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1 Jo Lewis
6 Woodsyre, Sydenham Hill SE26 6SS
Accessible, toilet, parking
■ SAT 6, SUN 7
Watercolours, artists’ books,
stone paintings
“I work by rivers and seas, recently
along the Thames, using the natural
water source as an integral part of
my process. The interaction of water,
colour and surface, in a particular
place and time, is a constant
4 Alhambra Home and Garden
148 Kirkdale SE26 4BB
020 3417 6385
Steps inside shop
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 6, SUN 7
■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Hedy Parry-Davies
Hedy’s work is inspired by the art
of origami. The structured paper is
tessellated to create three-dimensional
pieces of work, using a variety of
patterned papers integrating maps,
music scores and architecture.
Lucy Tann
"My printmaking is influenced by interwar era poster design and the idea
of escaping from the city to discover
new places. I studied Illustration
at Camberwell College of Arts,
graduating in 2007."
2 roddy&ginger
20 Woodsyre, Sydenham Hill SE26 6SS
Accessible, toilet, parking
■ SAT 6, SUN 7
Veena Scialo
"My work is an attempt to reflect
some of the overwhelming beauty
of creation. This is why my source
of inspiration always originates from
nature and I hope to somehow touch
its spiritual essence."
The Angels is a unique collection
of 60 life-size creations based
on classic depictions of angels
in art, dating from the 8th to the
19th centuries. Originally found
in manuscripts, stained glass,
fabrics, ceilings, galleries, churches,
cathedrals and museums from
across the globe, here, for the first
time, they can be seen in south
London. They join St Bartholomew’s
existing art, including six magnificent
archangels. The church is offering a
large programme of events, including
craft stalls, workshops, afternoon
tea, music, theatre, a lecture and
an Italian opera café. See Festival
brochure for a full programme.
Craft Workshop in the church hall
with Cecile Schneider. Angel glass
painting workshop for children,
young people and adults. Come
and make your own window panel –
choose an angel, £7 per panel made.
Children need to be accompanied by
an adult at all times
■ THURS 4 JULY, 8PM, £6
Angels, Art & Spirituality
by Revd Charles Pickstone
Anglican priest from Catford;
educated in Oxford, Paris & Leeds,
widely published writer & lecturer.
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Yoke Matze
“The pleasure of looking, exploring
and making connections is an
important element of my work. I am
inspired by the land and the endless
cycles of nature. Fine-art printing is
the basis of my work.”
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Nick Haseltine
Nick is a silk screen printer,
photographer and bookbinder
and has produced prints and artists
books, inspired by industrial and
architectural imagery.
Muriel Haseltine
Muriel paints in oils and watercolours:
still life, botanical studies and
landscapes. She also enjoys working
with fabrics and wool, and painting
cards in watercolour. Has exhibited at
the Mall and Bankside Galleries.
John Richards
John is a fantasy illustrator and filmmaker. Currently producing a steampunk styled music video making props,
some of which are exhibited with his
other fantasy artwork.
Working in a traditional darkroom,
observe Yoke creating a photogram.
Exciting prints will be made by
placing objects and materials on
to photo sensitive papers and then
exposing to light.
Karen Butti
Karen’s embroidery combines sketch
with hand and machine-stitch. Her
work has been exhibited locally
in London & Kent and published
in Embroidery magazine and in
Extraordinary Sketchbooks by Jane
Paul Sharrock
Paul works with intaglio and relief
printing processes such as etching,
lino, woodblock and collagraph.
Juliet Johnson
Juliet attends the Glass Engraving
Course at Morley College. She
has designed lettering for glazed
church doors, and is happy to take
commissions for small or larger work.
6 Rachael Dickens
28 Beaulieu Avenue SE26 6PP
Toilet, parking
■ SAT 29, SUN 30
“My current work is inspired by
swimming all year round. I love
outdoor pools and 1930s lidos in
particular. I travel around the country
to draw, photograph and swim in as
many as I can find.”
8 Sugahill Café & Gallery
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Linda Litchfield
“Stitch, text, recycled textiles,
embroidery, the east coast of England
and the sea, old postcards and the
handwritten messages on them are all
informing my work at present.”
