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A Meeting of Two Ministries
Fall 2011
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Legacy of Giving and
Affirmation of Mission
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by Kelly Gerken
I first read a blurb about The Haven Network a few years ago, shortly
after learning about the concept of perinatal hospice and meeting Amy
Kuebelbeck (author of Waiting With Gabriel). I was gazing through a list
of perinatal hospice organizations and stopped for a moment when I read
that The Haven Network was a Christian-based, non-profit organization,
serving families who have received a fatal diagnosis during pregnancy.
Immediately something stirred in me. I knew that one day I'd like to make
a connection with them and see what kind of work they do. Perinatal
hospice was a fairly new concept, and I was quite intrigued with the idea
that such a place could exist...a place where families facing a fatal
pregnancy diagnosis could find support, encouragement, guidance,
Jean Heise, Kelly Gerken, and Kathy Way at resources, and comfort. It is the very thing I wish existed when my
family muddled our way through our crisis years ago, and some of what I
The Haven Office.
longed to help provide for families myself through Sufficient Grace Ministries.
I came across the name again at some point and found that The Haven Network was located in Rockford,
Illinois...the same town where my father lived. I decided that the next time I was able to visit my father, I would see
if I could visit The Haven. Years passed, and we started serving families in our own way...through the Dreams of
You Memory Book and Comfort Bears and online support through families. I spoke at hospitals and women's
groups...sharing about the hope and comfort God gives and about SGM.
Two weeks ago, while planning a spontaneous visit to finally see my father's home, I remembered The Haven
Network. The whirlwind trip was going to be a busy one with just the boys and me so, I wasn't sure if I could pull it
off. I had a fleeting thought about getting their contact information, and then a mom named Laura that we had
ministered to through SGM sent me a comment on facebook that Rockford, Illinois was the location of the perinatal
hospice organization that walked with her in her time of need. She had wonderful things to say about the ways they
had offered her support. I quickly asked for their contact info., and she sent it. I contacted them and spoke with
Jean who was receptive to meeting with me and arranged a time that fit into our busy schedules.
We met Saturday morning. Jean greeted me at the door of their beautiful building located in downtown Rockford on
the Rock River. I walked through the hallway, gazing at walls adorned with gorgeous black and white photographs
that captured precious, yet brief lives--baby feet, mamas and babies, hands holding one another, soaking in a
lifetime of love and memories in a moment. Everything about the place was soothing and welcoming...honoring of
I met Kathy who joined Jean in her office to share the mission they had for families who face the loss of their
babies. They have a staff with a nurse (Kathy) and a photographer and a host of volunteers. I kept choking down
emotion as I looked around. It was if I were walking in a dream, my own dream and vision. I had longed to create
such a place where families could come...a haven where there would be love and encouragement to continue a
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The Haven Office: 124 N. Water Street, Suite 030
Rockford, IL 61107
Phone: 815-962-1512
E-mail: [email protected]
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A Message from The Haven
In August, Cheri Grennan-Smith resigned as Executive Director at The Haven Network. It was not an easy decision
for her and it came after much thoughtful and prayerful consideration on her part. Cheri was offered a full-time
position as Assistant Director of Institutional Advancement at Rockford Christian Schools. A job we have no doubt
she will do well at. Cheri has been a blessing to The Haven for nearly four years. From her very early days as a
volunteer, to Executive Director and our leader and role-model, she was tireless in her efforts to make The Haven the
professional and compassionate Christian organization it is today.
Jean Heise and
Cheri Grennan-Smith
At this time, Kathy Pittman and I will continue to move forward, together with our wonderful and priceless volunteers,
to provide families with the care and support they so desperately need in their time of grief and despair. We thank
Cheri for her past and continued support and look forward to a future of success and growth.
We have been blessed as an organization to be surrounded by caring and generous individuals who value our mission and what we do for our
families. It is an honor to be a part of The Haven Network, and we thank all of our Haven followers and families for their kindness and
support. ~ Kathy Way, R.N., BSN Director of Family Services
Volunteer Corner
This is a new section in our newsletter devoted to our volunteers and our volunteer
needs. In each newsletter we will highlight one of our volunteers and will post any
current needs or volunteer opportunities.
Premie hand sewn outfits
24" x 24" white or pink knit blankets
Volunteer Opportunities
Professional Photographers willing to take on-call hours as a Haven photographer
Professional Fundraiser or Fund Developer
Individuals to help with upcoming Haven events (Memory Lights and Haven Auction)
Upcoming Events
Memorial Ornaments for Sale
Volunteer Judi Meling presents Kathy Way
with handmade baby buntings.
Mark you calendars for our 9th Annual Journey of The Heart
auction benefit to be held on Friday, February 17, 2012 at Forest
Hills Country Club. If you would be interested in sponsoring our
event, please contact The Haven Office, 815-962-1512.
