Boat Bash

Fairfield Harbour New Neighbors &
The Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club Invite You to
Boat Bash June 13
Join us for a fun day on the water
Followed by Dinner at The Community Center at 1800 hours
Subs... Salads... BYOB
Departure time and meeting place are at the discretion of the Captain.
Refreshments will be offered by the Captain. Reservation deadline June 5
Reserve Early...first come first served... Reservation will be confirmed
**Fill Out**Clip**Drop Off**to Ginger Thompson 6005 Brig Ct**633-3798**
I have a ____Sailboat ____Powerboat
I can accommodate ________ (# of guests)
Names of Captain and Crew______________________________________________________
Phone number _________________email___________________________________________
New Neighbors will be assigned to your boat. You will receive a passenger list. It will be your
responsibility to notify your guests of the time and meeting place.