Ruty Benjamini
Ceramic artwork inspired by natural
forms, textures, weathered and
effaced surfaces, ancient pottery and
glass, and the human figure. Oneoff and family groups of sculptural
vessels, figurines and wall pieces.
Artists Trail exhibition
From mid June, a selection of art
from the Artists Trail.
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
13 Grove Cottage
34 Sydenham Road SE26 5QF
Lucy Ribeiro
Lucy draws upon the Japanese
tradition of woodblock prints and
western abstraction, using ink and
pencil on paper. Her work reveals
hidden forms through mark-making.
She has exhibited widely including
at the National Portrait Gallery.
David Matthews
Graduated in Furniture Design
from the RCA. Recently designing
and making longcase and mantle
clocks in a variety of veneers,
and contemporary jewellery with
inspiration drawn mainly from the
Bauhaus and Modernist movements.
■ SUN 30
A multidisciplinary designer excited
about communication in the
widest meaning of the term, who
experiments with materials and
objects no longer fit for their original
purpose, but when appropriated to a
new context are granted a new life.
John Taylor
John paints geometric abstracts
which have their roots in the
British St Ives School.
Joyce Treasure
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
"At the heart of my practice is an interest
in human behaviour, relationships, how
we communicate, social issues and
our relationship with identities… and
how these ideas correspond with the
source of our being."
10 St Christopher’s Hospice
51-59 Lawrie Park Road SE26 6DZ
020 8768 4500
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 6, SUN 7
■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Paul Wilks
“This work is derived from personal
experience and direct observation –
I never work from found images or
photographs – and is a by-product
and life text for others to read.”
Cath Dupuy
in street
with long
exposures to
create ghost
images of
where people
have been; as if their ‘auric imprint’
had been left behind; also trying
to document the unusual and
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“I am a sculptor, producing
mainly abstract forms in
wood and stone. I try to
give my work a sense of
movement through line,
often interrupted by some
element of displacement
or fracture.”
Wood- or stone-carving
in the garden, weather
15 Sydenham Mosaic
Sydenham Centre
44a Sydenham Road SE26 5QX
On the newly named Sydenham
Centre, next to the Post Office, there
are 11 roundels by the mosaic artist,
Oliver Budd, celebrating the history
and achievements of Sydenham.
Sue Horne
“My love of travel is where I get
my inspiration for my photography;
whether it’s the people I meet or the
surroundings I find myself in, I hope
my images have something to say.”
Helena Sivak
“Originally from Slovakia, I’ve lived
in south London since 2005. I’m
a member of SLWA working with
pyrography, oil, acrylic and mixed
media. I can’t imagine life without
relaxing with colours and feelings.”
Carol Edgar
“Inspiration for my paintings
and collagraph prints is drawn
from natural observation and,
though the subject matter is
varied, there are recurring themes
around plant forms and landscape,
reflecting my love of colour, texture,
collage and experimentation.”
Bill Ward
Bill Ward is a landscape
photographer and actor. His
photographs are taken at the
extremes of the day, first or last
light, usually with long exposures,
sometimes up to three minutes and
occasionally beyond.
Garden, parking
9 Property World
(the old ticket office)
1 Sydenham Road SE26 5QW
Mark Vaughan 020 3659 0551
Many thanks to all those local people who have allowed us to use their homes, studios or business premises this year.
Artists Trail Team: Alan Taylor-Russell, Annabel McLaren, Anne-Marie Glasheen, Bruce Harrison, Nick Haseltine,
Mireille Galinou, Pippa Stacey and Yoke Matze.
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 6, SUN 7
17 Alan Taylor-Russell
12 Tannsfeld Road SE26 5DF
12 Gurkha’s
67 Sydenham Road SE26 5UA
020 8778 3322
Joseph Mathew
“A transcendental meditation of
the sublime... scattered, balanced
forms revoke in conscious and
subconscious mind true love,
the gift of life.”
29 JUNE –14 JULY 2013
Sarah Perry
“Inspiration for my stoneware pots
comes from seascapes, landscapes
and textures found in nature. Intensely
coloured glazes and metallic lustres
are used on simple forms, alongside a
range of lustred porcelain jewellery.”
Step at the front door, garden, refreshments
John Chappelow
“Landscapes, seascapes, abstracts,
people, still life. I simply enjoy making
pictures, particularly if they can
convey more than is visually apparent
or explore the interaction between
perception and deception that is
inherent in photography.”
