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RS - Human Fertilization - Marieb (563-4) & Notes
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1. _acrosome_______The "tip" of a sperm cell is
called the _____.
2. _12-24 hours_____ What is the viability period
for the secondary oocyte?
3. _100s - 1000s____How many sperm cells typically
reach the secondary oocyte?
4. _fertilization______Meiosis II (the second meiotic
division) occurs only if _____ takes
5. _haploid_________Is a secondary oocyte haploid
or diploid?
6. _23_____________The haploid number for
human beings is _____.
7. _46_____________How many chromosomes are
there in a human zygote?
8. _6 hours_________How long does it take sperm
cells to complete the journey to the
upper third of the uterine tube?
9. _days___________Sperm cells in the uterine tube
can survive for several _____
(hours / days / weeks).
10. __24_____________________ The secondary oocyte is capable of being fertilized for up to ____ hours after ovulation.
11. __corona radiata___________ The outermost layer of follicular cells that the sperm cell must first penetrate is the __ __.
12. __zona pellucida___________ Next, the sperm cells must penetrate a membrane called the z___ p___.
13. __receptor________________ When, finally, one sperm cell penetrates the jelly coat, it must make contact with a r_____.
14. __head___________________ Once sperm penetration occurs within the secondary oocyte, the _____ of the sperm
detaches from the midpiece and tail.
15. __46 + 23 = 69_____________ Perhaps one time in a million, a second sperm cell penetrates an ovum at the same time
as a first. What would the chromosome number resulting from this strange
union be?
16. __hundreds_______________ How many sperm cells does it take to perform the acrosomal reaction?
17. __No____________________ Does the first sperm cell to arrive fuse with the secondary oocyte? (Yes / No)
18. __Hardens & Separates_____ What happens to the zona pellucida after the sperm cell unites with a receptor?
19. __Hardened & Separated Zona Pellucida__ What prevents a second sperm cell from entering the secondary oocyte.
20. __Boy___________________ Is an XY offspring a boy or a girl? (Basic Biology)
21. __(Second) Polar Body_____
In the diagram to the lower left, the nuclei of the sperm cell and the ovum are swollen
and beginning their union. What is being extruded to the left of the zygote?
(It is designated with an arrow)
Union of sperm
cell and ovum