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Professional Learning
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Meeting the professional development
needs of today’s instructional leaders
• A year-long experience of quality, sustained, and
collaborative professional learning for district/school teams.
• Three core courses with
your cohort plus two
electives on your own.
• A well-developed,
meaningful PDP
for all participants
to implement.
A partnership among
with the support of NJDOE.
New Jersey Leadershi
• Educational
leaders will learn together and participate in sustained, collaborative, and structured profession
Assistant Principals, Directors, and Supervisors will take three core courses together, focused on transforma
individual, school, or district goals.*
• The
cohort approach will allow you to learn from colleagues in your position, as well as other leadership positions,
• NJLA can
serve as a pipeline for leadership positions within your district, as teacher leaders learn from and colla
• The Academy
• Each
• Your
• Each
will provide each participant with an easily adaptable Professional Development Plan that is lin
course will be linked to the next, and online discussions with your cohort will keep the conversation g
district may send one administrator or an entire team to learn together.
participant will earn a New Jersey Leadership Academy certificate of completion.
Series 1 Core Courses
In today's educational landscape, instructional leaders are increasingly
faced with the challenge of building coherence across the critical reforms
of the day. In this series, participants will learn together in district teams and
from colleagues in similar leadership positions through a process that fosters
collaborative inquiry, builds leadership skills and provides opportunities for
implementation of key reform strategies at the school and district levels.
Series 1, Cohort 6
1) Aug. 6, 2015
2) Aug. 10, 2015
3) Aug. 13, 2015
1) Leading the Common Core
• Examine strategies each district/school leader can use to ensure curriculum is aligned to state standards.
• Examine strategies each district/school leader can use to ensure classroom instruction is aligned to state
• Examine strategies each district/school leader can use to ensure classroom and district assessment is aligned
to state standards.
2) Strengthening Assessment Literacy
• Ensure that all NJ educational leaders are properly equipped with a deep understanding of and ability to lead
effective, contemporary assessment practices for all students in their communities
• Establish a “common language” for the educational community to support assessment leadership.
• Review the connection between assessment, curriculum, instruction and learning.
• Enhance leaders’ abilities to utilize PLCs as a tool in promoting assessment literacy and balanced assessment.
• Determine your district/school/classroom assessment literacy status and plan next steps.
3) Educator Evaluation: a Tool to Enhancing Teacher Practice/Effectiveness
• Identify effective supervision practices that improve instruction and student achievement.
• Acquire additional strategies to improve the quality of adult conversations focused on teaching, learning and
ongoing assessment.
• Build capacity for implementing an effective feedback loop for your setting.
• Understand the key policies and components of a comprehensive professional learning system.
All Academy participants take the three core courses together. In addition, in order to meet school, district, or individual
goals, each participant will choose two electives on their own, which may be any professional development course
listed in the summer, fall, winter, or spring PD calendar from NJASA or FEA, including LEGAL ONE.
ip Academy Overview
onal development throughout the year. Cohorts of Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principals,
mational leadership and major educational reforms. In addition, each participant will take two electives to meet
, giving you a broader view of the education landscape.
laborate with principals, supervisors, and administrators at all levels
nked to the content of the core courses and is aligned to New Jersey Standards.
Series 2 Core Courses
Transformational Leadership: From Compliance to Practice to Growth
1) Transformational Leadership: Understanding, Leading, and
Facilitating Change
Leaders are change agents in their schools and districts. They must facilitate
the planning and development of new priorities, understand and manage
concerns that surface as a result of change, and ensure new practices are
applied in school and classrooms. Work with colleagues to understand
the change process and enhance your toolkit of strategies to support the
planning, implementation, and evaluation of complex change initiatives.
2) Transformational Leadership: Fostering a Climate and Culture to
Support Teaching and Learning
A healthy climate and culture are key elements of successful schools and
districts. Leadership is critical in setting the tone for the collegial relationships
driven by a shared vision, supportive leadership, a focus on adult learning,
collective responsibility and a collaborative environment focused on student
learning. Engage with leadership teams in strengthening strategies that
promote a culture of continuous improvement and growth.
3) Transformational Leadership: Using Assessment Data to Guide
Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Learning Decisions
In your school/district what assessment data is available? How is the data
from assessment used to inform instruction? Do all assessments align
with the curriculum and the standards? Leaders are tasked with leading
the development of a comprehensive and balanced assessment system
that drives decisions for student and staff learning. Gain new knowledge,
strategies, and skills for leading this process.
Series 2, Cohort 1
1) Aug. 25, 2015
2) Sept. 30, 2015
3) Nov. 11, 2015
Series 2, Cohort 2
1) Sept. 29, 2015
2) Nov. 19, 2015
3) Dec. 15, 2015
Series 2, Cohort 3
1) Oct. 8, 2015
2) Nov. 30, 2015
3) Jan. 13, 2016
$750 per person for five sessions if not part of a district team or $650 if registering as part of a team of two or more.
Please make checks payable to FEA.
What did some of the Year 1 participants say about
New Jersey Leadership Academy?
Our Administrative Team pulled away from the busy
daily tasks in district and as a contrast, focused on
evaluation and the professional learning which goes
with it. As a result, we go back to district with a plan
for several changes , one for myself (improve my
feedback) and at least one for the district (revise the
work of the ScIP).
Cohort 3 - Superintendent
We have developed concrete plans for moving this
agenda forward in our district.
Cohort 1 - Assistant Superintendent
Very practical, realistic scenarios — topics very
current to what we are doing right now — so this
workshop was full of resources and valuable ideas
that I can take back to my district to use right away.
Cohort 3 - Director of Personnel
One of the great things about the Leadership
Academy was the ability to work closely with a team
of administrators from my district. It required us to
look at things from a team perspective and not just at
the building levels.
Cohort 2 - High School Department Chair
I left the session with resources and strategies
that I can begin using immediately to strengthen the
PLCs in my school.
Cohort 2 - Middle School Principal
The workshop was very interactive and required
participation by all who attended. This was effective
in keeping us all on task and engaged.
Cohort 4 - K-6 Supervisor
I enjoyed working with members of my district, but also
hearing feedback from the other teams in the room.
The online sharing was a good addition to the day.
Cohort 2 - Curriculum Coordinator
I felt that the combination of relevant topics and
capable presenters made for a practitioner-centric
experience. Being able to network and collaborate
with job-alike colleagues across the state provided
invaluable insight.
Cohort 5 - Elementary School Principal
I liked the discussion that facilitated a deeper
conversation about the definition of a quality
Cohort 3 - Superintendent
For further information and to register for the New Jersey
Leadership Academy, visit