A demonstration of wood
engraving techniques
There are steps inside the house between
the rooms. Refreshments; garden
Cathy Tincknell
“I’ve worked as a designer and art
director, in children’s publishing, for
over 25 years. Recently I’ve returned
to printmaking with this collection of
quirky animals and insects.”
Gill Hickman
Gill Hickman’s works tend to be
bumpy in nature! From colourful
embossed collages with gold leaf to
textured panels of recycled glass,
environmental textures and patterns
are echoed in her work.
■ SUN 30 12 & 3PM, FREE
Gill Hickman will explain her process
and show some of the fine papers &
delicious materials that are used to
create her embossed collages.
Yasemen Hussein
Yasemen uses mixed media that
can range from copper to concrete to
leather, and the work can range from
one-off fine art pieces,
to bespoke wearable pieces,
sculptures and chandeliers.
18 Alain Speed
42 Tannsfeld Road SE26 5DF
Access to studio is via the alley
between 48 & 50 Tannsfeld Road;
unsuitable for disabled access,
due to width of alley
■ SAT 29, SUN 30
■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Rope binds found objects,
is a metaphor for narrative
imbuing the object; the story
is not always reliable. In
contrast Mythic Ziggy deals
explicitly with narrative and
the feminine masquerade;
the resulting 2D images echo
70s wallpaper.
Refreshments will be served, garden, toilet
Fay Watson
Fay Watson retired from graphic
design in 2000 when she returned
to making original wood engravings
and lino-cuts. Her engravings have
been shown in the Society of Wood
Engravers’ annual exhibitions in
2010 and 2011.
11AM-1PM AND 2-5PM
■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Artists Trail exhibition
From mid June, a selection of art
from the Artists Trail.
5 Architects collective
7 Halifax Street SE26 6JA
■ SAT 13, SUN 14
16 Seven artists at number 6
6 Princethorpe Road SE26 4PF
■ SUN 30 JUNE, 3-5PM
Robert Lock
Printing and postcard art, influenced by
vinyl record labels, sleeves, iconic pop
figures and quaint expressions.
14 Priory Cottage
32 Sydenham Road SE26 5QF
■ SAT 29 ■ SAT 6 ■ SAT 13
9 Hassocks Close SE26 4BS
(off Kirkdale)
Doug Southall
“Abstracts, fireworks, shows and
places, patterns and people:
everything interesting and unusual
that catches my eye – a selection
from my collection, built up over 15
years as a professional photographer.
Framed or as prints.”
Pippa Schofield
“Having recently picked up the
paintbrush and rediscovered my
hobby as a great form of relaxation,
I hope you find as much pleasure in
my pieces as I found in creating them.”
250 Kirkdale SE26 4NL
020 8659 5828
3 Two photographers
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 6, SUN 7
■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Lisa Dalton
Daniel Golberg
Daniel is a conceptual artist. He is
now exploring more traditional media
and his current drawn work reflects his
interest in marine and coastal subjects.
Original screen prints and textiles for
home and family, displayed in a
mid-century home and studio
overlooking Dulwich Woods. New
wallpaper and homeware products
available at special Artists Trail prices.
■ SAT 29, SUN 30
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13
11 Kente Coffee Shop
16 Sydenham Road SE26 5QW
Artists Trail 2013
Follow us on Twitter @SydArtistsTrail
7 St Bartholomew’s Church
4 Westwood Hill SE26 6QR
There are even more painters, printers, potters, photographers, poets and
performance artists, jewellers, glass artists, sculptors and fabric technicians than
in previous Festivals. This year the Artists Trail is spread over three weekends
giving you time to enjoy fantastic local artistic skills. There will be major events at
St Bart's, Mayow Park, Normanton Street Church and Canvas & Cream, as well as
houses, cafés, galleries, the library and other spaces open to the public. The Trail
will lead you through the community from Sydenham Hill, to Perry Hill, to Forest
Hill. Familiar faces and many new ones – art for everyone to enjoy.
