Wine Items for Sale – Selection No. 1 – Chariots,...

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Wine Items for Sale – Selection No. 1 – Chariots, Cradles, Caddies & Holders
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I am offering for sale the wine antiques collection of Carroll Johnson. A very discriminating collector,
Carroll sought wine antiques in very good condition for over 35 years. Over 200 of Carroll’s wine
antiques are shown in the book Wine Antiques & Collectibles. These include cradles, coasters, tastevins,
bin labels, bottles, chariots, coopers’ tools, vineyard tools, corkers, bungs, and much more. A handful of
his 2000+ corkscrews are also shown. Carroll became a member of the International Correspondence of
Corkscrew Addicts in 1989 at the invitation of Bob Nugent.
NOTE 1: The silver and silver-plate pieces have not been polished. When polished they will dazzle
guests when used on the table in the dining room or displayed on the sideboard.
NOTE 2: Many of the pieces are photographed with and without a bottle. The bottles are not included
unless specified.
Christofle en bronze doré (gold colored) decanting chariot. 7” x 18”.
Early Victorian English spelter wine chariot. Typical bit of wobble in the wheels. 8” x 13”.
cj9708 $350
French handmade basket wine chariot. c.1830. 8.5” x 13”.
cj9713 $450
18th century French handmade wine chariot. Typical bit of wobble in the wheels. 5.5” x 12.5”.
Modern solid brass stationary wine chariot. 7” x 14”.
cj9716 $200
Italian silver plate wine chariot. 10” x 10”.
Wooden shoe bottle caddy marked MADE IN FRANCE on the bottom.
cj9721 $1100
French hand carved shoe bottle holder signed I. Boutillon. 12”.
Spanish bottle carrier.
cj9742 $165
Unusual silver plated bottle holder – half bottle size.
Bottle holder marked as shown.
cj9761 $395
Silver plated bottle holder marked MILLS with a castle.
Silver plated bottle holder.
cj9768 $125
Brass bottle holder.
cj9770 $95
French gilded bottle holder in form of a duck.
cj9772 $80
Iron bottle holder including triangular shape bottle.
Swiss tin bottle holder with initials S B and 1994.
cj9785 $250
Adjustble bottle holder with London marks as shown.
cj9788 $375
German silver bottle holder marked RAVE MÜNCHEN 900.
cj9791 $60
Modern adjustable bottle holder.
Silver plated bottle holder marked as shown.
cj9813 $225
English bottle holder with the mark of William Hutton & Sons. The firm was established in Birmingham in
1800 by William Hutton, and was transferred to Sheffield in 1832. After the founder's death the business
was continued under the style of William Hutton by his son William Carr Hutton. The firm was
transformed in William Hutton & Sons in 1864 and William Hutton & Sons Ltd from 1893 to 1930. In
1930 goodwill transferred to James Dixon & Sons Ltd.
cj9821 $300
Small bottle jacket marked as shown. The small picture at the lower right compares the size of this one
with the next one.
cj9824 $300
Large bottle jacket marked as shown. The small picture at the lower right compares the size of this one
with the next one.
cj9828 $175
International Silver Company bottle holder with monogrammed neck ring. Marked as shown.
cj9836 $80
Bottle holder marked MADE IN ITALY.
cj9839 $125
Bottle holder with bayonet fit top.
cj9842 $65
Adjustable bottle holder with window to see the bottle label.
cj9844 $65
Adjustable bottle holder with window to see the bottle label.
cj9846 $100
Bottle holder with drip ring.
cj9848 $125
Lanyard wrapped bottle holder with a musc box in the base.
Brass and copper bottle holder made in Korea.
Liquor dispenser for a wise person.
cj9856 $275
Handmade Art Deco tin lined copper bottle holder. 11”.
cj9858 $95
Footed brass bottle holder.
cj9860 $125
Bottle holder sleigh.
cj9862 $90
Handmade French bottle holder.
Bottle holder.
cj9869 $50
Bottle holder.
cj9871 $95
Bottle holder.
cj9873 $65
Bottle holder.
cj9875 $100
Bottle holder.
cj9877 $250
French silver plated bottle holder.
cj9879 $50
Eames era German bottle holder.
cj9881 $95
French handmade wine basket.
cj9886 $850
One of a kind welded steel three bottle holder sculpture 3s a crowd by Mark Blumenstein. Mark started
working with recycled materials in 1973.