Thank you for considering the products of Willamette Valley Fruit... fund raising groups!! If you have questions about our company,...

Thank you for considering the products of Willamette Valley Fruit Company and for supporting local
fund raising groups!! If you have questions about our company, products, or fund raising for your group,
please contact us at or (503) 362-8678.
All Natural Handmade Pies
Our frozen pies are handmade with all natural ingredients and no preservatives. Each pie crust is hand-rolled,
hand-filled, and crimped to look as though you made it at home. Simply take from the freezer and bake in
your oven following our “easy as pie” directions on the box. Our two crust fruit pies are trans-fat and dairy
free, 9” and a full 40 ounces of heaven! Priced at ______.
American Apple Pie
Tart Granny Smith apples
blended with just the right
amount of cinnamon and
sugar to give you a truly old
fashioned apple pie taste.
When you bake this in your
own oven, the whole house
smells yummy!
Raspberry/Rhubarb Pie
Tangy rhubarb is added to
mellow, sweet, red raspberries to
create this wonderfully unique
pie that is both tart and sweet.
Discover why many have come
to love this award winning
Cherry Crunch Pie
Ripe, red, plump, whole cherries
are packed into a hand rolled
crust then topped with a flour,
sugar, butter and sliced almond
crunch for a perfect combination
of flavors and texture. The entire
family will love this treat!!!
Marionberry Pie
The best all around berry variety is the
marionberry. The fruit is packed tightly
to produce the delightful taste of
Fruit Cobblers
Marion County. This is our best seller!!! Our wonderful cobblers combine fresh, local fruits and
berries with a delicious cake and crumble topping. The
Add a scoop of ice cream and you’ll
26 ounce cobbler serves 4-5 people. Simply bake in
become everyone’s favorite.
your oven. Priced at _________.
Individually Quick Frozen Fruits
Available in Blueberry, Red Raspberry or Strawberry
Two pound bags of ripe,
firm, pure, fresh fruit.
Great for cooking, baking,
snacking and smoothies!!!
Loaded with Antioxidants!
Enjoy the best of summer
year round.
Priced at ___________
Available in the following varieties:
Forest Berry – A delightful combination of 3 berries
boysenberries, marionberries and blueberries.
Peach - Beautiful and tender peaches make this a
naturally delicious dessert anytime.
Marionberry – A smaller, crustless versions of our pie.
Serve warm with Ice Cream……WOW.
Our newest “little” addition!!
Available in cases of 6, these sweetie pies freeze well and the variety
pack allows you to taste several of our specialties!! (2 Marionberry,
1 Raspberry/Rhubarb, 1 Peach, 1 Apple and 1 Cherry) If you prefer, you
may order 6 of any one variety. Priced at _________ per case.
“Pie for You or Pie for Two”
This 10 ounce treat is just right
Anytime of day or night.
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