Venues open from 11 – 5pm unless otherwise stated ■ First weekend SAT 29 – SUN 30 JUNE
■ Second weekend SAT 6 – SUN 7 JULY ■ Third weekend SAT 13 – SUN 14 JULY ■ Other dates
Sat & Sun | 29 – 30 June | 6 – 7 July | 13 – 14 July | 11am – 5pm
Sydenham Arts Festival 2013 Artists Trail
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 6, SUN 7
Anna Lovely is opening a new gallery
on Sydenham Road coinciding with
the Sydenham Arts Festival.
Paddy Lovely
Witty observations of real life
in Provence and London.
Drawings and paintings.
22 Alexandra Nurseries
Estate House, 56B Parish Lane,
Penge SE20 7LJ
020 8778 4145 / 07816 836298
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 6, SUN 7
■ SAT 13, SUN 14
TUE-SAT 9.30AM-5.30PM; SUN 10AM-4PM
Tony Tidy
Paintings that give an essence of a
place or landscape using a variety of
media. Tony’s paintings are derived
from work carried out in the nursery
during this spring and summer or from
sketchbooks completed during travels
abroad and from longer stays in France.
25 House and Garden of Glass
30 Kingsthorpe Road SE26 4PG
There is a small step up to the front door,
garden, parking
■ SUN 30 ■ SUN 7 ■ SUN 14
Pippa Stacey
Decorative handmade glass work,
designed from original drawings
to create unique, individual pieces.
Escape into the magical world
of Pippa’s glass books and
related curiosities.
26 Grow Mayow – a Green Flag
winning Community Garden
Mayow Park, Mayow Road SE26 4JA
Located adjacent to the Pavilion,
accessible. Café open both weekends
with a selection of hot and cold
seasonal refreshments
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Green Arts At Grow Mayow
Proudly presented by
GREEN PEAS, a two-week celebration
of green arts and environment-inspired
events and workshops.
Little Greens
Saturday kids cinema
■ SAT 6 ■ SAT 13, 11.30AM & 3PM
Anna Lovely
Dream gardens, landscapes
and memories. Watercolours,
acrylics, oils and drawings.
■ SUN 14, 11AM
■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Tony Tidy, an established artist, who
has exhibited in this country and
abroad, will be the artist in residence
during the last weekend of the Festival.
23 Drawing the Line
2 Earlsthorpe Road SE26 4PD
Steps up to front door
■ SAT 6, SUN 7
■ SUN 30 11AM-1PM, FREE
Life Drawing Event
Materials provided. Book a place:
[email protected]
Bonnie Lovely
Cake art and installations.
Washing Line designed and made
by home-educated and schooled
children, together with eclectic
inspirational drawings. Also on show
is a selection of GCSE artwork taken
outside school by six pupils.
Children taught by Pippa Stacey.
24 Trattoria Raffaele
121 Sydenham Road SE26 5HB
020 8778 8101
Stop off on the Artists Trail for a
refreshing drink and meal – either in
the bar or in the Dolphin’s beautiful
garden. Throughout the Festival,
The Dolphin will be showing work
by artists represented by ArtDog.
94 Sydenham Road SE26 5JX
020 8778 6262
21 Family & friends
43 Bishopsthorpe Road SE26 4PA
Steps up to and inside house,
refreshments, garden and toilet
■ SAT 29 ■ SAT 6 ■ SAT 13
Anne Harrison
“The joy of watercolour is its
unpredictability. I enjoy the element of
discovery. Observation of plants and
flowers provide inspiration. Careful
use of colour, light and shade to show
structure and character is my aim.”
Rebecca Harrison
“To me, the beauty of photography is
the ability to capture a moment
in time, to share it with others,
for a lifetime.”
Sarah Gürsoy-Heuser
"A band of snow, incredibly heavy in
places: Knole Park in winter 2013.
These monotypes allow for great
freedom and experimentation."
No unaccompanied children or adults
Make a small glass tile using coloured
glass pieces to create a picture or
pattern. £5 per tile for materials and
firing. Booking recommended via
website or at open-house.
Anna Appleton
Anna’s background in knitwear
design has given her a passion
for quality that lasts. She recycles
cashmere and wool knitwear, adds
unique, vintage touches and
hand-sews them into gifts to treasure.
Ky Lewis Analogue Alchemy
Ky Lewis is a fine art photographer
and artist specialising in traditional
methods of ephemeral imagemaking. Her dreamy and evocative
images are created through
analogue processes, using either
in-camera or without lenses
pinhole techniques.
