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hand blown glass made in england
About Us
Rothschild & Bickers is one of the last glassworks in the United Kingdom. Together Victoria Rothschild,
Mark Bickers and their team have over thirty years of experience in working and designing glass. Each
piece is handmade from start to finish, using traditional glassworking techniques and reinvigorating antique
manufacturing processes by marrying them with contemporary finishes. Expert craftsmanship is combined
with cutting edge design to create Rothschild & Bickers’ sophisticated and distinctive signature lighting
A love of craft production and a respect for their material underpins all Rothschild & Bickers’ work.
Handmade production allows the freedom to experiment, which is key to the design process. ‘We blow
something we like the shape of’, says Vicki, ‘and then we’ll remake it and change it a little bit. That’s what I
love about the handmade process - being able to have the thing in front of you and edit as you go along.’
Each piece is tested and tweaked in the workshop until the final form is perfected. Moulds are used to
shape the surface of the molten glass, which is then skillfully freeblown and hand finished. It’s a labourintensive process that results in high-quality, beautiful pieces with all the natural variation that marks them
as handmade.
Photography credits - Simon Camper & Paul Beggy
Signature Products
Flora Pendant — shown above, far left
A small yet highly decorative glass shade with ornate floral holders in the Arts and Crafts style. The pressed
metalwork is available in a number of finishes including polished brass and a more contemporary polished
Retro Light — shown above, second from left
The timeless styling of the Retro light pays homage to the 1951 Festival of Britain. A sleek form made in
handblown glass with a modernist streamlined spun copper top, the Retro light has a touch of the space
age about it, recalling designers’ playful use of scientific forms and motifs in the 1950s.
Unit 7, Great Northern Works, Hertford SG14 1QN
www.rothschildbickers.com [email protected] 01992 677 292
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hand blown glass made in england
Tiered Light
Designed for all those who appreciate the simple refined forms of the thirties. The clean architectural lines
of the optical glass recall the elegance and sophistication of the Art Deco period.
Bubble Light
The playful Bubble Light adds a subtle touch of decoration that will work with a number of interior designs.
A pin mould is used to create a delicate pattern of air bubbles throughout the glass.
Spindle Shade
This range combines the rich colours of handblown glass with the subtle intricacy of lampworked
borosilicate. The ornate quality of the linear spindle acts as a highlight to the simple modern shade.
Spindle Pendant
Enlarging the intricate detail of the Spindle Shade creates this long, elegant pendant light. The clear optical
glass glows incandescently while reflecting the surrounding colours.
Lantern Light
This range reveals the pure elegance and simplicity of handmade glass by harnessing the natural fluidity of
the material. During the production process the glass is skillfully allowed to stretch whilst being blown into
the final shape.
Open Optic
This classically shaped light is a new addition to our range of optics. The beauty of the piece is found in the
delicate scalloped rim, which looks fantastic at a low height.
Tassel Light
Inspired by Victorian decadence, these lights combine a contemporary freeblown form with sumptuous
fabric tassel. By blending these elements, the Tassel Light sits equally well in both modern and period
Black Nouveau
This opulent range in black glass is made using traditional freeblown techniques to create elegant
fluid forms with a shiny, rich, reflective quality. The open frill comes with a chrome-topped bulb, which
illuminates it internally and allows it to be viewed from below.
Opulent Optic
This light combines a classic form with rich vibrant colours to infuse an Oriental flavour. The optical glass
has a precious jewel-like quality that emanates diffused shadows of colour throughout the room.
Vintage Light
This flamboyant light is made from freeblown glass with a lavish cascade of fringe. The flowing form evokes
the sultry grandeur of a vintage boudoir.
Unit 7, Great Northern Works, Hertford SG14 1QN
www.rothschildbickers.com [email protected] 01992 677 292
Copyright © 2012 rothschild & bickers All the designs are protected by law