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‘Tis the Season to Sparkle & Shine!
Bridget Lynne Designs Offers Gift Ideas to Make Holiday Shopping Easy
New York, NY (November 26, 2007) – Everyone wants to get a special gift. More importantly, we all want to be the one that gives that special gift – and jewelry is always on the top
of our wish list. Bridget Lynne Designs, a handmade jewelry brand, has created a list of top
trends that will help you choose the perfect gift and make the holiday season sparkle for that
special someone.
Shiny, Shiny
Butterfly Dreams
Cost $42.00
From makeup to shoes to bags, this holiday season it’s all about glamour - and the glitteratti
have taken a backseat to no other trend. The perfect way to wear them? As jewelry. When it
comes to picking jewelry for your holiday outfit, a little sparkle goes a long way. Butterfly
Dreams Earrings, a delicate gold filigree butterfly with a waterfall of 14K gold filled cable
chain accompanied by a single cream colored pearl, maintain the delicate balance of being
both trendy and elegant. Like the little black dress, the Butterfly Dreams Earrings are a
must-have for the holiday season.
Pretty in Purple
Double Circle
Amethyst Drop
Cost: $125.00
Simple, but never boring, the color purple has taken center stage this holiday season.
Whether you choose magenta, royal purple or cobalt, it’s all about this regal color and the
Double Circle Amethyst Drop Earrings, a gorgeous deep purple Amethyst briolette
suspended from a collection of two various sized 14K gold filled circles, is the perfect way
to get in on the trend and show off your fun side.
Arm Candy
The bracelet is the piece for this season – and the Cuff, a beautiful marbled wood with 14K
gold filled cable chain, is the perfect accessory to complete an outfit without any fuss.
“Jewelry is a timeless gift – from celebrating holidays to birthdays to anniversaries, jewelry
helps those special moments in life sparkle,” said Bridget Lynne Nielsen, designer of Bridget
Lynne Designs. Where does Bridget get her inspiration from? “I am inspired by the fact that
anything is possible. The beauty of this art is that there are little boundaries. That fact alone
allows me to continuously push myself further and further. Each piece I create is very different from the next, and each piece is a reflection of the world around me.”
Cuff Bracelet Cost:
Please Contact:
Meredith Golding - [email protected] or
Christina Halper - [email protected]
KMR Communications, Inc
Phone: (212) 213-6444
‘Tis the Season to Sparkle & Shine!
Bridget Lynne Designs Offers Gift Ideas to Make Holiday Shopping Easy
Each piece from the Bridget Lynne Designs collection is designed to be something that is a
finishing touch on any outfit, in spite of the trend. With unique arrangements of gems and
stones and it’s a natural feel, Bridget Lynne Designs are giving women something beautiful
to wear that is a reflection of nature and their environment.
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Phone: (212) 213-6444
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About Bridget Lynne Nielsen:
Bridget Lynne Nielsen has been passionate about jewelry from a young age. With a love for
all things that sparkled, she began making and designing jewelry for her friends and family
since the age of twelve. With a business degree from Syracuse University, Nielsen decided
to combine her love of fashion and business and Bridget Lynne Designs was born. All the
pieces are handmade by Nielsen herself in her studio in Manitoba, Canada. Nielsen creates
pieces on the premise that accessories make the outfit and should be timeless. She strives to
be on the cutting edge of style while maintaining customer satisfaction and providing quality