Skip Sisters
Pia Randall-Goddard of the
Skip Sisters has put together a
Skip Sisters display of delights to
allure and inspire. In a world where
nothing is ever wasted, something
wonderful and unexpected always
makes itself known.
■ SAT 6, 1-2PM, 10 PLACES, £5
Tom Back Thrive Hive
Natural in form. Traditional in
material. Designer/maker Tom
Back will be exhibiting Thrive H ive,
the culmination of simplicity and
practicality for the bee-conscious
beekeeper who aims to create a
stronger colony for the future.
■ SAT 6
Camera Obscura
Junk Bugs, Bots and Flower Pots
■ SAT 6, 1.30-2.45PM FREE
Fun with rubbish! Bring boxes, cans,
old bits of string and join the Skip
Sisters, a local collective of upcycling
artists, for a between screening
children’s creative workshop.
Alison Kirkby
“My patchwork and quilted items – wall
hangings, lap quilts, bags and cases
of all sizes – are all hand- or machinemade by me, putting together the most
beautifully colourful fabrics and colour
combinations I can find.”
Karen Scadeng
Paintings & prints, lively colourful
monoprints showing wild weather,
wild animals and birds in flight.
Etchings with Chine-collé. A member
of Greenwich Printmakers Gallery,
exhibits in the UK and Europe.
Rosalind Pike
“My prints are various combinations of
etching, collagraph and
screen printing.”
Learn how to make pinholes from
recycled objects and explore the
types of images you can get.
Matchboxes, old containers, tins
and boxes can all be used.
Camera examples will also be
available. Suitable for adults
and older children.
Habitat Land Art
■ SAT 6 ■ SAT 13, 12-2.30PM, FREE
Help create a landscape sculpture
for creatures to live in that doesn’t
damage or use anything that won’t
return to nature, then help populate it
for the festival with animal sculpture
creations. Suitable for all ages.
■ SUN 14, 12.30-3PM, FREE
Artist/maker Tom Back, designer
of Thrive Hive, a habitat suitable
for bees; and apiarist Ella Knowles
will be available to discuss the
relationship between beauty, design
and the wellbeing of bees.
Hannah Chambers
Sculpture Garden
Irregular, womb-like vessels
appear here and there like
fungi growths. Strange insects
have embedded designs of their
instinctual behaviour, intermingled
with vegetation. Hannah builds,
carves, then fires the clay
to preserve these highly
rendered pieces.
[email protected]
Pond Life Garden Sculptures
■ SUN 7 ■ SUN 14, 12-2.30PM, FREE
Learn about the amazing creatures
that live in the garden while you make
some weird and wonderful creatures
from things that might have been
thrown away; using natural, found,
recycled and papier maché objects.
Suitable for all ages.
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Leila Khasal
Jewellery and accessories from the
extravagant to the subtle, in materials
ranging from Czech crystal, glass
beads and silver, to ribbons, semiprecious stones and charms. Inspired
by whimsical storytelling, pure design,
fashion and art.
Karen Arthur
Creator of unique handbags and
accessories using ethnic, vintage
or pre-loved fabrics and upcycled
materials. Lover of colour!
Lumen Printing
Learn how to use this process,
to explore the plants in Grow
Mayow and then combine them
to create beautiful ephemeral
images captured on photographic
paper. Bring a digital camera or
phone to record your process.
Suitable for all.
Jeni Johnson Edges
Jeni paints onto wooden cubes
and then paints these sculptural
wooden cubes, as she sees them,
from different viewpoints, using oil
and charcoal on canvas. She
will be exhibiting work from her
most recent series.
Wendy Arnold-Dean
Mosaic artwork, mirrors and gifts
made from a mixture of tesserae,
china and found materials.
Personalised gifts to order. Available
for large murals with schools/groups
and runs workshops and parties.
Life drawing taster class
■ SUN 7, 7-9PM, £12,
10-20 PLACES; AGE 15+
Make a corsage embellishment,
upcycled from scraps and transform
your plain T-shirt into a high-end
designer one. Don’t bin it, bling it!