Candle Light Vigil
Area families are invited to attend the Candle Light Vigil and
Rememberance Ceremony held annually to help comfort those who
have experienced the death of a child. The brief inspirational
program of music, testimonials and reflection will take place on
Tuesday, December 6th, at 6 p.m. at the Angel of Hope Statue
located in Waterside Park at the corner of East State and Water
Streets in downtown Rockford. Families are encouraged to bring a
single white flower to place at the base of the statue. Refreshments
and fellowship immediately following inside the Waterside Building
located directly north of the statue. There is no fee or registration
With the holidays come joyful festivities
which make winter a warmer season. For
those families who have suffered the death
of a loved one however, this time of year
can be difficult. In memory of your loved
one, we are offering a beautiful pewter
angel ornament with a hanging ribbon and
small memory tag which can be personalized with your loved one's
name for the price of $15, shipping included. If you would like to
order an ornament, please visit our website to download an order
form or contact The Haven Network for more information at 815962-1512. Proceeds from the memorial ornaments will help fund
The Healing Hearts Parent Support Group.
Memorial Lights
The Haven Network offers families a
unique way to honor and memorialize their
baby during this upcoming holiday season.
Anyone who has experienced a loss
through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant
death may honor and share their baby with
others by "Lighting a Candle" on our
website. This is located under the
Families link at: www.thehavennetwork.org
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Page 3
The Haven Receives a Legacy Gift
A gift of $100,000 was given to The Haven Network from the Werner R. Krause and Elizabeth R. Krause Trust. The Krauses were faithful
supporters of The Haven since its founding. Their gifts were in memory of Elizabeth's infant brother who died at birth. The Krauses are now
deceased but left a legacy of generosity to many Christian ministries throughout the country. Werner Krause is the uncle of Jean Heise,
President Emeritus.
Alpine Kiwanis Charities
Marilyn Baker - in memory of Meleah Noelle Querubin
Dr. Heather Barrett
Cherie, Brad, Laurie, and Laurel at Bureau County Housing Authority, Princeton IL - in memory of Faith Colleen Flannery
Dr. Mark and Lori Cirella
Community Foundation of Northern IL
Dave and Judy Deshazo
Deanna Ducher
Danielle Duda - in memory of Meleah Noelle Querubin
Susan Duda - in memory of Meleah Noelle Querubin
Chip and Teya Gammel - in memory of Emily Elizabeth
Frank Gelafio
Tonetta Glawe
Kent and Jean Heise
Holy Family Catholic Church
Edwards R Hopple
Reverend Paul and Verna Krause
Meleah Noelle Querubin Memorial Fund
Million Dollar Round Table Foundation/Kent Heise sponsor
Dr. Steve and Marissa Milos - in memory of Luca and Gian Milos
Elsayed and Krista Mohamed - in memory of Luca and Gian Milos
Joyce Mueller - in memory of Grace Sautel
Gina Patten - in memory of Meleah Noelle Querubin
Mary Peterson
Chelsea and Ryan Pribyl - in memory of Meleah Noelle Querubin
Kelsey Scholle and Rey Querubin - in memory of Meleah Noelle Querubin
Jan and Michael Simone
Angelo Spoto
Janice Thompson
Lori Van Diggelen - in memory of Meleah Noelle Querubin
Monsignor Raymond Wahl
Werner R Krause and Elizabeth R Krause Trust Fund
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Woodman's Markets
Donations listed as of September 30, 2011 - Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions within this newsletter.
...if only for a moment
Page 4
The Haven Website
Project Bear
We received 20 plush teddy bears
as a donation from Project Bear, a
non-profit organization that gives
teddy bears to parents who have
experienced the death of a baby
due to - miscarriage, stillbirth,
infant death and SIDS. You can
find out more information about
Project Bear by visiting their
website at www.projectbear.us
and their Facebook page at
Please visit our website at www.thehavennetwork.org
Join our Haven Network Facebook Page
Website Features...
Family online blogging
PayPal for online giving
Upcoming events
Resource links
Light a Candle
Wish List
Forever Stamps
Gift cards to Kohl's, Walgreens, and Target
White photo storage boxes from Hobby Lobby
5x7 black photo frames
Amazon gift card for bereavement materials
Crayola Model Magic 2 lb container-White
A Walk to Remember
On Sunday, October 2nd area families participated in the Walk to Remember held at the
YMCA Log Lodge and bike path. Many of our Haven families took part in this annual
event sponsored by SwedishAmerican Health System and Fitzgerald Funeral Home &
Subsequent Births
We would like to acknowledge our families who have been blessed with a new addition. If you would like to
share your joyful news with us, please send your information to: [email protected]
Rachel and Jeremiah Hedlund
proudly announce the arrival of
Brendan James Hedlund
born July 2, 2011 - 8 lbs. 8 oz.
