ROUND 5- MIAMI - FIA Formula E

The Stewards of the Meeting
All Competitors and Drivers
Bulletin N° 01
Please be advised that the stewards require the following regulations to apply at this event and
also at the remaining events of the Championship.
Please sign the attached signature sheet to signify your receipt of this Bulletin and that you
understand, accept and will comply with the regulations set up below.
2014/2015 Formula E Sporting Regulations Article 26) Weighing
b) After any practice session and the race, each car crossing the Line may be weighed.
If a driver wishes to leave his car before it is weighed he must ask the technical delegate to
weigh him in order that his weight may be added to that of the car. The technical delegate will
then tell the driver his weight and, once the driver leaves parc fermé, this will be deemed
implicit acceptance of the figure. The minimum race weight must be 888 kg 896 kg with the
2014/2015 Formula E Technical Regulations Article 5.1 Weights
The weight of the battery cells and/or capacitor of the RESS must not exceed 200 kg. The
weight of the cells/capacitors will be measured during the homologation. The total weight of
the complete car including the driver must not be less than 888 kg 896 kg at all times during
the event.
2014/2015 Formula E Sporting Regulations Article 25.12) – Change for safety reasons:
Each team will be provided with one set of typhoon tyres per car at the beginning of the
season. These tyres will be used as transportation tyres and will be kept by the competitors
in accordance with the conditions set out in Article 25 and, in particular, Article 25.8 by
the tyre supplier during an event.
In case of extreme wet conditions, typhoon tyres can be used only after a decision by the
Race Director. Once used in an Event, the typhoon tyres will be replaced with new ones by
the tyre supplier at the next Event for all the teams.
2015 FIA Formula E Championship Stewards’ Bulletin
New RESS Operating light process: It is up to each competitor to ensure that his car is
electrically safe at all times. Consequently, at any time during the event the car must
either have the RESS operating light on (green light), or have a distinctive sign
provided by the organiser (FEH) and visible to all. This sign cannot be removed until
the RESS operating light (green light) is on. The stewards may at any time ask the
competitor to switch on the RESS operating light (green light) to check that it is
Tony Scott-Andrews
FIA Steward (Chairman)
13 March 2015
Alan Gow
International Steward
Dennis Dean
ASN Steward
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2015 FIA Formula E Championship Stewards’ Bulletin