■ SUN 14, 1AM- 3PM, FREE
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 6 ■ SAT 13
■ MON & SAT 9.30AM-5PM,
Manjari Dave
Traditional Indian art
Kids art workshop
34 Mixed Media
40 Dacres Road SE23 2NR
Three steps into house, refreshments,
parking, toilet
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Diana McKinnon
Diana’s embroidered textiles are
predominantly inspired by the colours
of the English countryside. Layering
fabrics & threads enables Diana to
create light & depth in her landscapes.
Join us to make a huge Forest Hill
and Sydenham ART map. Place your
house, your favourite place or your
school on the map using different art
techniques: collage, paper cutting,
drawing, painting etc. All ages.
Manjari will create a traditional
Indian Rangoli design in the library
and demonstrate other traditional
Indian art including nib painting,
embossed painting, glass painting
and henna tattoo.
Amanda Petts
Stories and No Stories,
a collection of nine collages.
With the Venice Biennale,
Kurt Schwitters merz nite at the
Victoria & Albert Museum and
the Australian Experimental Art
Foundation in Adelaide behind him,
Ti Parks performs briefly every hour
on the hour
■ SUN 7 ■ SUN 14
1PM & 3PM, £5
EACH DAY 11.30AM-1.30PM
52 Bishopsthorpe Road SE26 4PA
Amanda will use the collages in a
workshop with families, adults and
children, as a stimulus to explore
the creative process through writing,
painting, drawing or collage.
There will be a £3.50 charge for
materials. Booking essential:
[email protected]
Access via garden gate in Mayow Road
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Edmund Sumner
The Eden Project
Edmund Sumner is a Londonbased architectural photographer
and a regular contributor to
magazines such as Blueprint,
Wallpaper* and Architectural
Review. Images, including those
from his first book The Architecture
of Eden, will be exhibited.
All Nature Is But Art
■ FRI 5, FRI 12, 10AM – NOON, £6,
Watercolour. Oil. Pastel. Crayon.
Canvas. Paper. Bark. Bring the
materials of your choice and join
painter and sculptor Sally Ward
for a guided morning of art in the
garden. After completion, work will
be displayed and discussed. Get
creative rain or shine.
29 Ceramics and glass
Fin Orrom Carr
“The tactile and visual quality of my
work is essential to me, colours and
textures that speak of pebbles on a
beach, rocks on a river bed, ancient
stones, old places.”
32 Anne-Marie Glasheen
108 Perry Hill SE6 4EY
Steps up to front door, garden, toilet, parking
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Fin will be making small informal
pieces during the day.
Photographer-poet AnneMarie presents an exhibition of
photographic work that illustrates her
poem Manifest o for Old Age and a
garden installation that further echoes
the theme. Threads of her life come
together in a poetry film.
Bracelet making
■ SUN 7 ■ SUN 14, 11AM-5PM.
38 The Friends of the Horniman
21st Annual Art Exhibition
Horniman Museum & Gardens,
100 London Road SE23 3PQ
Weather permitting (as in garden)
■ SAT 13, 10AM-5PM,
SUN 14, 10AM-4.30PM, FREE
Lilian Chow
“I am an artist, illustrator and
printmaker working with a variety
of techniques including collage,
screen print and collagraph. Inspired
by travel, I create images finding the
extraordinary in everyday life.”
For 2013, the 22nd Annual Friends
of the Horniman Art Exhibition
takes place as always in the
wonderful setting of the Museum
Gardens Conservatory.
Refreshments, toilet, garden
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 6, SUN 7
Coral Howard
A photographer whose images
examine the ambiguity and
idealisation of the body, glamour
and the model.
Extra weekday drop-in sessions to
view exhibition & installation and chat
Local poet Ronnie McGrath will
pop into various venues on the
Trail to perform some of his
neo-surrealist poems.
John Taylor
John paints geometric abstracts
which have their roots in the British
St Ives School. Also at venue 13.
South London Prints
Ed Povey and Martin Ivatt
Limited edition artwork and
illustrations of local south London
landmarks, streets and transport.
Affordable giclée prints available
in a variety of sizes: unframed,
mounted or framed.
Claude Perera
“My pictures are not conceived
from an intellectual standpoint.
I experiment with unusual screenprinting techniques, creating shapes
and merging colours and finishes
to evoke different moods.
My art is from my heart.”
Sheila Cox
Sheila is a potter whose work is
influenced by land and seascapes
and organic shapes and surfaces.
