — Shirts Ties ’N Links