The Hedlund family lovingly
remembers their son, Kameron James
born June 11, 2010
Becky Alsing and Sam Spears
proudly announce the arrival of
Vanessa Rayne Spears
born August 17, 2010 - 8 lbs. 1 oz.
They lovingly remember her
older sister, Rainey Morgan Spears
born June 30, 2009
Michelle and Mark Lynch
proudly announce the arrival of
Mackenna Jean Lynch
born July 30, 2011 - 8 lbs. 20 in.
The Lynch family lovingly remembers
their baby, Jackson Reynolds
born April 24, 2010
...if only for a moment
Please Keep in Your Prayers
Please keep in your prayers the families of the
following Haven babies from the past 3 months:
Ceairra Kellie & Keairra Ella
Gian Michael & Luca Joseph
Ayla Patrice
Eleanna Mae
Joshua Lopez
Micracle Royniah
early miscarriage
Evelyn Marie and Sophia Kay
Gaberial Alan
Faith Colleen
Justin Kurt
Malcolm Elliott
Eric Scott
Meleah Noelle
William Scott
Jeremiah Stephon
Julianna Aleah
Asia Vivian
James Nicholas
Page 5
In Sincere Gratitude to...
Anonymous - Wish list items
Clara Barzookis- Handmade baby blankets
Bob Beckett, Image N' That - Picture developing
Pricilla Fibbet - Handmade baby buntings
Erika & Jason Freund - Yarn and ribbon
Kelly Gerken - Keepsake items
Madeline Greb - Handmade baby necklaces and bracelets
Cheri Grennan-Smith - Armoire
Anne & Albert House - Photo albums
Laura & Tim Krooswyk - Gift card to Kohl's
Scott & Mary Jo Legrand - Advertisement
Heather Lopez - Handmade Mother's Journals
Rachel Marsh/ HH Group - Kleenex
Judi Meling - Handmade baby items
Elaine Meyer - Handmade hats and booties
Riffle Family - Premie outfits
Ruth Steffan & Jean Heise - Handmade baby buntings
Sally Stegemann - Photo albums
Marg Weidenhofer - Handmade baby items
Joseph Esteban
Legacy of Giving
We appreciate all financial support for the services our
organization gives to bereaved parents, no matter the size of the
gift. However, some of you may have the capacity and desire to
give a life long gift to THE HAVEN NETWORK. If you are
interested in creating a legacy gift or endowment in honor or
memory of your loved one, THE HAVEN NETWORK would be
happy to assist you in gathering the necessary information to
remember our organization in your will or trust. Please contact
The Haven Office at 815-962-1512 or [email protected]
for more information about legacy giving.
Affirmation of Mission
At The Haven Network
We believe each baby is handcrafted by the Triune God
and is a valued member of the human family.
We believe each baby, pre-born or newly born, is worthy
of tender, palliative care until natural death.
We believe that every family member, regardless of race
or creed, deserves to be treated with honor and dignity.
We recognize that parents have the primary role in caring
for their baby and deserve support and encouragement,
enabling them to be the best parents possible in their time of grief.
We are honored, as staff and volunteers, to be the servants
of Christ and will strive to model His example of compassionate
Soli Deo Gloria
Adopted by the Board of Directors
September 20, 2004
...if only for a moment
Page 6
A Meeting of Two Ministries, Continued from Page 1
pregnancy with hope and dignity. It was a place where each precious life is treasured and a family is supported through the process, a place
where someone will hold the hand of each mama and daddy and walk with them all the way. At one point I had to allow the emotion to come
out...so overwhelmed was I to know that such an amazing, beautiful place exists for families like us. I felt such awe and gratitude to be
standing in the room with the women who created this place...the women who have made this their life's work. How I long to do the same.
I shared with them the story of my Faith, Grace, and Thomas with much emotion spilling over. And, I told them about starting Sufficient Grace
in 2004 and operating out of my basement. Even as we sat in their beautiful building, they shared about starting in a basement as well. I felt
that we had been parts of a puzzle that fit together in that moment. I admired all that they had accomplished and they encouraged me on what
we have accomplished. All of us know that God was really the One that made it all possible!
It was such a blessing to spend time sharing and exchanging ideas with like-minded ladies, with hearts of compassion for the same
purpose...comforting grieving families. I hope to work with them in the future in whatever way our paths happen to cross again. It seems the
Lord has plans for us, and I look forward to seeing what that might be!
by Kelly Gerken
You can read more about Kelly’s personal story at: www.sufficientgrace.net
Northern Illinois' Perinatal Hospice
& Bereavement Center
124 North Water Street Suite 030
Rockford, Illinois 61107