She delights in experimenting with
a combination of glazes and seeing
the effects they have on each other.
■ TUES 9, WED 10, THURS 11, 6–8PM
020 3659 0551
40 The Montage
33 Dartmouth Road SE23 3HN
■ SAT 29, SUN 30, 12PM, 1PM
■ SAT 6, SUN 7, 12PM, 1PM
■ SAT 13, SUN 14, 12PM, 1PM
Angela Kay Designs
A collection of handmade
accessories for you and your home,
including stylish handbags, cosy
cushions and
Paul Treacy
Pip Tunstill
Ronnie McGrath
Muna Zuberi
“Stained glass has a long history and
I am working to revive this ancient
art form to create new, exciting,
contemporary pieces. I am particularly
interested in maps and diagrams and
these have informed my recent work.”
Yasemen Hussein
Sarah Perry
Stop off at Forest Hill’s favourite
gastropub for a refreshing drink and
meal. Throughout the Festival, The
Dartmouth Arms will be showing work
by artists represented by ArtDog.
Make a chain-mail bracelet
4 Places (age 14+) first come basis.
Historically, south London has
made a substantial contribution
to the London art scene. It gave
England its first purpose-built art
gallery at Dulwich, it housed the
world-renowned Crystal Palace
(an artistic power house) and
inspired the popular Sydenham
paintings of French Impressionist
Camille Pissarro. This exhibition
will demonstrate that Sydenham
and Forest Hill truly deserve the
label “creative quarter”. Twelve
established and emerging artists
have joined forces to prove the
point: Elizabeth Chisholm,
Yasemen Hussein, Una Joy,
Jo Lewis, Rebecca Molloy, Sarah
Perry, Alain Speed, Pippa Stacey,
Alan Taylor-Russell, Paul Treacy,
Pip Tunstill and Ella Webb.
Art is not only thriving here, it is
a force to be reckoned with.
Parking immediately to the rear of the pub
■ SAT 29, SUN 30 ■ SAT 6, SUN 7
■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Sally Earlam Design
A local jeweller based in Sydenham
who loves to create original designs
in sterling silver. Also showing the new
collection of exclusive glass and silver
jewellery made in collaboration with
Pippa Stacey – glass artist.
18 London Road SE23 3HF
36 The Dartmouth Arms
7 Dartmouth Road SE23 3HN
020 8488 3117
37 Ti Parks
Havelock Walk SE23 3GH
C&C Gallery
(funded by Canvas and Cream)
■ 27 JUNE-14 JULY,
Chic Corsage making
■ SUN 7 ■ SUN 14, 3-3.30PM
39 Exhibition: 'Creative Quarter – Sydenham and Forest Hill'
Disabled access to and inside
property, refreshments, toilets
Stuck for something to do with all
those plastic water bottles? Create a
stunning upcycled bangle to brighten
your dreary winter wardrobe! Basic
sewing skills required.
A selection of work by students
and tutors from Community
Education Lewisham – jewellery,
printmaking, glasswork, photography
and much, much more.
[email protected]
Unique handmade jewellery made
out of precious metals and recycled
materials. Some could be called mini
works of art. Some items of jewellery
are complete one-offs; influenced
by things that make you smile!
35 DoopoDoopo Gallery
and Boutique
15 Dartmouth Road, SE23 3HN
If you can paint the body you can
paint anything. Models will go through
different poses of different lengths.
Any medium and skill welcome.
Come and have fun!
Booking essential at gallery
or via website.
Bruce Harrison
“Unable to rely on Mother Nature these
last few years I’m trying to bring the
garden into the house with screen
prints and painted and fused glass.”
For one weekend only, an event not
to be missed. “Brockley Potters is
a diverse group of artists; although
we use the same pottery, we each
bring our own life experiences and
interests to our work. With more than
20 artists exhibiting both functional
and sculptural pieces there will be
something to interest everyone. It will
be a great opportunity to see a wide
variety of work in one venue.”
■ SAT 6 ■ SAT 13, 3-3.30PM
Bob and Roberta Smith
The Mobile Brownfield Site
The Mobile Brownfield Site was
created by Bob and Roberta Smith
for Pestival 2009. Elements of this
travelling wildlife garden, designed
to be stimulating for humans and a
habitat for insects, will be exhibited
throughout the garden.
■ SAT 29, SUN 30
Bottle to Bangle
Steps up to and inside the house;
one step down to the garden
33 Brockley Potters
Normanton Street Church,
Normanton Street SE23 2DS
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
Bees Make Food, Bees Make Honey
(Duration: 91 mins)
Louise Rose Open or Wrapped
■ SAT 13, 11.30AM & 3PM FREE
Dine with a budgie or a collection of
bees on the quirky ceramics of artist
and jeweller Louise Rose. Her latest
Bee Printing – Fruit, Flowers & Wax body of work, often applied to found
■ SAT 13, 1.30-2.45PM, FREE
objects, will be on display.
With bees, flowers and food as your
inspiration, have some printmaking
fun with Jeni Johnson of Messy
Makers at this between screening
children’s creative workshop.
30 Reddskin bags
44 Queenswood Road SE23 2QS
■ SAT 6, SUN 7 ■ SAT 13, SUN 14
28 Tutors and students
35 Bishopsthorpe Road SE26 4PA
Carole Ward
“I use strong and vivid colours
in my work as I am influenced
by Frida Kahlo. I like to make
wearables and useables. Felt is
very therapeutic to work with.”
Joanna Acaster Davis
“I love printmaking – the possibilities
and permutations are endless. I am
forever learning something new and
being surprised by the end result: the
print. It leads you somewhere new
and often exciting every time.”
■ SUN 7, 1-2.30PM, 10 PLACES,
27 Jewels and mosaic
15 Bishopsthorpe Road SE26 4NY
31 Sydenham Community Library
210 Sydenham Road SE26 5SE
Artists Trail exhibition
From mid June, a selection of art
from the Artists Trail.
Frances Douse
“I originally began printing etching
plates onto paper but now have
begun to explore other mediums
using silk screens, clay, glass and
any surface on which to print. Using
etching plates with porcelain slip
produced some interesting results.”
Pinhole Camera
Robots, Rubbish and Recycling
(Duration: 98 mins)
Yvonne Riordan
“Printmaking is a passion of mine. I
like to experiment with layers of colour
using inks, watercolour and acrylic
paint and different techniques: brush,
screen print and etching.”
Make your own Camera Obscura
using recycled materials and then
take digital images of the inverted
images you see inside. This
fascinating demonstration of how
light travels in straight lines is great
for adult accompanied children.
Suitable for adults and children.
■ SAT 6, 11.30AM & 3PM FREE
Sally Earlam Design
A local jeweller based in Sydenham
who loves to create original designs
in sterling silver. Also showing the
new collection of exclusive glass and
silver jewellery made in collaboration
with Pippa Stacey – glass artist.
20 The Dolphin
Family screenings with free art
workshops in between. Suitable for
children of all ages.
[email protected]
Kate Shipp and Mark Hill
The Recycled Glasshouse
“Glass goes from treasure to trash
the moment it is broken. Using
transparent and opaque, abandoned
and degraded fragments, we will
reinstate.” A see-through installation
by Kate Shipp and Mark Hill.
S u e Pa rk s
19 Three Generations
of the Lovely Family
140 Sydenham Road SE26 5JZ
Broadsheet design: Julie Bennett
Venues open from 11 – 5pm unless otherwise stated ■ First weekend SAT 29 – SUN 30 JUNE ■ Second weekend SAT 6 – SUN 7 JULY ■ Third weekend SAT 13 – SUN 14 JULY ■ Other dates
Lucy Ribeiro
Lucy draws upon the Japanese
tradition of woodblock prints and
western abstraction, using ink and
pencil on paper. Her work reveals
hidden forms through mark-making.
She has exhibited widely including at
the National Portrait Gallery. Also at
venue 13.
Ti Parks
Ti Parks has made prints, mainly
etchings and woodcuts, since his
student days at the Slade School
in the early 1960s. He has recently
experimented with acids and
unconventional drypoint techniques
to produce abstract works in
small editions.
Lis Watkins
■ SAT 29, SUN 30
■ SAT 6, SUN 7
■ SAT 13, SUN 14, 3PM
Local artist Lis Watkins will be
sketching the Festival and will pop
into various venues on the Trail to
capture the event in line and wash.
4 Sydenham Road SE26 5QW
020 8488 0011